Who is beautiful Elsa or Anna

Frozen II is a rebel

When the film “Frozen” conquered the cinemas and the associated merchandising in every second child's room in Germany in 2013, my children were not yet born. A blessing. I would have borne it hard if they had danced through the world in kitschy fairy dresses as "Elsa" and "Anna".

Elsa is
a new

But the “ice queen” has simply not melted away over the years. Disney's merchandising industry has always brought new singing dolls, princess dresses, crowns, games, make-up sets, backpacks, plates, coloring books, Lego locks and even cereal onto the market. And now “Frozen II” is in the cinemas. Suitable for the Christmas business, of course.

"Frozen" had grossed 1.3 billion dollars in the USA. The merchandising had far exceeded the sum. The German subtitle of the film - "Totally unabashed" - seems more than appropriate. Parents have not had to struggle with a comparable phenomenon for a long time.

But I have to admit: If I ignore all the princess dresses, the wasp waists, the googly eyes and the little snub noses of the protagonists, then Anna and Elsa are pretty cool. Elsa is the coolest. She is strong-willed, autonomous and combative. It is mysterious and has magical powers. She doesn't curry favor with the boys, she just freezes them if they don't suit her. Elsa is a new Pippi Longstocking (she is now getting a horse too). She too lives without parents and makes her world as she pleases. Her sister Anna (she was the clear favorite of the first film from 2013) is the more pleasant, more well-behaved, “normal” one. But the girls don't want Anna, they want to be Pippi. And they want to be Elsa.

The two sisters do
her thing

Elsa becomes an action heroine in the second film. She is now walking around in white boots, no longer in glass pumps. Even her dress is no longer the typical evening dress, it is much more like a cape that superheroes wear.

And the two sisters do their thing. The male characters in the film - friend Kristoff, snowman Olaf and the reindeer Sven - seem a little incompetent. Elsa and Anna are not in 2019 - as one would expect from Disney - about the dream prince. They care about their kingdom, which they must save. Your house doesn't burn, it dries up. Elsa tries desperately to make amends for the mistakes of her ancestors. She fights with the forces of nature: fire, water, earth, air. She recognizes the mistakes her grandfather made - deliberately at the expense of other people. Elsa is Greta. Elsa saves the world. Her sister rules the kingdom from now on, Elsa becomes the protector of the forest. The matriarchy she has created is stronger, more powerful and more glorious than ever before.

If my children - a girl and a boy - fall into the "Anna and Elsa madness" after all, then I will not only endure it with composure, I will even find it somehow okay.