How can I market my security company

Guard and Security Services: How to Find New Jobs

How do you get noticed in order to reach new customers? Do you place newspaper advertisements, advertise on Facebook or place Google ads? How successful is which method and what is the best way to find new customers? This article gives an overview and gives practical tips that can be implemented immediately.

Content sells: A blog is the center of your internet activity

Surely you have known for a long time, but so far you have avoided the fact: Those who provide online texts with added value reach more potential customers. If you don't have a blog yet and just rely on a rigid website, you should consider these two arguments:

  • Companies and individuals are looking for a security service that they can trust. Present yourself professionally, modern and digitally, inspires confidence.

  • A blog that you post regularly on only attracts attention when people read it. You can do this by linking it sensibly and sharing your blog posts on social media. Carry the blog in the relevant blog directories a, advertise it on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. This is how you attract potential customers to your website. If the prospects are on your site, so can you called "Customer Journey" continue with the aim of selling your service.

Advertise locally: Address specific customers

Which customers belong to your target group? Do you want to take on security and security duties or guard private households? Target your advertising in a very targeted manner so that you can reach your customers. If you are mainly guarding company premises, it makes no sense to advertise in a local local paper because it is primarily read by private individuals. Instead, it pays to put appropriate flyers in the company's letterboxes or to formulate a sophisticated sales letter. Find out the contact persons for the companies in question and write to them specifically. Apply and present yourself as an unobtrusive, discreet and trustworthy security guard. Less is more in your industry.

Use trade fair appearances

Keep your eyes open when it comes to trade fairs in your region. Supraregional trade fairs such as Security Essen can be important to you if your company is larger and you don't just want to work in your own city. Make them visible and present yourself to the specialist audience. This creates trust and ensures long-term orders. And of course you mustn't forget to report on your presence at the trade fair - that's what your company blog is for!

Cross Selling: Expand the range of products

Security fittings and locking cylinders, fuses for basement shafts, window grilles and safes, fire alarm systems and other hazard alarm technology - there are many possibilities for cross-selling in your industry. If you see an opportunity to expand your core service, you should do so. Consumers are looking for providers who are familiar with their profession. You present yourself as a specialist with a range of safety-relevant products. The combination of security service and the sale of security locks & Co. ensures that you get into conversation and draw the attention of your satisfied customers through word of mouth and recommendation marketing. Good service draws circles and is a solid basis for further business.

Open-door day

How does property protection actually work? What do you do for your customers as part of your service? How do you act when there is imminent danger? And how are your employees trained? At the open house, you can give potential customers a look behind the scenes. Invite you to a varied evening with sleight of hand and break-in demonstrations. Show the difference between a secured door and an unsecured door. If you have contacts with the local police or fire brigade, you could invite a representative to supplement your supporting program on your open house. This gives the event a serious look. If there are no contacts (yet) with the police or fire brigade, you should think about how you can implement them. Go to events of the local fire brigade, become a passive or active member of the fire brigade association and make personal contacts. In this way you have quicker access and can build trust in yourself over the years.

GoogleAds with a local reference: How to reach people on site on the Internet

What the local newspaper is to a region, are location-oriented ads on GoogleAds. The unbeatable advantage of the ads on Google is that they are only displayed when certain search terms are typed into the search engine by users. This means that the selection of people who will see an ad is filtered in advance. This increases the likelihood that someone will click on your ad. Incidentally, there are only costs when you click on it. If nobody clicks on the ad, it will remain free of charge for you.

How does GoogleAds work with a local reference?

Align your ad geographically and combine it with special search terms, then determine the locations at which your optimally structured ad will be broadcast. You specifically determine in which country, in which region or in which area the ad will be delivered. Remember that an ad only makes sense if it reaches potentially interested customers. With Google Ads, this is possible in a targeted manner and with little wastage.

If you decide on a radius around your location, you will reach interested parties who are interested in services in this region. This is ideal for companies that work locally.

Tip: Google has now made it much easier for users to design suitable ads. An assistant guides you through the process and helps you perfect the ad text step by step. In addition, the assistant provides suggestions for improvement based on the ongoing reactions to the ad. In this way, you can advertise successfully without having a great deal of marketing knowledge.

Conclusion: Show yourself online and offline

The most important thing for you is to present yourself and your company. Draw attention to yourself and make a name for yourself. An open day with a sophisticated supporting program generates interest and attracts visitors. Promote your services in a targeted manner without wasting money. This works very well with GoogleAds, because you can use tailor-made target group approaches here. With all the possibilities that you have, it is advisable to create a small concept in advance so as not to get bogged down and dance at too many weddings. Set measurable goals and monitor success regularly. Based on the interim results, you decide which adjustments to make in order to further increase success - this is called controlling. Get started, you can only get (customers).