Was that a poisonous friendship

Toxic friendship: pure poison for freelancers

Recognizing Toxic Friendships - The Typical Warning Signs

So, the theoretical part is through, phew! Now it's time to get down to business. In the next few lines you will learn how to recognize negative friendships in practice. Perhaps some of these examples sound very familiar to you.

Important: A toxic relationship isn't all bad when the negativity comes from the other. If the aggressiveness or negativity is coming from you, that's a problem as well.

You are the third wheel (even if there are two of me)

Is that even possible? For sure! Especially since each of us has a small computer in our pocket that allows constant communication. So if your "friend" is constantly busy with other things than you, this is a pretty obvious sign.

Successes are not celebrated (on the contrary)

If you can't celebrate one’s successes together, then you have a problem. In a toxic friendship, success does not lead to joy, but to envy of the other.

When friends get exhausted

Above all else, friendship is meant to benefit you (and your boyfriend). Yes, sometimes one of those perks can be getting through tough times together. But when friendship becomes exhausting and a burden, the benefits dwindle.

Less and less in common

Friendships live and develop constantly. However, everyone involved also develops further on their own. Job, relationships, family, children, hobbies ... these are just a few factors that contribute to your development and which you, in most cases, go through independently of your boyfriend. Friends can grow apart and you have to accept that.

Just a listener

Some people are good listeners, others are not. In a good friendship, however, the not-so-good listeners also try to listen. If the imbalance becomes too great, the relationship will not look good.

Just don't make a mistake

Do you know that - when you have the feeling that you are about to say something wrong? Then you are in a toxic friendship! Friends should be able to speak openly with one another and know how to interpret certain things correctly.

Your "friend" is holding you back

You have probably heard the saying: If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people.

There is certainly something to it. A "friend" is definitely able to pull you down. For example, through constant bad mood or because he makes you feel that you have to pull him with you. This is not fair and an indication of a toxic relationship.