Should I party in college

Attention freshmen: We have a few valuable tips for you to cope with everyday student life - including a few that are not meant to be taken seriously!

1. Moves from home

You have arrived at the university - so break away from your home! You don't have to be on the warpath with your parents to find your own way in your new environment. Both the professors and students recommend (I still remember my introductory days here) to move out of home. At the university you learn technical subjects, but in the end, from my experience, that makes up a maximum of 60% of the total - you learn for yourself and for life.

Our co-blogger Denise also advises you to choose the seminars according to your own interests without being dependent on your friends who may be studying the same subject. It is your study and not theirs. Make yourselves free!

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2. Find the balance between drumming and relaxation

If you want to pursue your studies with commitment - and most freshmen still rightly assume this - it is essential to acquire an efficient strategy with which you can cope with the enormous amount of learning material. If that wasn't your forte at school, get on with it now. Support can be provided, for example, by the workshops and seminars offered by the CAU's Career Center. Just have a look at the link. But it is also important to pay attention to your limits. It is well known among us students that "swallowing pills" is the order of the day in some subjects for concentration in learning phases. That doesn't have to be the case, a course of study should be designed in such a way that the degree can be achieved with adequate learning success. Therefore - take time for yourself in the first semesters and listen to your gut feeling, the standard period of study is not mandatory and that is a good thing. Only those who know how to relax can approach their studies with good cheer and fun. Chill a lap!

3. Make party hard - or not !?

Monday to Friday school, Saturday party - that's history. If you want to celebrate spontaneously here, there is an opportunity almost every day. Wednesdays are particularly popular in Kiel because in the middle of the week you can cheat a round four times a month during trauma. More information about this in the link under the article. In addition there are the official semester openings, the opening celebrations of the individual student councils, the semester closing parties, in between a Santa Claus party, a summer party, a spring barbecue event, three hundred and fifty-two birthdays, the communion of Max Musterknabe ... .. There are enough occasions. Get involved and have fun, but also learn to consciously say “No”, because if you want to take everything with you, you can register for the intermediate exam in the 31st semester. Nevertheless - be there!

4. Never hold onto prejudices

At first, I don't sit next to the one in the weird sloppy sweater, his long hair and oversized glasses allow conclusions to be drawn that he's a lonely nerd - if I look at him, my reputation is ruined.

What is a matter of course for some more enlightened contemporaries is only learned here for a freshman pool, which is often still young and comes straight from school: There are hardly any more interesting people to talk to than fellow students who meet someone else in the course of their lives We have built up a value system than ourselves. You don't have to have the intention to get to know a new best friend, but contact with people who may think differently is a real delight for expanding your own horizons. Try it out!

Who can guess?

5. Reconsider your attitude

Rarely in life are you confronted with so many different types of people as at university. With 25,000 students, the different faculties and contacts with other generations in the form of lecturers and professors, differences of opinion are inevitable, and that's a good thing. Because all possible impressions and world views meet here, you get the unique opportunity to revise your own political or social attitude or even to change it completely. A prerequisite for this, of course, is the liberation from imposed views and always proactive communication. Perceive them!

6. Establish networks at the university

A university is like a living organism that gets its existence from its students. A lively educational institution is only innovative if its members make it possible. Without the student councils, for example, there would no longer be a regular agreement between lecturers and students, which leads to dissatisfaction among students and adversely affects the study climate. This will have an impact on the coming years and new lecturers will also think twice about moving to our university. That is why we help shape everyday life. You don't have to move directly into the study parliament, help with the student council or even just to know what's going on at the university, makes our facility twice as interesting for you and the city. Socializing can be fun!

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7. Think outside the box

One tip that will not apply directly, but is a "nice to know" option, are the offers for semesters abroad. Half a year of political science in Salamanca, a little economía in Bogotá or the "Media" course at the University of Tallin in Estonia? - Everything possible. The CAU Kiel has many partner universities with which you can quickly get contacts. However, you should register in good time for funding and adapt your studies accordingly. Information on this is available from the CAU International Center. Office hours there are always Mondays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Tuesdays from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. You can also find an info flyer under the blog post. Off into the unknown!

8. Don't take everything so seriously

At the university you are usually confronted with a lot of knowledge that you do not yet understand or do not want to learn. My tip: Immediately after the first semester in which you did not pass an exam, like the Facebook page “Erstis raus aus Deutschland”.

9. Boycott seminar introductions

It almost always works the same way. "Mr. Müller, please tell us what your name is (huh?), What semester you are in and maybe why you are here." So, then Mr. Müller says that his name is Andreas, is in the second semester and that he is here because it just fitted into his schedule (when I first heard it, I actually thought it was a bit funny) - that is the first half of the seminar group. The second half has thought of something clever and while everyone is doing rhetorical masturbation bit by bit, the first session has already run. I would celebrate the first person who simply refuses to go to this monkey theater and says: “No, I won't introduce myself here. Point. I can't remember your names anyway and I don't really care - can we start or can we go again for today? ”I firmly believe that one day a first-year student will bring up this courage. Dare to do (everything)!

10. Never study next to sweets

The student in himself is a master of procrastination. When he is studying on the Internet, he uses alternative tabs to see whether the email inbox has filled up with important messages in the last 30 seconds or whether he has received a new friend request on Facebook that will change his life forever becomes. This is why many people say to themselves: I only study on the PC in emergencies, but next to a bag of chocolate lentils or a stick of “Maoam”. The result is predictable. If I really have to nibble on something, it's best not to have anything sweet, because you can be sure that your brain will let you consume everything before you have completed the tasks. But for such cases we still have delicious snack tips from our Käthe. Stay healthy!

It's autumn!

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