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Friday Saturday Sunday Monday. BERN. In the fight against traffic jams, the Federal Council wants to in-


1 Valid until Last days until70% Billions for Strassen Bern THURSDAY, JANUARY 18/6 Switzerland 7 8 Microplastic ban also in Switzerland? are there less traffic jams? 7 5 Friday Saturday Sunday Monday BERN. In the fight against traffic jams, the Federal Council wants to invest around 13 billion in motorways by 2030. «The 0 mobility will continue to increase», 8 said Federal Councilor Doris Leuthard. According to forecasts, around a fifth of the road network will be overloaded by 2040 and countermeasures will be needed. The Greens criticize the investment, it generates new traffic. Page 2 Storm Evi blows roof on SBB route Economy 14 The experience of digital nomads abroad People Switzerland is looking for a new top model / 305 cm 218 cm 55 cm 5/178 cm 10/130 cm 35/140 cm 80/250 cm 110 / 280 cm powder powder hard hard powder hard powder powder From the Popular app 20 Samsung launches the new Galaxy A8 controversy 15 UPC uses Swisscom breakdown in their favor ADVERTISEMENT Interrupted train route at Oensingen SO: Workers have to remove a house roof from the tracks. CHO OENSINGEN. Storm Evi swept through Switzerland yesterday, brought snow and caused a lot of damage. In several places trees fell on roads and railroad tracks and brought traffic to a standstill. In Oensingen SO the storm has blown an entire roof onto the SBB tracks. A power pole and the power line on the SBB line were damaged. The train traffic was interrupted. Today it continues to storm. Page 2 LIVE THIS FRIDAY at the WESTSIDE! DADA ANTE PORTAS Free entry, limited number of places.

2 2 Start THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH 20 seconds of smuggling pineapples LISBON. Portuguese and Spanish police officers confiscated around 700 kilograms of cocaine during a joint operation, some of which was hidden in pineapples from Latin America. A smuggling ring led by Colombians was blown up. AFP Yes to Brexit Law LONDON. The lower house of the British Parliament passed a Brexit bill yesterday. The draft ends the primacy of EU law over national law. It has yet to be passed by the House of Lords. AFP innocent in custody: 1 million DETROIT. A Detroit man falsely convicted of murder was awarded $ 1 million in compensation yesterday after 25 years in prison. The man was released in May 2017. AP protests in Poland WARSAW. Several demonstrations against further tightening of the restrictive abortion law took place in Poland yesterday. Around a thousand people took to the streets in Warsaw. AFP Numbers & Odds LOTTO Numbers: 2, 9, 19, 24, 38, 40 Lucky Number (GZ): 5 Replay: 5 Winning odds: GZ per GZ per GZ per jackpot Swiss Lotto: 25.8 million francs Joker: winning odds : 2 5 each each 10 each. Next jackpot: 1.27 million francs GERMANY LOTTO Numbers: 3, 13, 25, 27, 32, 48 Super number: 2 Game 77: Super 6: no guarantee Greens: «The traffic jams are PROGNOSED BULKETS ON THE NATIONAL ROAD NETWORK 2040 Bottleneck Level 1 Bottleneck Level 2 Bottleneck Level 3 Storm brought train lines and roads to a standstill in OENSINGEN. The roof that the storm blew on the railroad tracks belongs to the army. Evi raged particularly hard yesterday in the canton of Solothurn. In Oensingen, the winter storm in the afternoon carried an entire house roof, while the storm Evi tore an entire roof with it in Oensingen. CANTON POLICE SO On the A1, traffic jams almost every day. BERN. If the motorways are not expanded, there is a regular threat of traffic jams: the Federal Roads Office (Astra) calculated yesterday that without extensions in 2040, regular traffic jams can be expected on around 385 kilometers of the national road network. The Zurich northern bypass and the A1 in Aargau, the A2 around Basel and the A1 in front of Geneva would be particularly stressed (see graphic). One to seven hours of congestion per week would be expected on sections of level 1, on those of level 2 with one to two hours of traffic jam per day and on level 3 with two to four hours of traffic jam per day. An Astra study put the economic congestion damage for 2016 at CHF 761 million. The A1 motorway is the most heavily used. On the Zurich northern bypass, traffic was already jammed on 355 days in 2016, in front of the Gubrist tunnel on 354 days and in the greater Baregg area on 346 days. 20M tracks of the SBB. As a result, a power pole and the power line of the train route were damaged. Since the contact lines on both lanes were affected, several hours of repair work were necessary, said SBB spokesman Reto Schärli. The route was closed until the end of operations. As confirmed by the Solothurn canton police, the blown roof belongs to the army. A gust of wind hit a shelter in the armory. However, it cannot yet be said why the roof could not withstand the load. "Whether it got away because of a structural weakness in the building or because of an extremely strong gust of wind is now being investigated," says Daniel Reist, Head of Communication Defense. Evi not only messed up the traffic in Oensingen. Several streets were impassable due to fallen trees. On the A13 in the canton of St. Gallen, the storm blew a delivery truck and trailer. Record wind speeds of 195 kilometers per hour were measured on the Gornergrat in Zermatt, according to Meteonews. In addition, the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research warned of the great danger of avalanches in the west and north of the country. It's still too early to breathe a sigh of relief: The next storm Friederike will follow today (see right). DK / CHO Evi brings BERN. After yesterday's turbulent day of weather, Friederike announced a new weather phenomenon exactly eleven years after winter storm Kyrill. Friederike is at the edge of Evi and is spreading today from the North Sea

3 THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH Prelude 3 can only be postponed »BERN. The Federal Council declares war on the traffic jam. But critics doubt that the planned expansion will solve the traffic problem. There is a risk of traffic collapse on Swiss motorways: the number of hours of traffic jams has doubled since 2009. The Federal Council now wants to expand the highways at the critical points and invest up to CHF 4 billion. According to Transport Minister Doris Leuthard, the expansion of the Rotsee Buchrain section and the Le Locle bypass are planned in 2019. Later there were larger projects in the regions of Geneva and Bern, Win- Doris Leuthard informed about the expansion of the road network. KEY terthur and Basel planned. To finance this, the gasoline is to become four cents more expensive in 2024. Andreas Burgener, Director of Auto Schweiz, welcomes the plans. "The congestion problem is acute, the extensions cannot be postponed." He hoped that there would be as few objections as possible. As an immediate measure, Burgener also calls on the federal government to open the hard shoulder to traffic at peak times. Carpooling can also help avoid traffic jams. Greens President Regula Rytz is critical: “The traffic jams will at most shift, but new traffic will be generated. The expansion gives an incentive to take the car instead of the train, which again leads to new traffic jams. " Instead, she sees approaches to solving the congestion problem in promoting home offices, car sharing or cheaper public transport. Traffic expert Daniel Müller-Jentsch from Avenir Suisse welcomes the fact that the expansions are taking place where there are the most traffic jams. But the bill is clearly too high: Mobility pricing can prevent many expansions. "If driving at rush hour becomes more expensive, the traffic jams decrease because free capacities are better used at other times." DAW This is what the readers say «I hope it doesn't just stop with announcements» Don Höfi: The roads are urgently needed! You can't leave more vehicles every year, collect the money and then not upgrade the roads. Baselbieter: The amount of cars that has accumulated in the Basel area in recent years has simply become extreme. I hope something will finally happen now. Daisydream: And by 2030, the next expansion would be necessary. No one is interested in whether our environment can tolerate this. Commuter: I hope that it doesn't just stop with announcements. Actually, it all comes too late. The expansion should have been started quickly 15 years ago. Trump's helicopters are already there DÜBENDORF. Preparations for US President Donald Trump's visit to the WEF are in full swing. Just before 4 p.m. yesterday, three US Army Black Hawk helicopters landed at Dübendorf airfield. According to insiders, they come from a US Army base in Germany and are supposed to transport members of the US delegation from Zurich Airport to Davos. WED The Black Hawk helicopters are ready for the WEF. 20M Friederike to Switzerland via Denmark and northern Germany in the direction of Poland. Switzerland is only marginally affected, but another very windy day awaits us, as Meteonews writes in a media release. The warm front of the storm low hits Switzerland from the west. At low altitudes, there should still be flakes in the morning, and snow for a long time in the wind-protected alpine valleys. The snow line rises yesterday Evi, today Friederike: It will be stormy again. KEYSTONE during the day at 1,100 to 1,400 meters, until it sinks again to 500 to 800 meters at night. It remains stormy in the mountains today, and gale gusts are to be expected again at exposed peaks and ridge locations. 20M near Switzerland the earth shook ZURICH. The earth shook in Austria yesterday evening. The earthquake service of the ETH Zurich registered an earthquake with a magnitude of about 4.2 on the Richter scale shortly after 8 p.m. about 13 kilometers north of the Montafon. The tremors could also be felt in Switzerland: “I was sitting in my living room when everything was suddenly moving,” says a reader-reporter from Opfikon ZH. Minor damage is possible in an earthquake of this magnitude. 20M number of the day Apple has to pay 38 billion dollars because of the US tax reform. The iphone manufacturer expects a tax payment in the USA on repatriated foreign profits in this amount, the group announced yesterday. There has never been a payment in this amount. Apple also says it wants to invest more in the US again. AFP

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5 THURSDAY, 18 JANUARY 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH Bern / Region 5 Victims of SMS rip-offs are mad at network provider BERN. Unwanted value-added services via SMS annoy many cell phone users. The network operators comment on the allegations. Dozens of readers responded to the article about the 14-year-old who is supposed to pay CHF 300 for unwanted SMS services and complained about experiences with expensive SMS charges. The most beautiful pictures of the old town BERN. Hundreds of pictures of Bern's UNESCO World Heritage Old Town can be found on social media. Bern Welcome has now viewed all the corresponding Insta pictures from last year and put together a best-of on the Facebook page called I Love Bern. Whether in winter or summer, the beauty of the city comes into its own in all photos. 20M / PHOTO: FACEBOOK.COM/PLPICT ruar 2014 Sunrise switched to an intermediate website for value-added services to protect customers, on which the value-added service must be confirmed again. " And Salt spokesman Benjamin Petrzilka: “We are obliged to bill for the services used. We have no leeway there. " Oliver Sidler from the arbitration board for telecommunications explains: “Unsolicited kos SMS services: Tips from the ombudsman So that it doesn't happen: Take a close look at the offers, because costs are often hidden. Depending on the value-added services blocked, however, you can no longer pay at Selecta machines by mobile phone. If it has happened: Send "STOP ALL" immediately. Contact the telephone provider, complain to the value-added service provider. If no agreement can be reached, contact the arbitration board. BER «My iphone automatically sent an SMS in the background while I was visiting a porn site. Suddenly, 5 francs a week was added to my bill. The customer service of the network provider has not yet responded to the complaint », so one reader. And another: "After my intervention with the network operator, I was told that I had to complain directly to the corresponding value-added service." For a few, the value was credited after the complaint. Swisscom spokeswoman Annina Merk: "Swisscom has no interest in customers unintentionally making a purchase with a value-added service." That is why the steps for concluding a purchase of value-added services have been continuously increased. And at Sunrise it is said: "SMS that have been required for February without consideration are illegal without exception." BENJAMIN LAUENER FC Thun players experienced 3 days of GRINDELWALD adventure. The first team of FC Thun was in Grindelwald for three days to build a team. What they experienced welded them together, says club spokesman Nik Thomi. "It felt like a survival camp." On Monday the players went on a flight with the Firstglider, on Tuesday Sturm Evi provided some action: “We were on the Jungfraujoch. The wind was blowing at over 100 km / h on the viewing platform, which was a unique experience, ”says Thomi. For the journey home to their hut on the First, the gondolas had to travel specially for the footballers. "Some players got seasick because it wobbled like that." And the journey home to Thun yesterday was also an adventure: "It was more of an evacuation: everyone had to get down from the mountain, including the staff." CHO team building in extremis for the tuna players. Social assistance fraudulently obtained BIEL. Since yesterday, a Macedonian couple (56 and 53) have had to answer for social welfare fraud before the Biel Regional Court. The two are said to have not declared income of around francs for eight years. The public prosecutor accuses the couple of commercial fraud and demands conditional imprisonment of 21 and 18 months. The couple had Evi hit Dählhölzli less strongly than Burglind BERN. At the beginning of the year, Sturm Burglind blew 25 beech trees in the Dählhölzli zoo and left half a million francs in damage. The wolf enclosure was also affected (20 minutes reported). Now Evi went through with almost no consequences: As the zoo announced on Instagram, only one tree fell victim to the storm: In the bison enclosure, a trunk fell on the wire fence. Thanks go to the forest service for their safety logging. 20M fraudulently and deliberately deceived the social services authorities. In the social service the man pretended to be looking for a job even though he was working. Only the woman's income was declared. The defense pleaded for acquittal. The "chaotic conditions" in the social services had led to misunderstandings. The verdict will be announced tomorrow, Friday. SDA The blown tree. INSTAGRAM


7 THURSDAY, 18 JANUARY 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH Bern / Region 7 Passers-by should let this plastic owl flutter ZOFINGEN. After an unsuccessful fight against rooks, a dummy eagle owl is now being used in Zofingen AG. In order for it to be of any use, passers-by are asked. One city has a problem: the crows leave their droppings on the Zofingen choir square and make a lot of noise. So far the city has used different methods but none of them have helped. An artificial eagle owl in a tree should now ensure that the crows stay away from the square. The rooks are not afraid of a bird of prey sitting quietly. That is why passers-by are now encouraged to pull on a string dangling from the tree so that the eagle owl flaps its wings. "As soon as the crows notice that it's just a plastic bird, the effect is gone," says Heidi Schlosser from the Nature and Landscape Department. She now hopes this method will help. “We already have it with cutting branches, reflecting Heidi Schlosser, Nature and Landscape Department, with the dummy eagle owl. NLA Video: Find out more about the crows problem in Zofingen on animal CDs or trying to make deterrent noises ”, says Schlosser without success. Even more: “The CDs reflected light into the apartments, the noise was annoying and the cutting of branches did not help either. The crows always find a way to build nests. " Numerous curious passers-by have already tested the function of the eagle owl dummy. «I think that's a good idea. Let's see if it brings something, ”says Marietta Schwab (53) from Zofingen. NLA 20 seconds car shelter burns BALM NEAR GÜNSBERG. On the night of Wednesday a car shed burned near Günsberg SO. The fire spread to a parked car, which burned out. A house facade was also affected. Hot ash started the fire. 20M police are looking for a car LANGENTHAL.An 18-year-old e-bike rider had an accident shortly after 6 a.m. on Aarwangenstrasse in Langenthal yesterday. He was slightly injured in the collision with a car. The car kept going. The Kapo is looking for witnesses. It is said to be a light-colored small car, the side mirror of which is presumably damaged. SDA move to Buchsi BERN. The canton has decided not to renovate the traffic inspection center on Schermenweg in Bern's Wankdorf. Instead, MFK exams are to take place in a new building in Münchenbuchsee. SDA AD

8 8 Switzerland THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH “Switzerland will then become a microplastic waste dump” BERN. The EU plans to ban plastic particles in personal care products. Politicians want Switzerland to follow suit. If you use a peeling while showering, you may wash thousands of small plastic particles into the water cycle. So-called microplastics are harmful to the environment (see box) and end up in water, beer and food such as fish or even honey. The EU is now taking action and wants to limit the use of deliberately added microplastics in products (20 Minuten reported). Microplastic beads magnified 15 times. THOMAS MANI / UNI BASEL That calls Swiss politicians to the scene: Balthasar Glättli (Greens) tried in vain to get a microplastic ban in Switzerland. Now he says: “I will still find my move in parliament a hangover thanks to Facebook INZLINGEN (D). In December, the tomcat Moritz (6 months) disappeared in Inzlingen without a trace. Owner Klaus (35) was desperately looking for him: "We looked for Moritz everywhere." It is thanks to Facebook that Klaus has his Moritz back. Because the six-month tomcat had meanwhile immigrated to Switzerland and was stranded in Gelterkinden, 30 kilometers away, as the Sissacher “Volksstimme” reported. "The tomcat was obtrusively begging for food in front of my balcony door," says Jeanette Hürlimann, who found Moritz. The next day she took Moritz to the vet: "Unfortunately, Moritz couldn't find any chip data, so we couldn't find the owner." Then she started a search on Facebook. After five days, someone responded to the Facebook call. That same evening Klaus was able to hug his darling again. "He had a little shock and didn't leave the house for two days." CZ tomcat Moritz stranded in Switzerland, now he's back home. Submit D. CONZETT-HAAS. If we continue to allow the particles, Switzerland will become Europe's microplastic rubbish dump. " There are safe substitutes such as wax. "Nobody has to do without their peeling." Felix Müri (SVP), on the other hand, believes that a ban is superfluous and that drinking water is sufficiently filtered. The Federal Council also says that a ban on microplastics is not necessary. Nevertheless, the federal government wants to seek discussion together with the private sector and encourage voluntary renunciation. As soon as the EU authorities publish a regulation proposal, the federal government wants to So dangerous is microplastic BERN. The federal government has already detected microplastics in Swiss lakes and the Rhone. How harmful the small plastic particles are to the environment and health has not yet been conclusively clarified. According to Greenpeace, it is questionable that the particles are not biodegraded and that they are already contaminated with pollutants during production. Marine animals would eat the particles and absorb the toxins. In addition, the microplastics cause injuries and inflammation and make the animals feel hungry so that they would no longer absorb important nutrients. THE department for the environment is reviewing this for Switzerland in order to guarantee a “comparably high level of protection” and to avoid trade barriers. THE / DK Naturalization is made easier BERN. Third generation young foreigners will soon be able to apply for naturalization more easily. That was what the people decided last year. The Federal Council yesterday put the change into effect on February 15. From then on, the application form is available from the State Secretariat for Migration or from the authorities at your place of residence. The process takes less time and costs less than ordinary naturalization. People who were born here and have attended school for at least five years, have a C permanent residence permit and are well integrated are eligible. SDA The will of the people is implemented. KEY doctor brings Mongolians to the Olympics LAUSANNE. Cross-country skiers from Mongolia are also expected to take part in the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne. The doctor Pascal Gertsch from the canton of Vaud is fighting for this idea. So that the young talents can take part in the competition, Gertsch has now brought 15 of them to training in the Vallée de Joux in the canton of Jura. Gertsch was team doctor for the Nordic ski team in Switzerland during the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo. SDA porn ring blown up in Ticino BELLINZONA. Around ten young people have been identified in Ticino who exchanged pornographic pictures of minors. According to a statement from the public prosecutor yesterday, they are said to have offered pornographic images via a platform on the Internet. They are accused of having done this in the ignorance of the minors depicted in the photos. The people were guilty of various degrees of pornography, it said. The investigation took several years. SDA

9 10cfwkoq7dmawfv8jre46dxjocwqkcatykgt7_o7zja6cdd3omf_x4jv09xknqtewrvdpdi24ta7cwm0g4gv1xusmj_e0cratg3yuaalsiuylx5whle3xozfjpyheaaaa = 10casnsjy0mdqx0tuxmra0ngiaxftyew8aaaa = Thursday, January 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH Switzerland close nine stores: CBD hype has ZURICH vanished into thin air. Some shops are already closed, others are stumbling. Reasons: The oversupply and the end of the CBD hype. From students to adults, customers lined up in the CBD shops. Less than a year later, the hype about legal weed is over. «I know around 100 CBD shops. Many have already closed again or are about to end, ”says Bernadette Braun from the Hempner online shop. She also struggles: “Today prices are two-thirds lower. In order to continue to work profitably, we have to restructure. " For Stephan Frei from the Rudestore Headshop in Lucerne, too, “I can walk more at times”. Other providers report of colleagues with closed shops who do not want to comment on 20 minutes. The operators see the oversupply as the reason for the declining sales and lower margins. According to the "Bund", the Federal Customs Administration currently registers 498 producers, in 2017 there were only five. "The competition on the market has become very fierce," says Deni Milanovic from the Green Passion Shop in Zurich. Shops with a well thought-out concept would survive. "There were many buyers and hobby farmers who thought they could sow something and then pick gold." In addition, there are no customers who only bought CBD once out of curiosity. Stephan Frei says: "Some would rather smoke weed properly than smoke comparatively expensive CBD without psychoactive effects." BETTINA ZANNI “Some prefer to smoke properly”: Stephan Frei from the Rudestore Headshop. 20 seconds of violence against children BERN. The Federal Council does not want to take any measures to promote early detection of domestic violence against children. The government announced yesterday that the cantons and municipalities are primarily responsible for this. SDA newspapers merge NEUENBURG. The Neuchâtel newspapers "L Express" and "L Impartial" will appear under one title in future. The new newspaper bears the title “Arcinfo”, as reported by the online portal, which is already jointly managed today. The editorial offices were merged in 1996. SDA 170 billion required ZURICH. An Austrian management consultant demanded 170 billion Swiss francs from UBS. He said he was acting on behalf of an heir to former Indonesian President Sukarno. The Zurich district court did not believe him and yesterday sentenced him to a fine for forging documents. SDA We have what animals love No matter whether it is dog baskets, cat toys or food: At Fressnapf you will find everything that makes your loved ones happy. in the best selection at the best price! 12.1% new 4. 35 alt 4.95 GOURMET à la carte 4 85 g refinements from the chef or recipes from the chef with deep sea fish / turkey / salmon / duck or with chicken / beef / trout / saithe

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11 THURSDAY, 18 JANUARY 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH Switzerland 11 passengers had to explain the way to the driver in the Flixbus Noah (3) and his father are doing well ZURICH. A Flixbus chauffeur found the way from Freiburg to Zurich only thanks to the passengers. A. J. * (27) from Regensdorf ZH traveled on Sunday evening with a Flixbus from Freiburg to Zurich. “Everything went normally up to Zurich, but the chauffeur got lost several times in the city,” she says. From Escher-Wyss-Platz, shortly before the destination, they suddenly landed on the autobahn again. She and another passenger got up and asked the driver about it. «He has, however, investigated ETH Mobbing ZURICH. ETH Zurich has launched an investigation against a professor at the former Institute for Astronomy. As she announced, the suspicion of misconduct in research is being investigated. Another independent investigation is already underway following allegations of bullying. The professor is released until graduation. In February, the "NZZ am Sonntag" made allegations of former doctoral students against the woman public. SDA flu has Switzerland under control BERN. The number of flu cases in Switzerland is still increasing. The population in western Switzerland, Ticino and Graubünden is hardest hit. Infants up to four years of age are most likely to get sick. The flu has been rampant since Christmas. The limit for speaking of an epidemic is 68 suspected cases per inhabitant. At the moment the value is 365 suspected cases of residents. SDA «We asked the driver about his mistake, but he didn't understand us. He spoke neither German nor English. " A. J. (27) didn't understand, he spoke neither German nor English. " Instead, the driver and the second chauffeur would have been annoyed that the two passengers got up during the journey. On the next exit, however, the bus turned and drove back. In the city of Zurich, two passengers would then have had to guide the chauffeur to its destination. “We arrived half an hour later than planned,” says J. Because of this delay, the 27-year-old missed her last connection to Regensdorf and had to take a taxi home. «Flixbus has neither apologized nor refunded the money. This is very annoying." Flixbus regrets the delay that occurred during the journey, says spokeswoman Susanne Hintermayr. Hintermayr has no explanation for the fact that the chauffeur was driving the route in question: "All of our buses have navigation systems, which is why our drivers can recognize special traffic situations at an early stage and react accordingly." This is what a new Bundeshaus could look like. A. J. missed her connection because the bus was delayed. BASEL. Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer opened Swissbau 2018 on Tuesday. A design for a new federal building was also discussed at the professional trade fair for the Swiss construction industry. The architects envision a modern cube, and the National Council Chamber should protrude from the building as an egg. In the hall, people can not only meet in real life, but also virtually using holograms, write the trade fair organizers. The new Bundeshaus could be built as a VRO new building directly on the Aare. The building should be ultra-modern, the “presence of all people” can be recorded “in every room”. Thanks to a lot of natural light, the working atmosphere should be made pleasant. Besides, Noah is doing well. KAPO ZH ZURICH. The Zurich public prosecutor's office yesterday reported a success in the search for the 32-year-old Ismael García Oliveira and his son Noah (3). The father reported to a court in Spain. Both are well. On Sunday the man took his son out of his mother's room and disappeared. The mother wrote on Facebook yesterday that her son was “alive and well”. Now she is planning the next steps. 20M there should be crisis-proof server rooms, in an emergency the building could be completely self-sufficient. However, the concept is just a gimmick. A new building of the Federal Palace is not planned. THE Light-flooded and ultra-modern: The visualization shows how architects imagine a new Bundeshaus building. SWISSBAU 2018

12 12 Abroad THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH Trump spends a lot of money on a trip to the WEF WASHINGTON. Trump's entourage in Davos will be huge. Air Force One's flight alone costs $ 3.2 million. The expense of US presidents traveling overshadows anything other countries spend on their heads of state traveling. It won't be any different with Donald Trump's trip to the WEF. Several components have an impact on the cost: Presidential machine: Trump will fly in Air Force One. One hour's flight of the machine, which is always used in duplicate, costs dollars. Air Force One is contributing $ 3.2 million to the Davos trip. Security: When traveling, Donald Trump boarded the presidential plane, Air Force One. AP need US presidents to protect themselves from a small army. During the last WEF visit in 2000, Bill Clinton accompanied 1,500 people. Trump is unlikely to get by with fewer people. Everyone needs shelter and food. Other means of transport: The eight ministers, who have also been ordered to Davos, each have their own aircraft, which, however, cost significantly less than Air Force One. There are also transport aircraft, including those for special vehicles. Helicopters are used for transport between the airport and Davos. However, exact figures on expenditure are not available, and information on previous presidential trips is rarely given. Comparisons help here to estimate the order of magnitude. Bill Clinton's most expensive trip, during which he also visited Switzerland in March 2000, cost 50 million dollars. The cost of Trump's week-long trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe in May 2017 is likely to have been between $ 70 million and $ 120 million. The journey to Davos is less than half as long and has only one destination. Roughly, it will cost between $ 10 million and $ 40 million. SUT Missing was buried in the garden bed WULFSDORF. Andrea L. (41) from Wulfsdorf in Northern Germany was reported missing by work colleagues at the end of December. Her husband (39) had said that his wife was away, she was looking for a job in the catering industry in which thousands are fleeing from Vulkan, government calls MANILA an emergency. The Mayon volcano eruptions in the Philippines have displaced people living in the vicinity of the mountain in recent days. The evacuees are housed in a total of 30 emergency shelters. The provincial authorities have declared a state of emergency. According to experts, an outbreak is imminent. NK / PHOTO: EPA Switzerland. However, hardly anyone in the village believed this. It was hard to imagine that the mother would leave her ten-year-old son behind. The police suspected the husband of killing Andrea L. and arrested him. He denied having anything to do with the disappearance. On Tuesday, her body was found in the garden of the house, wrapped in plastic and buried in a bed. The cause of death is being investigated. The village of 200 souls is also shaken by another event: Another resident was arrested because he is said to be one of the pedophiles who paid money to abuse a nine-year-old from Freiburg (20 Minuten reported). LÜS Merkel wants to measure Kurz on actions BERLIN. Despite profound differences in refugee and European policy, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Austria's new Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz rely on a partnership. "We will measure the new Austrian government by its actions," said Merkel after her meeting with Kurz in Berlin. SDA More exchanges with Russia BRUSSELS. NATO is intensifying the military dialogue with Russia. Commander-in-chief Curtis Scaparrotti confirmed that he will shortly meet in person for the first time with the Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov. The US general wanted to ensure a continuous exchange of information about military activities such as maneuvers and troop stationing. SDA Andrea L. POLICE DEPARTMENT LÜBECK H&M boy had to curb STOCKHOLM. The family of the boy, who had posed for H&M in the "Monkey" sweater, had to move, as his mother Terry Mango told the BBC. The reason are "security concerns". She did not elaborate on that, but the protests in South Africa, in which dark-skinned activists devastated several H&M branches, did play a role. In addition, she was attacked by other blacks, so Mango: "For them I am a traitor." But she doesn't see any racism in advertising: “I respect the opinion of others and know that racism is a big problem. But is the sweater racist? Not for me." NK

13 2 THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH abroad 13 baby gangs create fear and horror in Naples NAPLES. Children between the ages of nine and twelve terrorize Naples. Now even Rome has to intervene. 20 seconds New President BARCELONA.Catalonia's parliament has elected Roger Torrent from the left-wing nationalist party ERC as president of the region's new parliament. The 38-year-old now has to decide whether Carles Puigdemont can also be elected regional president in absentia. SDA The Neapolitans have had enough: with a massive protest yesterday they called for an end to the violence in the city. Naples has long been fighting child gangs with so-called baby gangs who steal passers-by, beat up the homeless and deal with drugs. Young people complain that they no longer venture out of the house in the evening, writes «La Repubblica». In the past few weeks the situation has gotten out of hand. On Friday, a 15-year-old was attacked by a dozen minors and seriously injured for no apparent reason. The local authorities seemed powerless, now Rome is stepping in: Interior Minister Marco Minniti traveled to the city on Tuesday. The gangs "acted with terrorist methods," he said. He immediately sent a hundred policemen to Naples. ADVERTISEMENT The neglected gang members are often the sons of Camorra bosses. Photos of gang members recently appeared on Facebook. One shows a boy with a pistol (it is unclear whether it is real), two others hold baseball bats in their hands. The children are between nine and twelve years old. Most of the gang members are the sons of captured Camorra bosses. They grow up neglected in the poor suburbs of Naples and are now trying to take over their fathers' territory. They hardly have any prospects for the future. KLE New Conversations BERLIN. Germany and Turkey have resumed government talks that were suspended in the dispute. Representatives from both countries met in the German Ministry of the Interior. A government spokesman said that they have common interests, especially when it comes to counter-terrorism. SDA faster than expected? DELHI. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday in India that he firmly believes that the American embassy will be relocated faster than expected and "during the year". AP campaigns from Thursday, omega 3 linseed oil capsules per piece 30 capsules food supplements per pack Vitamin D3 / iron tablets 100 mini tablets food supplements per pack per 2-pack * per piece women / men winter cross sweater various models, women: size Men: size per set per piece women / men winter cross pants various models, women: size, men: size per pair of Bündner nut cake 500 g Classic rusk 2 x 250 g (* only available in a pack of 2) women / Men's winter underwear, various models, women: size, men: size Women's / men's winter gloves, various models, women: size. 7 10, men: size Please note that the special offers are only available in limited numbers. It can therefore happen that individual products sell out quickly due to high demand. We ask for your understanding. Delivery only in household quantities. All prices are given in the currency CHF. Subject to typographical and printing errors. ALDI SUISSE AG FROM THURSDAY, WHILE IN STOCK

14 14 Economy THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH Digital nomads: These Swiss work worldwide ZURICH. If you are not tied to a fixed location, you can work from anywhere in the world using a computer. Moving the office to where others go on vacation is a dream for many. But not every popular holiday destination is also suitable for digital nomads. A ranking by the Home platform shows the best places for so-called remote working (see table). In addition to sights, living costs, diversity and coworking offices are also decisive. Because unlike normal travelers, digital nomads need reliable, fast internet and have to be able to rent a workstation in an office at short notice. The price for a caffè latte was also taken into account: the cheapest in Rio for 1.58 francs. ISH TOP 5 WORLDWIDE 1. Bali 5.00 * 2. Penang 4.62 3. Gran Canaria 4.35 4. Buenos Aires 4.20 5. Singapore 3.81 * max.points 5.00 Source: Anina Torrado directs a team from Raffeisen Switzerland Anina Torrado working on the train in Japan. Anina Torrado leads a team of five that publishes the annual reports and the customer magazine at Raiffeisen Switzerland. For the past twelve months, the 39-year-old has worked from all over the world instead of in St. Gallen: Peru, Thailand, Japan, a different country every month. “I took part in meetings via Skype,” says Torrado. A stable, fast Internet is therefore essential. In every country she had a desk in a coworking space. «The time difference should not be underestimated. Sometimes working through the nights is exhausting. " Time for sightseeing was mostly only on weekends. "The community with the other digital nomads was also exciting." What she has learned: how a family feeling can develop among strangers. ISH With containers on board across the sea NANTONG. This cargo ship, built in China, is one of the largest in the world. It is classified as TEU, so it can transport standardized containers. This means that the capacity of the ship is just below the current maximum of containers. The ship shown is part of the fleet of the Chinese transport company Cosco Shipping. RKN / FOTO: AFP Philipp Meier runs a start-up in Wettingen Philipp Meier knows working in the hammock or during a foot massage well: He has managed his sales and marketing company in Wettingen AG with four employees from all over the world. In the last four years he has been in Asia, the USA or Latin America for six to nine months. “Good internet, Airbnb, sun, security, beautiful nature and low costs are important,” says Meier. The 38-year-old prefers not to work on the beach, but in cafés (with WiFi). He was in Hawaii for two months, which was stressful because of the twelve-hour time difference: "I worked normally during the day, but then also at night to make calls." His advantage: he usually only worked four days and was able to use the long weekend for excursions. ISH Philipp Meier at the computer in Colombia. WEF sees the world in crisis DAVOS. The World Economic Forum (WEF) risk report paints a dangerous picture. Massive environmental problems such as extreme weather and extinction of species as well as cyber attacks, political crises and economic inequality - the world today has to fight on many fronts. “We have allowed ruptures to arise, weakening institutions, societies and the environment, these ruptures must now be healed,” WEF founder Klaus Schwab emphasized yesterday in a message. But there is hope, said Schwab, referring to the strong growth in the global economy. The economic recovery offers opportunities. SDA stock exchange indices SMI% SPI% Stoxx% Dax% Dow Jones% Nasdaq% Note prices SMI stocks 1 ABB N% 1 Adecco N% 1 CS Group N% 3 Geberit N% 3 Givaudan N% 1 Julius Baer N% 3 LafargeHolcim N% 3 Lonza N% 3 Nestlé N% 1 Novartis N% 3 Richemont N% 1 Roche GS% 3 SGS N% 3 Sika I% 3 Swatch Group I% 3 Swiss Life N% 3 Swiss Re N% 1 Swisscom N% 1 UBS Group N% 3 Zurich Ins. N% DISPLAY Stock market in brief Buy Final Change% Sell EUR / CHF USD / CHF GBP / CHF All information without guarantee.

15 THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH Economy 15 UPC uses breakdown series at Swisscom for itself from ZURICH. The cable network group UPC wants to benefit from the disruptions at the competitor with advertising. KONTROVERS UPC is currently advertising its telephony offers for companies on social media. The timing is no coincidence at Swisscom the worm is in it: On Tuesday, thousands of business customers of the telecommunications group could not make calls. Last week there had been three days of breakdowns in a row. UPC wants to make a profit from this: "After several days of outages at Swisscom, we are taking the opportunity to advertise our business connections in a targeted manner," said spokesman Bernard Strapp on request. Because of the disruptions at Swisscom, UPC received many inquiries about telephony offers for companies. “Our digital communication channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are suitable for drawing attention to our telephony solutions for companies at short notice and in a targeted manner,” says Strapp. However, the company does not want to mock its competitor with its advertising. Strapp: "It has nothing to do with schadenfreude, but with competition." Swisscom does not comment. In principle, one does not comment on the advertising of competitors, says the company to 20 minutes. On Twitter, some users see a swipe at Swisscom in the advertising campaign. One user finds: "Whoever has the damage does not need to worry about the mockery." DOMINIC BENZ UPC is currently receiving a lot of inquiries because of the disruptions at Swisscom. 20 seconds Goldman Sachs: Loss NEW YORK. Bank of America's profits halved due to burdens from the US tax reform in the fourth quarter. Goldman Sachs also writes a loss. SDA Stadler Rail wins BUSSNANG. The Thurgau railway manufacturer Stadler Rail has received two orders in Poland. SDA Bitcoin falls and falls FRANKFURT. In a good two months, the Bitcoin rate had doubled to the dollar, and now it is slipping back below the dollar mark. SDA VW with record sales WOLFSBURG. The Volkswagen Group delivered over 10.74 million cars to customers worldwide in 2017, more than ever before. SDA H & M with diversity boss KOPENHAGEN. H&M has appointed a diversity manager following allegations of racism. AP Largest electric dumper in the world The company Kuhn Switzerland from Heimberg is constructing what it claims to be the world's largest electric dumper. According to the company's website, the weight of the full dump truck exceeds 110 tons. To cope with this, the vehicle has 782 hp. RKN by Urbach Optik Kontaktlinsen voucher CHF 20.- free Migros makes up for losses with online trade ZURICH. Migros has defended its position as the largest Swiss retailer. Last year, however, its sales growth was 0.9 percent weaker than Coop's 1.4 percent. While online retail is flourishing, the non-food sectors are suffering from falling prices. Migros sees no noticeable influence of the weaker franc. Migros spokesman Luzi Weber said that she was unable to provide any information about any changes in shopping tourism, also because it was not possible to determine whether consumers were increasingly shopping online instead of crossing the border. SDA Swiss brings check-in counters for superfast ZURICH. Last week Swiss opened a new counter at Zurich Airport: Those who have already printed out their boarding pass and baggage labels or have them electronically with them can only hand in their suitcases there. "The processing usually only takes seconds," said Swiss spokesman Stefan Vasic the "Zürcher regional newspapers". HAL Valid until, voucher code: 20minT2 MBW: CHF 80.- (not cumulative, redeemable once per household)

16 16 People THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH Swiss pop music: Why are women underrepresented? ZURICH. Musicians and label people want to get to the bottom of this question at a special SMA event, just one of the twelve Swiss Music Awards given to Swiss artists went to a woman. Otherwise: all men. The same can be seen in the charts and in the line-ups of clubs and festivals. “We noticed that for a long time,” says SMA organizer Oliver Rosa (44). That is why he and his team are organizing an evening on November 7th, two days before the Swiss Music Awards, in the Zurich Kosmos on the question: "Does Swiss pop music have a problem for women?" At the first of the two panels, musicians (some of them are already commenting on the topic in the boxes) discuss their everyday working life Baby-Zoff with Kim and Kylie? LOS ANGELES. On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian, 37, and Kanye West, 44, announced the birth of their third child. Thus, of course, a new, spectacular name comes into the family, and this is exactly what Kim is arguing about with her half-sister, according to Because like Kim, Kylie Jenner (20) would like to name her unborn child Love. The fans are still concerned with a Kim-Kylie topic: In the social media, numerous users speculate that Kylie acted as a surrogate mother for Kim. KAO 2017 was the SMA's live stage in male hands: Hecht and Dabu Fantastic performed together. ??? La Nefera (29), rapper La Nefera was the only woman next to around 80 men to take part in the Virus Bounce Cypher rapper summit in 2017. “I've heard so often that I could be more successful if I dressed more freely and acted differently. That says a lot about the image that the woman supposedly has to correspond to. If there were more decision-makers in management, for example, would it be like that? And is that really what consumers want? " Justin's new palm? LOS ANGELES. Yesterday Justin Bieber (23) shared a photo of him hugging a palm tree. He writes: "Now I know what love is." This raises questions: What does his possibly-again-girlfriend Selena Gomez (25) think of the new flame? For esotericists, however, one thing is clear: cuddling trees is healthy. LME / PHOTO: INSTAGRAM in this male domain. With the second, label people, bookers and cultural sponsors try to find out why women are underrepresented in Swiss pop music. The event is rounded off with live and DJ music, of course, by women. “The panels are successful when insights are gained, ideas arise and exchange is promoted,” says Rosa. SCHIMUN KRAUSZ Today at we will stream the announcement of the SMA nominations live on Rafaela Dieu (30), Zeal & Ardor Just recently, bassist Rafaela Dieu was treated differently than the rest of her band because of her gender: “After a At a concert in Berlin I was putting my stuff together on stage when the security came and wanted to throw me out. He thought that I didn't belong, that I was just a groupie and that I wanted to sneak in. There is probably no bad intent behind this, but such things are often lacking in awareness. " Reena Thelly (33), presenter (also at the event) The SRF Virus presenter wonders what kind of artist the Swiss would like to see or hear: "If an artist who pretends to be Beyoncé would have any success in Switzerland ? Do you want this here? Do you want someone who has power and works with her sexyness? I am interested in such questions. On the one hand, women like that attract our audience, but we don't have any relevant stars from Switzerland. Why?" Christa de Carouge (81). KEYSTONE Farewell to a fashion icon ZURICH. Christa de Carouge, one of the most famous fashion designers in Switzerland, is dead. She died unexpectedly on Tuesday after a brief, serious illness at the age of 81. An employee of the Basel native confirmed a corresponding report by the NZZ to the SDA news agency. Just a few weeks ago, de Carouge said in an interview with the “Swiss family” that it would be over at 88 at the latest: “I don't want to die in a hospital or old people's home.” KAF / SDA

17 THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH People 17 Casting for “Switzerland's Next Top Model” has started ZURICH. What Heidi can do in Germany can also be done by TV makers in Switzerland: Prosieben is looking for a new local top model in autumn. The casting starts now. Heidi Klum has been looking for “Germany's Next Top Model” for twelve years. In autumn 2018, the successful show will finally come to Switzerland as an adaptation. Under the title “Switzerland's Next Top Model”, Prosieben Switzerland is looking for the Swiss with the greatest potential as a model. The broadcasters are not satisfied with copying GNTM. First step: Boys are also allowed to register in Switzerland. According to Andrea Haemmerli, Managing Director of Prosieben Switzerland, this has a great advantage: "The format with boys and girls has proven itself in the USA and Austria and offers a lot of excitement." She outlines the requirements for “Switzerland's Next Top Model” as follows: “We are looking for people who have what it takes to become a top mo- Heidi Klum selects top models with SNTM that will soon also happen in Switzerland. DUKAS You can see the first trailer for “Switzerland's Next Top Model” on del have, bring character and charisma, are personalities and like to have rough edges. ” Haemmerli does not yet want to say who the Swiss counterpart to Heidi Klum will be. The winner can look forward to a model contract and a cover shoot with a well-known Swiss lifestyle magazine. People aged 16 and over can apply, piercings, tattoos and beards must be declared. LUCIEN ESSEIVA Casting registration on 20 seconds Less is more LOS ANGELES. Amber Rose (34) is known, among other things, for her lush curves. The model now announces on Instagram that she will have her breasts reduced this week. "I'm really scared, but at the same time I'm also excited," she writes in an Insta story. KAO Kaia does it with Karl PARIS. Kaia Gerber (16), the over model of the hour, has apparently turned his head fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld (84). So much so that the designer decided on a joint collection with Cindy Crawford's daughter (51). The collection should be available in autumn 2018. LME Katie Price shocks LONDON. Katie Price (39) shocked her fans with a video on Twitter. It shows how son Harvey (15) goes under the knife at the beauty doctor. The Englishwoman gives the all-clear: Harvey only got an intensive peeling. LME ADVERT 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.20-minute preview Maze Runner The Chosen in the Death Zone Tuesday, January 30, 2018, Zurich Win cinema tickets! Free participation: / in the cinema from February 1, 2018

18 18 Auto Show in Detroit THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 2018 / 20MINUTEN.CH Asians dominate Detroit DETROIT. The Americans are listless for once at the Detroit Auto Show. In return, the Asians step into the breach. After the Bits and Bytes Parade at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, the auto industry has landed in the here and now. In Detroit, sheet metal, steel and horsepower are once again more important than connectivity or autonomous driving. The Americans in particular are very down-to-earth. It is not for nothing that two of the three best-selling pick-ups on the US market, the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ram1500, are basking in the premiere light. In addition, only the Ford Mustang Bullitt with 475 hp provides a little US glamor, and Jeep is finally giving the Cherokee a new face. Rustic pick-ups and off-road vehicles in abundance and lots of staid limousines (the Americans love them) but cars with a bit more fun and finesse or a hint to the future have to be looked for a little longer in Detroit this time. And then finds it with the Asians. LAB Hyundai Veloster The next generation of the compact athlete is rolling out in the USA with up to 275 hp. The Enverge study by Chinese manufacturer GAC Motor steals the show from US brands in Detroit. KEY Lexus LF-1 Limitless The noble show car will soon become the new luxury SUV RX, which is also enjoying success with us. Infiniti Q Inspiration The concept car shows the future of Infiniti design. And that makes you want more. Much more! Nissan X-Motion Concept The oversubscribed study has what it takes to become the successor to the X-Terra, which is so successful in the USA. Toyota FT-4X The Japanese could become a small lifestyle all-wheel drive that wants the Jeep Wrangler to the leather.