What brand of bottled water are you drinking

Drink tap water in India

Both locals and colleagues who had traveled to India advised me to be careful about which mineral water you drink as some (e.g., refilled glass bottles in hotel rooms) are made from tap water.

The rule of thumb that was given to me was to contact me Brewery brands as most have related bottled water brands. These have filtration and other sterilization processes as their beer counterparts.

I would think the drinking water taps are for locals who are used to the bacteria in the water. One "initiation ceremony" I've heard of for people who have moved to India permanently is to get a glass of tap water and spend the next week at home sick ... if you are sick, you are fine to go, but if you're only there for a couple of weeks it really wouldn't be good to be out of action for a week.


Yes, thanks ... I thought it was for the Indians too, but wasn't sure.

Aditya Somani

To be completely honest, I was born and raised in Delhi and had never Tap water. +1 for sticking to brewery brands! Other equally good brands to enjoy in India are Kinley, Aquafina, Bisleri!


People generally cook, filter before drinking water, or buy bottles.

Richard Smith

+1 for mentioning the risk of refilling bottles. If you are in an upscale western chain hotel or restaurant, there is nothing to worry about. Even if it's an unbranded bottle that has been refilled, it has been refilled from a high quality filtration system. Otherwise, you don't risk it.


I hope the "initiation ceremony" was a joke. I am Indian and don't know anyone who drinks water that has not been boiled, UV-treated or, conversely, ossified. I will trust a drinking water station in a school, but not in a park or train station. Even if you move states in India, you have a water and food immunity disadvantage. Hence, there is no point in conditioning yourself.