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To a even load of the punished with different income and financial circumstances, the fines are in Daily rates measured. The Debt salary is used by the court in the number expressed in daily rates.

Amount to fines at least two daily rates. The daily rate is based on the personal circumstances and the economic capacity of the convicted person Time of the first instance judgment set.

A daily rate can at least 4 euros and a maximum of 5,000 euros be. In the event of the Bad debt the fine is one Replacement custodial sentence to fix. However, irrecoverability does not already exist if the convicted person does not want to pay the fine, but only if it is certain that collection measures (execution) by the court were unsuccessful. One day of substitute imprisonment corresponds to two daily rates.

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Legal bases

Criminal Code (StGB)

For all personal designations, the chosen form applies to both genders and thus corresponds exactly to the legal terminology of the Code of Criminal Procedure in this text (Section 515 (2) StPO).

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