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Often the only thing that helps is rest, lights out, lying down, taking painkillers: Almost 15 percent of women and six percent of men in Germany are affected by migraines. The disease does not make life easy for them: those affected suffer from pulsating, one-sided and sometimes very severe headaches, nausea and often also sensitive to light and noise. For some, the actual pain is preceded by what is known as an "aura". B. announces a severe headache attack due to visual disturbances.

In many adults it takes longer to be diagnosed, in children the symptoms are often taken much less seriously or are not attributed to a migraine. This can also weaken confidence in later treatment.

Exercise caution when treating migraines

As soon as migraines are suspected, one should put themselves in the hands of a healthcare professional. Because meanwhile the disease is well researched and can be treated. In addition to beta blockers, triptans, for example, are also effective. However, the treatment methods must be individually tailored, because not every drug works equally well for everyone. And caution is advised: Many alternative practitioners offer supposed miracle cures that do not bring the sick person anything.

People are prone to anecdotes. The things that offer no evidence but promise a lot should be avoided. (Bettina Frank)

How do you recognize a migraine? How can you treat the disease and how can you prevent it? Doctor Natalie Grams discusses all of these questions in this episode »Grams‘ Consultation Hours « Bettina Frank. She has suffered from the disease herself since childhood and has therefore organized the nationwide headache forum Headbook of the pain clinic in Kiel, for which she even received the Federal Cross of Merit in 2018. The two also talk about how such support groups can support people with migraines.

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