How are the people in Monaco


What are the names of the people in Monaco?

The people of Monaco are the Monegasque. Almost 39,000 people now live there. However, not all of them are of Monegasque origin. 47 out of 100 are French, 17 out of 100 Italians and three out of 100 German. Only 15 out of 100 are really Monegasque. Thus only a small part of the residents really have the Monegasque citizenship, which is very popular.

Monaco residents do not pay taxes!

Why this? Those who are in Monegasse do not have to pay taxes. Half of the people of Monaco, that is, of the people who actually have citizenship, are millionaires. But life in Monaco is very expensive, especially the apartments and houses cost a lot of money that only a few can actually afford.

The population in Monaco is increasing, which is due to the increased influx of people and less due to increasing births. Most people are Catholics, 90 out of 100 say the statistics.

What do they speak in Monaco?

There are also many French and also some Italians who cross the border every day to work in Monaco, even if they do not live there. The language spoken there is mainly French. Not all residents speak Monegasque, a Romance dialect. However, the language is taught in schools.