What is the purpose of the trek

Trekking for a good cause

Healthy teeth are very important to all of us. Unfortunately this is not the case in all regions of the world. In Jancapampa, a valley in the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca, a maximum of 3% of children are currently in possession of a toothbrush and toothpaste. Many of the children have neither the opportunity nor the knowledge to brush their teeth every day and to assess the consequences of broken teeth. Since the children live in the villages along the Montañas Sagradas trekking route, more and more sugar, sweets and sugary lemonade come to the remote region with every tourist. Caries, holes and black teeth "adorn" every child's smile here. From this situation the idea arose to give the 60 or so children of the Primaria (6-14 years) and the 78 children of the Secundaria (11-18 years) a "healthy" smile.

«This trip is particularly close to my heart. We support the social project Shumaq Shimi and at the same time hike through one of the most spectacular mountain landscapes in Peru. "

Tour guide Silke Möckel

The Shumaq Shimi (= beautiful mouth) project was created in cooperation with the Fundación Trekkingchile, the tourism company Montañas Sagradas and the Antonio Caldez Dominguez Hospital in Pomabamba. The project can finance a dentist and dentistry student who will teach the children about the principles of oral hygiene and the importance of healthy eating along the Montañas Sagradas trekking route. The distribution of toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as the regular control of the teeth are in the foreground. Smaller interventions can be carried out on site, while more complex and long-term treatments are carried out in the hospital in Pomabamba.

Since the children of the region are very important to us, every time we book our 16-day Peru-Huascaran trekking tour, 20% of the travel price goes directly to the Shumaq Shimi project.

Every kilometer you trek gives the children better hygiene!