Are blue light protective goggles required?

Anti-blue light glasses

For complete protection against blue light, the eyes must be protected by a filter. High-quality glasses with blue light filters protect the wearer from all sources of blue light. These goggles are already very much appreciated by computer gamers who spend hours in front of the screen. But not only Gamer can benefit from these glasses. Most people are exposed to dangerous levels of blue light.

Office workers spend most of their day in front of a screen and are also exposed to bright artificial light that contains blue light. Not only office work exposes people to dangerous blue light levels, but many other workplaces have similar problems. People who work in research laboratories, car factories, on construction sites, in shops and on oil, gas, mining and electricity systems are exposed to blue light from a wide variety of sources.

A study on blue light by researchers in Toronto tested this theory. The melatonin levels of people who were exposed to bright indoor lighting and who wore anti-blue light glasses were compared with those who were exposed to normal dim light without the safety glasses. When both groups showed similar levels of melatonin, this reinforced the hypothesis that that blue light has the potential to suppress sleep and that anti-blue light glasses provide adequate protection.

There are a variety of blue light filter glasses on the market with different levels of protection. Glasses and goggles that comply with the European standard for eye protection - EN166 - are of a higher standard than similar goggles from the US and Asia. This European standard relates to all types of individual eye protection goggles that protect against the various hazards that can damage the eye or impair vision.