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Darko Djurin was born in Vienna and has been in the online marketing industry for 12 years. For a few years he has also been advising small and medium-sized companies in the areas of SEO and social media. Darko also works on various online projects. Among other things, he runs a digital men's magazine that is causing a sensation on the internet under the name “Der neue Mann”. In a short interview, he tells us what this project is about and what challenges he had to face when founding the company. In addition, topics such as the planning and creation of a new blog in general, but also topics such as trade law, social security, earning money as a blogger, marking affiliate links and advertising banners and not to forget important tips for starting a blogger are dealt with.

You are the founder of the men's magazine derneuemann.net - can you briefly tell our readers what exactly this is about and who is behind it?

“Der neue Mann” is a digital men's magazine with which I can identify myself as a person. More precisely, it's my calling, exactly what I've always wanted to do, hobby and job combined in one.

Although there are many men's magazines that have different focuses, such as fashion or fitness, I wanted to cover all topics that concern a man in one magazine. This is how the idea of ​​“The New Man” came about.

I used to work in the gym for a while, where I was often exposed to different male character types. Of course, I also listened to their everyday problems and looked at possible solutions. So I had a broad repertoire of ideas about what I could and wanted to write about in men's magazine.

“The new man” is actually a “one men show”, although the work in the magazine is very time-consuming, I have been able to automate many processes so that I can concentrate on the essentials in the men's magazine. From time to time I also access external authors who have distinguished themselves as experts in certain topics in order to be able to offer qualitative contributions in all areas.

How does starting a blog work in general?

The preparation for “Der neue Mann” comprised 4 folders: business plan, marketing plan, media kit and corporate design. It was a total of 70 pages. For me, this was a guide on how I would like to present myself visually and in terms of content and what I would like to focus on. This is how I proceeded at the time:

  • The idea
  • Competitor analysis
  • Target group analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Concept development
  • Corporate Design
  • Technical implementation
  • Marketing concept
  • The official start
  • Post-optimization of the concept
  • Automation of the project
  • Monetization

What do you have to pay attention to when founding a company and what are the first important steps to run a successful blog in the long term?

You should definitely deal with copyrights, because violating them can be very expensive. If you don't have the opportunity to take photos of the pictures yourself, then you should definitely use stock platforms.

As far as the technical implementation is concerned, I decided on the CMS (Content Management System) from WordPress. Since there is a huge community behind it, which is happy to provide help with various problems and has the variety of plugins, it convinced me compared to other CMS systems.

The fact of making money should only be dealt with at the end. Because if you follow all these steps, come up with a good concept and know your target group well, the monetization of the blog is usually only a formality. For this reason, you should run a blog for 1-2 years without the intention of making a profit. It is very important to have this experience before commercializing the blog.

Subject of trade law: is a trade license required to set up the blog? If so, how exactly does this work in practice?

In my case, I had to get a trade license as an advertising agency because, in addition to my work as a blogger, I also offer online marketing services (SEO - search engine optimization) for the target group "men" and this is my main occupation.

Personally, I was lucky and received good advice right from the start, as I was part of the AMS company start-up program. They provided me with all the information and gave me a checklist on how to proceed with the foundation.

My first step was to check my desired company name, whether I could use it and whether there was any risk of confusion with other companies. When I got the green light, I immediately registered it. Then I made a business registration, as well as a report to the tax office and the social insurance institution.

But I would like to point out one thing: If you need a VAT number, you should apply for it in good time - the waiting time can be very long. In my case it took about 4 weeks. As a blogger, you often use partner programs that are outside of Austria, where the UID / VAT number is required in order to be able to open an account at all.

Topic social security: is the income also subject to social security?

In my case, I am a self-employed entrepreneur and this work is the main source of income for me, I exceed the insurance limit and I am therefore subject to social security. The contribution basis is determined from the average monthly income. The income results from all income minus all expenses.

Bloggers also earn their money with advertising banners or affiliate links, among other things. When do they have to be marked? And what does the marking look like?

According to Section 26 of the Austrian Media Act, all advertising must be labeled. When it comes to affiliate links, many do not agree on whether they should be marked or what it should look like. In the beginning, you usually don't get any remuneration for the product recommendation that you write as a blogger. Of course, the intention is to generate profits over time through the written recommendations. But if the first commission comes, you have received a fee analogously with this blog post and the affiliate link.

Unfortunately, the law does not exactly describe how a text link should be marked. This is one of the reasons why I personally prefer product boxes, as labeling is easier.

I run various niche sites on topics that interest me and where I use affiliate partner programs. For monetization, I very often use Amazon's partner program. If you use the CMS - Content Management System from WordPress, there is a very interesting plug-in (AAWP - Amazon Affiliate for WordPress) that allows you to create a product box and create an automated label that connects to it can be brought to the product box.

As you can see in the screenshot, I mark each product with an asterisk and I also point out the affiliate link below the product box. In the legal notice I also point out that in my case the website participates in the Amazon affiliate program and thus generates profits. In addition, I have each affiliate link open in a new tab so that it is clear to the user that he is no longer on my blog.

As for banner advertising, many affiliate programs automatically flag banner advertising. Attention, you shouldn't rely on that, I noticed that Google Adsense advertised that the advertisement was previously marked as "Advertisement" and that this has changed to "Data protection info". I cannot judge whether this is sufficient from the legislation. That is why I also manually mark the advertisement with "Advertisement".

I am of the opinion that readers should not be deterred from clicking on a marked banner or affiliate link, because after all they are interested in the advertising shown. You should also have a certain transparency towards your readers.

Why do you have to label them? And what are the consequences if you don't do that?

This is required of periodic, electronic media in Section 26 of the Austrian Media Act. Failure to comply with the disclosure obligation constitutes an administrative violation and can be punished with up to 20,000 euros. I would like to point out that I am not a legal expert, but I believe that affiliate links and advertising banners should definitely be marked to be on the safe side.

Finally, can you give the users some important tips if they want to start a blog?

You should network with other bloggers covering the same or related topic. You should network regularly and exchange ideas with other bloggers, get feedback from bloggers and readers. There are various groups on Facebook for this purpose.

The topic of SEO - search engine optimization is a mandatory program as a blogger and during the time you are building your blog, you can best deepen your knowledge. Since the majority of visitors will likely come via Google search, it is very important to prepare the website for the search engine.

When using social media, you shouldn't just focus on Facebook, because Twitter and Pinterest shouldn't be underestimated. At times I had more visitors from Twitter and Pinterest to my projects than from Facebook. You should definitely use Google+, although there is no official confirmation, I personally noticed that posts that are also published on Google+ are indexed faster.

A very important point is that you should be very patient and not give up straight away. Because through the experience you gain, you get better and better as a blogger and you should be grateful for every problem, because that's how you learn the most.

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