Why do small dogs lick so much

Why does my dog ​​always lick me off? What does that mean?

Are you wondering why your dog keeps licking you, hand and face?

Here we explain how dogs communicate by licking and what to do if your dog wants to lick their face.

Perhaps friends have asked you what it means when the dog licks your hand? Many non-dog owners are concerned about hygiene above all.

Licking your hand means as much as I like you and you are the boss.

Dog communication

Licking is a natural behavior for dogs.

Dogs use the tongue for grooming, feeding, and social communication. Dogs love to include people in this communication and like to lick hands or even the face.

It is easy to explain why this is so. You just have to look at behavior among dogs.

What does it mean when the dog licks the hand?

Communication between us humans is not that easy. Misunderstandings quickly arise because you simply get it wrong.

It is easy to guess that communication between humans and their favorite pet, the dog, is even more complicated.

In fact, the behavior of our four-legged friends is sometimes not that easy to understand.

It is not uncommon for the dog to make a well-intentioned gesture and the person simply sees it as a stupid habit. One of these "bad habits" is licking your hands or even your face.

Licking promotes relationships

This licking begins as soon as the baby is born. The puppy sees the light of day and is immediately lovingly licked by the mother. This not only ensures that the puppy is dried out.

Licking stimulates the little one's circulation and the mother can perceive the smell of her newborn very clearly.

After meals, the offspring are also licked off. This stimulates digestion. At the same time, the mother-child relationship is cultivated.

The puppy submits

If the puppy is then more independent, it learns what importance licking can have in the pack.

Young animals that have not yet hunted themselves lick adult dogs on the snouts. This gesture encourages the adult dog to choke out the pre-digested food so that the puppy can eat it.

Licking is important for eating, but at the same time means submission and affection.

Licking your hand is a positive gesture

Even when we stroke the dog, he interprets this as a positive gesture and enjoys it. So it's no wonder that the dog wants to show this devotion very clearly to humans.

If the dog licks its hands or even the face of its human, this is a very positive gesture.

Dogs show that he trusts this person, feels comfortable and accepts the pack leadership by his owner.

If the dog now licks your hand, he wants to show you that he likes it. But it can also attract attention in a very lovable way.

He would like something. He shows that very carefully. This can mean that he wants something to eat or wants to be petted.

The fact that pats or food are requested in this way shows that the dog is aware of its position in the pack and accepts it.

A dog that believes that it is or is the leader of the pack would act much more demanding.

In the face, hygiene is important

Understandably, you are probably now primarily thinking about hygiene and everything that the dog takes in its mouth or even eats during the day.

These concerns are perfectly fine too. You should absolutely avoid licking your four-legged friend's face or that of other family members.

However, you shouldn't completely forbid him from licking. The dog wants to show you his affection. A ban would upset him completely.

Offer hands instead of face for licking

When your dog has a "love attack" just hold out your hands and let him lick it as you please. So the face is spared and with a good soap the hands are quickly hygienically clean again.

So among dogs, licking is an expression of trust, affection, submission, and a search for care.

If you watch your dog closely, you will know what tactics your four-legged friend is pursuing.

The matter is a little different when the dog licks an infant. In this case, he expresses that he, too, will take care of the offspring and, if necessary, would even defend it.

It is therefore very important not to forbid dogs to do this, even if it is sometimes difficult.

Licking is a very positive behavior. If the question comes up again in your circle of friends, just explain what your dog is trying to convey with it.

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