Can i be selfish

Self-actualization means being selfish

Believing in yourself and leading the life you want to lead is a form of healthy selfishness.

Behavior is only harmful or unhealthy if you abuse other people and use them for your own benefit.

However, if we do that and say what we think is right, and exercise our right to lead the life we ​​want to lead without harming or taking advantage of another, then we are not selfish in a negative sense.

Just think about how we would be today if it hadn't been for people like the inventor Edison or the discoverer Columbus.

All great artists, scientists and researchers have only become what they are today because they listened to their inner voice telling them, "Do this. This is important to you."

Had they listened to their critics and scoffers, we would probably still be living in caves today.

Progress is only possible when there are people who do what they think is right, even if they are criticized in the process.

Be honest: which people do you respect and admire the most?

Those who express their opinion, stand by it and go their own way, even if they encounter criticism, or those people who talk to others by the mouth and hang their flags in the wind?

You may know the book The Seagull Jonathan. The author has offered this book to more than 18 publishers. Nobody wanted it.

When a publisher finally brought out the book, it quickly became a bestseller.

If the author had listened to the publishers who rejected his book and had thought to himself, “Well, if they say that, then it will be correct,” then he would not have tried to find a publisher .

The book would never have appeared. He would have killed himself and millions of readers the joy they felt from reading this book.

People who do what they think is right are usually more successful professionally than people who chase after success and do everything to please others.

It is much more important, however, that these people are more satisfied than people who are guided by the opinion of others.