How is life in Mangalore Karnataka

Prajna (human rights, women's and children's rights, education)

What does the name stand for?

Prajna Counseling Center

What is the organization doing? What is your destination?

The aim of Prajna is to build a more just society in which the rights of every individual are respected and protected in order to be able to lead a life in dignity. The main areas of work of Prajna include: psychosocial counseling for women with experience of violence, running a women's shelter and two centers for vulnerable girls and a home for drug addicts, reintegration of child laborers into school.

What could my duties be?

  • Support with project activities / documentation (reports, photos, films, flyers, Power Point presentations)
  • Assistance in updating the website
  • Tutoring and creative leisure activities in the children's facilities in Prajna (including girls' hostel, bridge school)
  • Creative leisure activities for alcohol addicted men in the Deaddiction Center
  • Support with the documentation of the Dheera project (radio broadcast for women)

Will I live in the city or in the country and where do I live?

The NGO Prajna is headquartered in the city of Mangalore in the state of Karnataka in southern India. You will be accommodated together with your team partner in a room in the office building.

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