What photos scream Allahu Akbar

"Allahu akbar" as a mobile phone ringtone

In a Paris suburb, a teacher who had shown caricatures of Mohammed in class on freedom of expression was stabbed and beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen refugee. The young fanatic had traveled from northern France, incited by the spread of the incident on social networks. Among other things, from the father of one of the teacher's pupils.

It is the chronicle of a death foretold. The French police have arrested a dozen suspects from around the school. At the same time, it was decided to expel 260 Islamist threats, 180 of whom are already in custody.

What is happening in our schools? All states with significant Muslim populations must ask themselves that. How do you deal with the "culture war in the classroom" that the Viennese teacher Susanne Wiesinger talked about in her book of the same name? Reading literature no longer takes place because even the most harmless passages are viewed by someone as "haram" (forbidden).

There is a whole "generation of haram", writes the young journalist and former teacher Melisa Erkurt in her book of the same name. Erkurt, daughter of Muslim Bosnian refugees, attributes the Islamist macho behavior particularly to overcompensating for the loser status: "You, the fellows who write fives, fail (...), want to feel powerful at least in one point. You have recognized that that people are afraid of Islam. They set their cell phone ringtone to 'Allahu akbar' ('God is great') and enjoy the scared looks of others in the subway. " And they not only force their classmates to wear headscarves and not behave "haram", they also intimidate the teachers.

Authority figures

Erkurt argues that the arch-conservative Islamic authority figures to hate preachers who look after the young are often the first people "who have recognized them for what they are: young men who feel lost within this society, who have their place not find it, no matter how eagerly you search ". However, there are always those who do not even seek their place in this society because they actively reject this society.

But with all understanding: Liberal democracy cannot allow Islamist rules to be imposed. What to do? First of all, security police measures are essential. But more intensive care is obviously necessary. Because the people stay here, only a few can be deported. The research report of the integration fund "Young People with Muslim Character in Vienna" (2019) says: Most of the "conspicuous" lack "confidants" who can convey the right democratic and emancipatory attitude to them. The conclusion to be drawn from this is that politicians should provide for many more "confidants" in the sense of social workers and psychologists, because otherwise the confidant is the nice Islamist next door. Most of these young people didn't come yesterday. Some are a problem today and that cannot be negated. (Hans Rauscher, October 20, 2020)