How does a mood ring work

Feeling ring - how does it really work?

You have certainly already been offered a feeling ring at markets or in small shops. This can supposedly indicate the feelings of the wearer.

What you need:

  • common sense

Wear the feeling ring on a trial basis

  • Drag a feeling ring over your finger and watch it.
  • You will notice that the color of the stone changes over time.
  • Read the instructions supplied to find out which mood is supposed to be displayed with this color.
  • Compare this mood to your actual mood. Random matches occur naturally, but the likelihood is low.
  • If the feeling ring is yours, then wear it even longer and regularly compare the colors with your mood, then you will recognize this.
  • Start comparing the color of the ring with the temperature of your fingers. You will see a direct connection.

How the ring works

The stone that is set in the ring has special chemical properties. As the temperature increases, the molecular structure changes and with it its color. Therefore, the rings in the shops are always all the same color. Only when you put one of them on your finger does it become warm and therefore a different color. So the ring cannot recognize your feelings. Nevertheless, it is an indicator of your body's reactions.

  • If the ring is black, your hands are hypothermic. This can be due to the ambient temperature or actually stress, as the explanations of the mood rings suggest.
  • If the color changes towards yellow, the hands are better supplied with blood. This can be a sign of relaxation or physical exertion.
  • The color that represents the highest temperature can be brown, blue, or purple, depending on the chemical used. In this case, the fingers are very well supplied with blood. They can also do this by clapping or rubbing their hands.

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