Is it bad to buy expensive things for your girlfriend?

Girlfriend constantly wants to borrow everything / buys everything.

The next time she wants to borrow something, just tell her that you will only loan her things if she cleans them properly afterwards. I think renting clothes is quite personal and would only do it with very close friends.

What do you mean by the top section: does it have the same weight or not? Do you like the things you lend her or not?

With the 400 euro dress: just say that you're scared because of the price.

Basically, I would just say that as you write this. That you put a lot of time into your clothes and that it is important to you that they are associated with you, that you identify with them and that you therefore do not like it when she imitates you. It's not bad and plain language and openness is much better than secretly being totally angry and complaining about your suffering in forums.

I also have a friend who is constantly looking me up and down and also constantly looking at what I'm doing and imitating myself a lot. But she said to me a few times that she thinks that I am a lady and that she likes my style and me. I also get regular compliments from her for my clothes - sometimes criticism, but very, very rarely. That means she doesn't suck me up and doesn't copy me headlessly or backwards because she doesn't have an identity of her own or tries to bask in my shadow, but she is an honest critic and she thinks most of the things are good. I have a good style, I am very educated and come across as strong (she told me that - she's a cutie). Many people imitate me too, but I stay away from people who copy everything and then pretend it's theirs. Here in the forum it is also the case that I write something and then it comes in the same thread as "I heard there is xy", but the fact that I posted some posts above in the same thread is concealed, no reference to me ... And if I don't post anything about it, my things won't appear here either.

In short: I don't need such people in my life who parasitize on the backside and copy me and don't give me the appropriate appreciation for it. This friend is different because while copying and eyeing, she tells me very clearly that she admires me and that sometimes she is really sweet. I take it as a compliment and also take her a little under my wing, because she is my friend and I like her. It's a bit annoying when I have a new, stylish wallet and enjoy it and then 2 weeks later she pulls the same out of her handbag. But it is still within limits and - as I said - I like them. If it got on my mind more seriously, I would say something or withdraw.

I think everyone involved must have something of every friendship. If you copy and borrow a lot, you have to upgrade the relationship differently and contribute something. Be it just in a good mood and appreciation.