What is cinema

movie theater

Many people like to eat popcorn while going to the movies. It is mostly sold directly in the cinema. Many cinemas only take in enough to survive from such sales.

The cinema is a place where films are shown. In the past one also said film theater or movie theater. The word cinema comes from the Greek word for "movement". When you think of a cinema, you usually think of a big house. If you want to see a film, you have to pay money for a ticket at the entrance. The large room in which films are shown is called the hall.

In the cinema there are many seats for the audience. You are looking at a canvas, a large white cloth. At the top behind the audience is the projector. It is a machine from which rays of light come. They are "thrown" or "projected" onto the screen.

The first films were shown at the fair or in the theater. From around 1920 onwards, large movie theaters were built only for feature films. At that time, the films were still silent, it was not yet possible to record sound at the same time. That is why an orchestra or a musician on the piano played music to accompany the film. By 1930, however, most of the films had sound.

From around 1950, television came along. A lot of people stayed home because they found it easier and more comfortable. That is why many cinemas had to close. Cinema owners have come up with a lot to lure people into the cinema: Sometimes the films were “three-dimensional”, or the screen became wider, or the sound came from all sides.

Art house cinemas are mostly smaller cinemas. They show special films that are otherwise rarely seen. Often the city supports them with money so that people can not only watch the big Hollywood films, but also, for example, see artistic films.

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