Why don't we see rainbows every day

Church region of Neubrandenburg

(Christian images and symbols)

We meet him quite often.
He is the namesake and color giver, the symbol is often present. The rainbow is meant.
I am always happy when I discover a rainbow in the sky, when the sun shines in or after the rain and I can discover this colorful, shimmering arc somewhere on the horizon.

In its symbolism, however, the rainbow is not an invention of the modern age, but points us right to the beginning of the Bible.
In Genesis we read about the flood and the destruction of large parts of the world. We read of the dove that brings hope with an olive branch, of salvation in the ark. And then God makes a promise to people. It is his commitment to preserve our world.
We humans often find it difficult to speak alone, we are not only hearing people, we want to see, touch, understand - all of this makes remembering easier.
And so the Bible writes that the rainbow is God's promise to preserve our world. He is the visible sign of a covenant between God and humanity.
Just as a ring symbolizes the bond between two people, is a sign of the “marriage covenant”, so the rainbow is the sign of the covenant between man and God.
Our eyes can see that we do not live alone and only for ourselves, but that we are creatures, people willed by God and loved by God.
And yet the rainbow also has something incomprehensible, because we cannot grasp or understand it. Somehow he always stays at a distance, just as we will never really and completely understand God. And then all of a sudden he's just gone again, we don't see him in the sky anymore. Isn't it often the same with God? We humans know this feeling and the question: God, where are you?
People ask the question again and again, but at the same time there is and remains this experience: "I have seen the rainbow." I hold fast to the word, to the promise, to the promise of God, which means: I am there for you.
The rainbow tells me God is not a punishing God. The questions people ask whether they have done something wrong, whether God punishes them when they experience suffering, these questions and these doubts dissolve in the rainbow. It stands in heaven as a sign of God's devotion. He reminds us of God, who wants to preserve and preserve our world.
The rainbow is not visible to us in the sky every day, but every now and then we are allowed to see it and then remember God's promise that his love applies.
So it is at the very beginning of the Bible:

"I hereby make my covenant with you and with your descendants and with all living beings ...
Never again shall a flood come and ruin the earth.
And God said: This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you ... for all generations to come:
I set my bow in the clouds; it should be the covenant sign between me and the earth. "
From Genesis 9

Pastor Jörg Albrecht