Greg Abbott will run for president

Matthew McConaughey leads the polls in Texas

For some time now, actor Matthew McConaughey has been toying with the office of governor in Texas. The latest poll results from a study by the University of Texas could now inspire the Oscar winner to take the decisive step.

As is well known, there are some US stars who, in addition to their artistic careers, hold a political office or at least want to hold one: Just think of the long-time Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ("Terminator") or the controversial rapper Kanye West, who held his last year Announced candidacy for the office of US President.

American actor Matthew McConaughey could soon join the ranks of politically active artists: In a joint survey by the University of Texas with the newspaper "The Dallas Morning News" about the next governor of Texas, the 51-year-old got a striking number Voices.

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"Matthew McConaughey is under discussion as a possible candidate for governor of Texas," the questionnaire reads. "If he ran, would you be more likely to support him than Governor Abbott?" Forty-five percent of 1,124 respondents said, "Yes, I would vote for Matthew McConaughey." Only 33 percent said they would support incumbent Greg Abbott instead. After all, 22 percent would rather choose "someone else".

McConaughey currently has 66 percent of the supporters of the Democratic Party. The Republican Abbott got a weak eight percent here.

The Oscar winner ("Dallas Buyers Club") had already spoken about his possible candidacy for the first time in November 2020: In "The Hugh Hewitt Show" he declared: "Politics seems to me to be a broken business at the moment." Provided that "politics redefined its purpose", he could "have a lot more interest". The Texas-born actor finally got a little more concrete in March 2021: In the podcast "The Balanced Voice" by Rania Mankarious, he spoke of wanting to open a new chapter in his life: "I think I have a lot to teach and share . " The candidacy for the governorship is therefore a "serious consideration".

It is still unclear whether McConaughey will actually implement his plan in the end and if so, which party he would run for. He also has a little time left: the gubernatorial election of Texas will not take place until November 2022.

Source: teleschau - der mediendienst GmbH