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  • All life changes with a baby. The time until the little darling is born is especially exciting for parents-to-be. However, there are so many things to do beforehand. If you are expecting a child, sooner or later you will have to think about the baby equipment. The range of baby items is huge. But what do babies and toddlers actually need?

With the right baby items, you and your child can make everyday life easier

What should not be missing from the first baby equipment?

A place to sleep dress, Diapers, Hygiene products and if you are not breastfeeding, everything for the preparation of the vials - a newborn does not need anything else at first.

But there are many baby items that make it easier for you to deal with your baby and should therefore not be missing in the first baby kit. This doesn't just include transportation like stroller and baby seat, but also toys, child safety devices and sleep aids. It's not easy to think of everything before giving birth!

In this guide we will show you what you need for everyday life with your little one.

Essential Baby Items From Birth: A Checklist

Baby's first toy

Babies experience their world through their own senses, and small children also gradually learn to perceive and understand their surroundings. Hear, feel, see and taste - that first baby toys should promote exactly these senses. Active toys are therefore suitable for the little ones to touch and marvel at. These can be little cuddly partners, but also activity blankets, on which there is something to discover all around.

The right occupation for toddlers

Small children no longer just want to discover, they want to actively influence their environment - for example through games. Plug-in games are ideal for promoting fine motor skills and logical thinking; Building blocks, motor skills loops and playsets for the first role-playing games. Crawling tunnel and Rocking animals on the other hand are ideal for learning the sense of balance in a playful way.

Baby monitors and child safety

Essential baby items include, above all, products that help keep your baby safe. They should therefore be an integral part of the first baby kit. Baby monitorswith or without a camera, ensure that you can sleep with a clear conscience, as you can immediately hear via the baby monitor if your little one needs you. For the good of your little darling, you should also Child locks at every source of danger be appropriate in the house.

Strollers and buggies

Be mobile right from the start! stroller, Baby seats and buggies ensure that you and your baby remain mobile and flexible at all times. There is a wide range of different models to suit parents' needs. Whether light and manoeuvrable companions for quick shopping in between or particularly robust strollers for long walks in the country: With the large selection, there is the right everyday companion for every family.

Baby feeding and baby care

The right personal hygiene for your baby is essential. Therefore, there are numerous baby items such as bathtubs, diaper pails, radiant heaters and the like with which you can carry out all care routines every day. When it comes to nutrition, practical baby items ensure a completely satisfied baby. From bottle warmers to warming boxes, drinking cups and sterilizers, there are a wide variety of everyday helpers that make it easier for you to feed your baby.

Baby and textile equipment

There is nothing better than the first little ones BodysuitsTo buy rompers and socks. But in addition to clothing, your baby needs other textile equipment. This includes burp cloths, which you should always have with you in case, sleeping bags, baby nests for the extra bed or playpen, changing mats, bath towels and comforters. But also Nursing pillow, Slings and bolsters are practical baby items.

Mobiles, music boxes and night lights

Soft background music, gentle falling asleep, calming motifs and movements as Bedtime rituals - all of this ensures that your baby can relax, be interested and calm. Hence, mobiles belong as well Music boxes and night lights are simply part of the baby equipment for many families. Some baby items are designed to be cuddled and watched and designed to be calming. Others, on the other hand, can be programmed individually to suit the little ones' preferences.

Summary: Buy your first baby clothes

When purchasing the ideal basic equipment, many parents ask themselves: “What is right for my baby? Do you really need it? Which product should I choose? ”It is clear that some baby items are indispensable for everyday life, while others are just“ nice-to-have ”and simply practical. Whether on excursions, on the go or just in your own four walls: You have to decide for yourself what your baby equipment should include. The most important thing, however, is a lot of closeness and security, because these are indispensable and priceless for your darling.

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