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Our AWS Migration Services at a glance

From strategy and planning to the right tools and commissioning, we provide comprehensive and reliable cloud migration services.

Cloud transformation

To ensure that your transformation to the cloud runs smoothly, we have developed a process model based on best practices based on the AWS migration models.

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AWS Migration Tools

We know the best tools to successfully migrate your workloads to AWS and support all standards of AWS cloud migration with our technology stack.

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Migration to Operation

Our migration strategy for your application includes both the conception and the operation - regardless of your approach: classic operations or DevOps on AWS infrastructures.

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We accompany you in 5 steps through your AWS migration

You want to make your applications and IT infrastructure fit for the future. To achieve this, your company has opted for a cloud strategy. As Cloud Mates, we support you with our AWS Migration Services in the following five steps on your way to the AWS Cloud:

1. Migration Preparation & Business Planning

In the first step, we prepare the cloud migration. To inventory and we analyze your existing systems: Which applications and data does your company work with? Once this “inventory” is done, we create one Risk analysis. In the so-called Migration Risk Assessment, we assess the importance of the various applications for your company processes. With this result in mind, we assess any risks associated with your AWS cloud migration.

Part of this preparatory AWS Migration Service is also to identify so-called “pain points” in your ongoing processes and technology. We check the Ability to migrate all applications and data. Then we jointly determine what you should pay particular attention to and what preparations are necessary so that your migration to the cloud runs successfully.

In addition, you are rightly expecting specific advantages for your company when you migrate your IT environment to the AWS cloud. Now is the right time to get your individual migration goals define. Together we define qualified criteria so that you can measurably achieve your desired objectives.

2. Portfolio Discovery

We identify the AWS servicesthat best suit your respective applications and services. For example, it is important to determine which compute resources you will use, how agile your IT infrastructure should be or whether you want to use cloud-native technologies.

3. Design & Migration

In the design phase of the migration to the cloud, we will help you with the Categorization of your applications and data. There are basically six different approaches that we can use to deal with existing systems during a cloud migration.

The "6R of Cloud Migration"

Rehost ("lift and shift")

We do not fundamentally change your existing systems, but migrate your current state to EC2 instances in AWS.


To make the most of all the advantages of your AWS cloud, it can make sense to implement new applications as cloud-native features.

Replatform ("lift and reshape")

Your basic IT architecture is retained. However, we adapt them to e.g. B. by using a cloud-native database solution.


You may no longer need individual systems because they are out of date or are no longer used.


In this category of our AWS Migration Services, we migrate existing licenses to an AWS service, among other things. This makes these licenses obsolete.


We do not migrate some existing applications because they become superfluous after the migration from the old legacy hosting to the cloud.

Incidentally, the development of the Proof of Concepts (PoCs) is very important for us Cloud Mates in this third step. In this way, we can implement our concepts on a small scale in advance. Before the actual cloud migration, we check whether the migration concept works in practice.

4. Validation of the Application & Data

Before your migration to the cloud goes live, test the PoCs. You can check your applications and data as well as their functionality in our PoC environment. We implement your feedback directly: We optimize the PoC environment and adapt the migration concept according to your wishes.
If everything goes to your satisfaction, it's time for the ultimate part of our AWS Migration Services. To do this, we migrate your application and put it into operation. In the end we switch your migrated IT environment live.

5. Operation

After the successful go live, we will operate your application for you or support you with the operation of your AWS cloud by arrangement. We are happy to do that Monitoring and reporting for your IT environment: We set up checkpoints that continuously monitor the stability and performance of your application. In this way, we receive information at an early stage as to whether and how your cloud environment should be further optimized or scaled.

We carry out minor optimizations as part of the managed services. We can also implement major changes as Professional Services.

Migration to the AWS cloud - from different sources

To successfully migrate your workloads to the AWS cloud, it is important to understand the existing infrastructure. We are happy to support you with the migration from various sources in classic hosting:

  • On premise to cloud migration
  • Colocation
  • Managed hosting (on dedicated servers or already virtualized)

We Cloud Mates know the characteristics and special features of all hosting systems from our more than 20 years as a managed service provider. Therefore we know how to deal with all sources of migration. Based on our experience in migrating workloads to the cloud, we have created and tested our own Cloud Mates migration methodology: our AWS Migration Services.

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