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One Piece: Zorro's Scar

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Zorro's scar

Since Zorro was a child, he has wanted to become the strongest swordsman in the world, and to do so, defeat Mihawk Dulacre. When he meets his friends again after two years, there is a large, vertical scar on his left eye. But why does Zorro keep his eye closed all the time and where does the scar come from anyway?

Again I divide the whole thing into 2 points:

1. Where and from whom did the scar come from?

2. Why does Zorro keep his eye closed all the time?

Let's get straight to point 1:

After the friends on Sabaody Archipelago broke up, Zorro went to Mihawk and begged him to train him. He was skeptical at first, but after Zorro showed him his strength and his loyalty to Luffy, he finally agreed.

And that's exactly where my theory comes in. I think Zorro challenged Mihawk to a fight before, after, or even during the two years and bore another scar as a memento of his renewed defeat. After all, we know the samurai, and we know that he does not hold back even with weaker fighters than himself.

And now to the 2nd point:

As already mentioned, Zorro was trained by Falkenauge, and thus acquired many new techniques. But why does he keep his eye closed now?

I think it's related to a new technique. He learned a new martial art that is in his eye and that is so strong that he has to wipe his eye in order not to immediately release the power and focus it. There are of course several possibilities here, but I want to fixate on the ones that I think are the most likely:

A hawk's eye.

Why a hawk's eye? Mihawk has one too, and doesn't have to keep his eyes closed! Yes that's true. But Mihawk is still a lot stronger than Zorro. He can use his eyes completely normally without immediately releasing their true powers.

But meku! It could also be that he just keeps his eye closed because of his scar! - Yes, it can be, but I don't think so. Because the most popular and successful manga in the world (yes, that's really true) would be nothing without Eiichiro Oda, and he would not be self if not every smallest detail had its own story and important meaning. Every detail is like a piece of a puzzle, you have to look for all of them and put them together little by little until you finally get a big picture. (That's almost as bad as Five Nights at Freddy's! * Laughs * By the way, I also have a bunch of theories in store, if that's what you want.: D)

This is pure speculation and not proven. (Status: October 3rd, 2015)

A / N: Great, now I'm sitting here for the second time today and writing this part. -.- I thought it was much better before, but no, Watty is having his days again. -.-

If you have theories, suggestions or ideas, feel free to send them to me. ^^