Forced conversions were common throughout Islamic history


"Due to the breadth of the topics dealt with, the two anthologies [Islamophobia and Islamic glorification] are an excellent handset if you want to deal with questions of Islamophobia and criticism of Islam from time to time." per FUTURE, 3-2011

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Press comments on the 1st edition:

"'Islamophobia' is recommended for every specialist, the interested lay public and every religious or Islamic studies library who wants to offer its users the broadest, most up-to-date and stimulating introduction to the subject!" ZjR - Journal for Young Religious Studies, 7-2011

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"The [...] volume 'Islamophobia' [...] tracks down those intellectual currents that promote anti-Islamist attitudes in Germany. It documents manifestations of Islamophobia / Islamophobia and deals with them critically Discussions to understand and classify criticism of Islam. The work is thus an appeal to reason, but also has a documentary character. ", October 23, 2009

"It is proven experts from the various fields who will certainly make this anthology the standard work for the analysis of Islamophobia in Germany.", October 23, 2009