Which cities should host the Summer Olympics?

Because of the corona pandemic, the Olympic Games in Tokyo have already been postponed. Can they finally take place this year? There are good arguments for but also against.

Pro: The world needs distraction

By Carsten Schellhorn

Canceling the Tokyo Olympics is easy, but it's no better. At the moment there is little to say against the Summer Games in Japan. The incidence there is enviably low with a good 5 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. There will be far-reaching measures to ensure that it stays that way during the Olympics.

The games will take place without spectators from abroad, and journalists and a large number of the officials of the participating countries should also stay at home. What remains are the athletes for whom a world collapsed last year when the Olympics were postponed.

To cancel the Tokyo Games for good would be a horror scenario for tens of thousands of top athletes around the world, because the goal they struggle for day after day would be gone. Every single athlete wants to go to Tokyo. Accustomed to the close-knit network of doping controls, it is no problem for them to take part in corona tests almost every day. At the various world championships in skiing, biathlon and bobsleigh, it worked extremely well recently. Why not also at the Olympics in Tokyo?

In addition, the corona-stressed people in the world need distraction. What is better than the Olympic Games, a European Football Championship or the Bundesliga, where millions of fans cheer for weekend after weekend in Germany alone and find some distraction in the depressing pandemic. As I said: It's easy to always cancel everything. At the moment, however, there are many good reasons for finally lighting the Olympic flame in the OIympia Stadium in Tokyo in four and a half months with a year delay.

Cons: An event with the wrong label

By Martina Knief

The Olympic Games are the greatest for the athletes and for everyone else who is allowed to be there: coaches, supervisors, team doctors, referees, volunteers and, yes, also for us journalists. People from all over the world come together in one place. At the competition venues, in the means of transport and also at the sights of the host city.

16 days are characterized by joy and togetherness. Of stories, of cheering and celebrating. Can Tokyo offer everything under the given circumstances in the corona pandemic? Can the athletes compete safely? Probably not. Too bad.

Currently, the coronavirus and not the anticipation of the Olympic Games has the world under control. Not every country can safely send its athletes to Tokyo. And that's why I am of the opinion that the games should be postponed again - or have to be canceled entirely. Because the Olympic Games are simply not the Olympic Games without the happy togetherness of the athletes in the Olympic Village, without the spectators from all over the world, without a city that can show itself from its most beautiful side.

A series of competitions without flair is like many world championships that happen to take place in one place. A coming and going of the athletes and no togetherness, no opening and closing ceremonies with flag-waving female athletes from all over the world and a cheering audience in the stadium. No happy pictures of athletes celebrating victories with everyone else or being consoled after their downfall. No boisterous parties in the Olympic Village. Organizing the Olympic Games just so that they take place: For me it would be a sham, an event with the wrong label.

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