What's wrong with watching child porn

Raid for "child pornography": youngest suspect is 14

The criminal police searched several apartments in the Upper Palatinate. The suspicion: 14 people are said to have owned child pornographic material. The police headquarters in Upper Palatinate announced that there were four young people among the 14 male suspects.

Youngest suspect 14 years old

The police searched apartments at 12 addresses: in the Cham district in Regensburg and the surrounding area and in Neumarkt. Extensive evidence was confiscated. The officers arrested no one. The youngest suspect is 14 years old, police said. He and the other suspects are accused of possessing child and youth pornographic material. They are said to have obtained the relevant files via so-called peer-to-peer networks and distributed them there.

Police: Increasingly young suspects

The police point out that they are increasingly finding young people as suspects in the area of ​​child pornography. The offenses in these cases are often not based on pedophilia, according to the police. Rather, the suspects lack the awareness that it is material that depicts the sexual abuse of children - and that possession is punishable. The German Bundestag had only tightened the penalties for possession and distribution of "child pornography" in March.