How can I get rid of glasses

What to do with old glasses - donate, sell or throw away?

Donate old glasses

Regardless of whether your old glasses no longer fit or you simply need a change: Refrain from simply throwing away old glasses. Always remember that someone else can be very happy with your glasses. While it has become a matter of course in Germany and in large parts of the western world to easily correct poor eyesight with the right glasses, things are very different in other parts of the world.

Particularly in poorer regions of Africa, Asia and South America, people do not have the money they need for visual aids. It is not uncommon for glasses to cost people up to seven months' salary in developing countries. Without being able to see correctly, these people again lack access to education or the opportunity to pursue a job or simply to enjoy life. If you donate your used glasses, you can help these people with little effort.

There are a few Aid organizationswho specialize in providing donor glasses to people in need free of charge. These organizations work together with experts on site so that those affected receive suitable donor glasses. This is why experts on site are so important because the donor glasses also need to be adjusted, after all, it is quite unlikely that the parameters of your glasses will optimally suit another person.

If you want to hand in old glasses, you can find aid organizations in all major cities, where you can inquire. An example of an organization that operates across Germany is “Eyewear Worldwide” based in Koblenz. You can send your glasses to this organization, and after careful inspection and cleaning, they will be forwarded to someone in need free of charge. Also some opticians accept your old glasses as a donation and forward them to the right places.

In this condition, used glasses are eligible for donations:

  • The glasses frame must be intact.
  • The glasses should be in good condition.
  • The glasses cover should be undamaged.