When will Karunanidhi die

Stalin will rule in South India

The population cast their vote on April 6th and the census will take place today. After more than half of the votes that were counted in this 72 million-strong state with the capital Chennai, the party of the Dravidian Progressive Alliance (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam - DMK), led by the 68-year-old charismatic Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin.

MK Stalin, as he is called in India, is already discreetly celebrating the victory in his inner party circle and receiving congratulations in these difficult days when the coronavirus epidemic is raging in India. The Indian Stalin is a sworn democrat, and the DMK party, the third largest party in India and currently in the opposition, advocates social democratic values ​​and social justice, at least on paper.

MK Stalin was born four days before the death of the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. His name was deliberately chosen by his father M. Karunanidhi, also an important politician and former president of the DMK party. In a 2019 Times of India interview, Stalin explained the confusion his name had already thrown him into. When he arrived in Russia in 1989 and said his name at the airport, they stared at him, then checked his documents in detail, and pawned a pile before dropping him off.

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