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Travel tips for the capital of Kerala

Kerala is a state with hospitable / friendly people. But also an interesting, varied nature. It offers almost everything, i.e. jungle, beaches and mountains. Kerala is a state that is economically successful and has a well-developed educational system. Its infrastructure is in some respects much better than that of other states in India. Only the gods and Google probably know why Trivandrum became the capital of this state.

As a hub for the distribution of tourists,

.... those traveling through the international airport, Trivandrum (or Thiruvananthapuram, its official name) makes perfect sense. But the traveler expects more. Unfortunately, you will find less than in the other cities in the region.

The train stations are of course important to us as people passing through. The bus station, a voluminous, towering building in the center houses air-conditioned buses that promise comfortable travel. It is also easy to get around within the city itself. As in almost every place in India, there is the all-round means of transport tuk-tuk. However, with a special feature, namely taxi meters! They are compulsory to turn on and guarantee extremely inexpensive advancement. Even if the driver builds some additional curls into the track.

A temple with great secrets

If it is so cheap to visit the rather rare sights, a flying visit to the Padmanabhaswamy Temple is worthwhile. Its entrance is built in the typical South Indian way, that is, like a tower.

This sanctuary became famous a few years ago. That was shortly after the state of Kerala bought it from the descendants of the royal family for a chapati and an egg. The new owners of the property came across 2 chambers in the basements. Bulging with sacks and chests full of gold and jewels. The monetary value is estimated at many billions of dollars. No, this is not a typo, this one information is guaranteed. This spiritual building is probably one of the most precious in the world. No question about it, non-Hindus are still not allowed to enter the temple. And that although the treasure has now been recovered. The pilgrims are probably just about to fill up the coffers again. We were able to experience how this works in Madurai.

Trivandrum is well positioned if you ...

.... wants to take the opportunity to reach the southernmost point of India. The top, Cap Komorin is only 90 km away. Easily accessible and always worth a day trip.

We want to leave it at that. You can of course also eat, drink and stay overnight here and we had it in the Graceful homestay hit very well. A quiet, relaxed place in the middle of a sea of ​​palm trees and very funny: with guard dogs who always howled along with the imam's call. A big thank you goes to Elsie, who prepared delicious banana bread for us in the morning and even to her recipe betrayed.

What we noticed along the way and how we got here.

Our tip for Trivandrum: We stayed at the Graceful Homestay!

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