All AA flights have WiFi

The Opening of North America still lets on waiting

Research the most beautiful spots in the resort on the outward flight and clear the chaos in the mailbox on the return flight: Going online on the plane with a smartphone or tablet is becoming more and more popular and is now quite affordable.

For business travelers, it has become essential to be able to work digitally anywhere. However, conditions, prices and availability are still very different. We've listed where Wi-Fi is in the cabin and what it costs. Unless otherwise noted, you can pay for the online activation on the plane by credit card.

air Berlin

Air Berlin has been offering WiFi in the cabin since 2015. However, the conversion on the short and medium-haul routes is still in progress. Wherever possible, passengers can choose between five packages: the cheapest offers 10 MB data volume for 2.99 euros, the most expensive 120 MB for 18.90 euros.

Air France KLM

Air France and KLM are currently only offering WLAN in two test-equipped Boeing 777-300s. One hour costs 10.95 euros, 24 hours costs 19.95 euros. From the end of 2017, 83 Air France aircraft of the types B777 and A330 as well as 29 B777 and twelve A330 from KLM are to be upgraded with corresponding Wi-Fi technology.

American Airlines

American Airlines currently charges 19 US dollars per full flight on international routes. Earlier this year, AA decided not to include seat back monitors on the new Boeing 737 Max aircraft and instead switched to high-speed internet so passengers can stream movies on their own devices. On the international routes, however, the screens in the backrest are to be retained.

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is in the middle of the conversion. The aircraft that have already been converted are marked with a WLAN symbol. Three tariffs are offered: "Message" costs 3 euros and is mainly suitable for SMS at 140 kBit / second. "Surf" costs 7 euros and can also handle Whatsapp (400 kBit / second). “Stream” creates 15 Mbit / second and costs 12 euros.

British Airways

British Airway currently only offers WiFi on one flight: in Business Class from London City to New York. Last year the company announced that it would install WiFi in 118 aircraft.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific has offered Wi-Fi on all aircraft since 2015. Some airline and destination information is free of charge. For everything else, you have to buy data packages. The cost on flights of up to 6 hours is US $ 12.95 and US $ 19.95 above that. If you just want to be online for an hour, you can buy a package for $ 9.95. In addition, SMS, e-mail and data roaming services are also activated; the price depends on the respective provider.


At Condor there is currently no WiFi on board. The “Sunstream” on-board entertainment app presented in summer 2017 runs on your own tablet via WiFi. But this means that guests only have access to content provided by Condor. The entertainment package with films, TV series and music costs 4 euros per flight.

Delta Air Lines

Delta has installed WiFi in almost all 1,100 aircraft. An hour on a laptop or tablet costs $ 19.95, and a flight costs $ 39.95. You have to pay $ 14.95 / 29.95 on your smartphone.


Easyjet does not currently offer WiFi on the plane.


All Emirates A380 jets and most Boeing 777 jets are equipped with WiFi. The first 20 megabits are free and must be used within two hours of logging in. Another 150MB is $ 9.99 and 500MB is $ 15.99. The rules have been in effect since July 2017, so Emirates has increased prices significantly. Previously, you were charged $ 1 for every 500MB of data when the first 10MB was used.


Passengers on short and medium-haul routes can choose between three packages: “Connect S” only offers messaging and costs 3.90 euros per flight. "Connect M" allows general surfing at slow speed for 6.90 euros per flight. According to the airline, “Connect L” is also suitable for streaming. Concrete download speeds are not communicated. On long-haul routes, the prices are 7.90 / 17.90 / 25.90 euros.


Finnair offers on-board Wi-Fi on most long-haul aircraft. Access to and Finnair services such as destination information, customer care and of course shopping is free. General Wi-Fi access for one hour costs 7.95 euros, three hours costs 11.95 euros, and the entire flight costs 19.95 euros. Economy Comfort and Business Class passengers and Finnair Plus Gold members get one hour of free internet access.

Gulf Air

The airline from Bahrain charges 15 US dollars per hour or 30 US dollars for 24 hours for Internet access in the aircraft equipped for this purpose. The download amount is not limited.


Iberia offers high-speed access to the Airbus A330-200 and ordinary access to the A330-300 and A340-600. An hour with a maximum of 80 MB download costs 8.90 euros, the entire flight and a maximum of 400 MB cost 29.90 euros.

Jet blue

The US low-cost airline JetBlue Airways offers WLAN at basic speed on all of its aircraft for all flights free of charge. Premium speed costs $ 9 an hour. The “Fly-Fi” service is immediately available to passengers as soon as they board the aircraft - with most airlines, WiFi is only available as soon as the cruising altitude is reached.


The South American airline does not offer internet on board. There is WiFi, but only for on-board entertainment.


At Lufthansa, the WLAN is called Flynet. The machines are currently being converted on the short-haul route, and that should be done by mid-2018. Where it works, “FlyNet Message” costs 3 euros, “FlyNet Surf” costs 7 euros and “FlyNet Stream” costs 12 euros. On long-haul routes you can choose between three FlyNet tariffs, all of which are billed through Deutsche Telekom: One hour costs 9 euros (or 3000 miles), four hours costs 14 euros (or 4500 miles), 24 hours costs 17 euros (or 5500 miles). All tariffs mentioned are not limited in volume and can - one after the other, not in parallel - also be used on several devices.

Norwegian Air

With Norwegian Air, WiFi is free for the entire flight time: all aircraft in the Boeing 737-800 fleet have WiFi on almost all European flights. Norwegian WiFi is not yet available on long-haul flights.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways offers free WiFi on board for the first 15 minutes after login; after that, an hour costs $ 5 and the whole flight costs $ 20. The offer is not yet available in all machines.


Ryanair does not offer WiFi.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers WLAN with different network providers. For example, some tariffs are volume-based (for example, $ 9.99 for 10MB), while others are time-based (about $ 11.95 per hour). High-speed internet is not (yet) offered.


Swiss offers WiFi on board the Boeing 777-300ER and the Airbus A330-300. For this you have to buy a voucher before the flight. Data packages of 20, 50 and 120 MB are offered at the price of 9, 19 or 39 Swiss francs.

Turkish Airlines

The free WiFi for everyone at Turkish Airlines is history. Currently, only business class passengers can look forward to free access. Economy is charged $ 15 per flight for internet access. The fee is only waived for status members of the Miles & Smiles mileage program.

United Airlines

At United, practically all planes now have WiFi, but the prices differ. A purely time-based billing system is currently being introduced. However, the old, route-based system is still valid for long stretches. You pay between $ 3.99 and $ 15.99 per flight. In the new system, it's between $ 1.99 and $ 3.99 per hour.