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Society in the Ostalbkreis for waste management mbH

GOA, the company in the Ostalb district for waste management mbH, was founded in 1992 as a 100 percent subsidiary of the Ostalb district to carry out public waste management tasks. Since January 1, 2005, the majority of the company has been in private hands. The main shareholder with 51 percent of the shares is Hörger Holding GmbH, based in Sontheim / Brenz. The Ostalbkreis holds 49 percent of the shares.

The management of waste from private households includes the collection and disposal of household waste and the collection of bulky waste and scrap metal for the approximately 130,000 assessed households. In addition, there is the separate collection and environmentally friendly processing of green and organic waste as well as valuable and problematic materials. The GOA operates two disposal facilities and an excavated earth and rubble dump as well as 19 recycling centers on behalf of the district. In 1997 she also took over the assessment and collection of fees from the Ostalbkreis.

We also make our entire know-how available to our customers from trade and industry.


Current job advertisements:

Controller (f / m / d)

Driver (f / m / d) for the processing of commercial removals

Driver / worker (m / f / d) to handle municipal collection tours

Garbage collector (m / f / d) to handle municipal collection tours

Assistance (m / f / d) for our landfill manager / landfill manager

Temporary workers for recycling centers (m / f / d)

Commercial employees (m / f / d) collection of fees

Commercial employees (m / f / d) assessment of fees

Chemical specialist (m / f / d) for collecting problematic substances


We educate! In autumn 2021 we will again be employing trainees (m / f / d) in various training professions. Look HERE!

Society in the Ostalbkreis for waste management mbH

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