Why do democrats hate America

AmericaUnited States - we to hate and love you at the same time

The United States is a country we love and hate. In this issue of "From 21" we discuss why our relationship with the USA is not easy.

We watch films and series from Hollywood, American music is up and down here, and we buy what's hot in America right now. The United States is a point of reference for many of us. We love and idealize them. At the same time, we are shocked at how widespread racism is in this country and that a person like Donald Trump could become president there. Why do we have such a split relationship with the United States?

John is 21 years old, has German and US citizenship, lives in Germany and supports the Democratic Party from here. He is committed because he sees an unbelievable need for reform in the country, as he says. He sees problems in the health system, in occupational safety, but also in structural racism.

"The USA is the land of great potential, including great potential that is not yet being fulfilled."

Thilo Kößler knows what it is like to live in the USA and to face the contradictions of the country every day. He is the US correspondent for Deutschlandfunk and has lived in Washington for four and a half years. The huge desert landscapes, the icy Antarctica or the large primeval forests - Thilo is particularly impressed by the diverse landscape.

"I am fascinated by the landscape. It is an incredibly beautiful and incredibly huge country."
Thilo Kößler, US correspondent for Deutschlandfunk

But in the past few years, Thilo has also come across a lot of ugly things that have changed his image of the USA quite a bit. "Of course, my image has changed dramatically under the impression of divisions, rifts and frictions."

Where our love-hate relationship to the USA comes from

Eric Fraunholz heads the German-American Institute Saxony and is doing his doctorate in American studies at the University of Leipzig. To understand the origin of our love-hate relationship with the United States, we have to go back to the 15th century - the century when the country "suddenly appeared on the scene". The people were entranced by the idea of ​​America from the start.

"America is a country of ideals, of ideas, it is so incredibly politically and personally charged."
Eric Fraunholz, head of the German-American Institute Saxony

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