Isn't the ANTIFA movement hypocritical

"We have the magic formula" - About the worldview of the civil rights movement Solidarity

They can be found again and again in Berlin. Sometimes they are on Friedrichstrasse, Alexanderplatz, Gendarmenmarkt or other central locations in the city. When handing out flyers and newspapers, at first glance they appear to be harmless weirdos, students critical of capitalism, or another splinter group critical of globalization who want to convince you of their do-gooders with their intrusive manner. But the civil rights movement Solidarity, or BüSo for short, is by no means just a bunch of alternative, hippiesque students; it is part of one of the best organized and financially strong right-wing networks outside of the original Nazi scene. BüSo is part of the global political network led by Lyndon LaRouche, which is primarily based on the written and spoken word of the founder and “leader” Lyndon LaRouche and his German wife and chairman of BüSo, Helga Zepp-LaRouche. In addition to this veneration of LaRouche, which can be described as the “leader cult”, it is above all a conspiracy-theoretical worldview that forms the basis of the thinking of the LaRouche movement. They claim that the world is on the way to slavery, enslaved by a group of people that is optionally called the financial oligarchy, Britain, synarchist international, world financial system or the Zionist lobby. LaRouche recognized this and only he could lead humanity into a free world. In fact, the idea of ​​what this world should look like has nothing to do with freedom. Rather, LaRouche envisions a fascist society that is supposed to restore the supposedly suppressed natural urge of people for productive work and in which, under the leadership of LaRouche, people degenerate into a working mass of recipients of orders, who are then cleared of supposedly "conspiratorial elements" . Admittedly, there is no discussion about it with supporters of LaRouche, since in their paranoid view of the world everyone who contradicts LaRouche's plan appears to be part of the conspiracy. Those involved would not only work to enslave the people, but of course also act against LaRouche at the same time, because he had recognized their plans and he and his followers had become a danger. The result is a list of “enemies” that is not only infinitely long, but also hard to beat in terms of absurdity. On it are, for example, the British royal family (the classic among conspiracy theories), Greenpeace, the trade unions, up to the Antifa and many more. LaRouche, and with him the German section BüSo, are constructing a world that is on the verge of the apocalypse and in which you are the only ones who are sincerely fighting for the truth. They see the current global economic and financial crisis as confirmation of their theory, since the economy has been in the "final phase of its systemic collapse" since 20071. It would only have come to this because the “financial oligarchy” would have prevented people from listening to LaRouche.

It is no coincidence that LaRouche's division of the world into good and bad, into good concrete, natural and productive work, and, on the other hand, bad, human-exploiting abstract financial oligarchy, is reminiscent of the National Socialist division into laboring and creating capital. Social relationships do not appear as such here, but are presented as a contrast between concrete and abstract. Production is thus seen as something natural that can be detached from capital, while finance capital is hallucinated as abstract and "parasitic". In a world view like that of LaRouche, concrete work is hypostatized, while the cause of all evil is sought in the form of the abstract alone. LaRouche then takes on a real form through the personification of the “financial oligarchy”, which is made responsible for all suffering in the world. The designation of the group identified as the enemy alternates between the above terms, although since September 2011 there has been more and more talk of the “Zionist lobby”. This formulation used by all possible anti-Semites to cover up their anti-Semitism in a makeshift manner is new, but not even with the LaRouche movement. For example, Helga Zepp LaRouche wrote in 1979 in the newspaper “Neue Solidarität”: “While nobody in the USA has the slightest illusions about the power of the Zionist lobby over the current administration, there is the influence of a covertly operating Zionist lobby so far known only to a few initiated political personalities in the Federal Republic, but not to the broader population. And that's why we have to use the hypocritical Holocaust hoax as an opportunity to expose these foreign agents. "2

Unfortunately, the BüSo's view of the world is hardly known to the public and also among students and so they can spread their conspiracy theories quite undisturbed. Although the BüSo has so far hardly been able to win any votes with its “magic recipe”, as it once advertised on election posters, and in the 2011 election to the House of Representatives in Berlin it only received 1,861 votes, but that doesn't mean that it should simply be ignored because unfortunately young people are always attracted to this group. What this means for the individual should not be underestimated, because BüSo is not only a platform for spreading conspiracy theories, but can also confidently be called a sect. This can be seen, among other things, in a strict hierarchy of knowledge, the use of the entire free time of the members, constant moves, the separation of social contacts and the evocation of an elitist group identity. Therefore, it would be desirable that the public would no longer perceive BüSo as just a harmless party with crazy theses, but for what it is - a right-wing sect.

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2 Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in: “New Solidarity” January 25, 1979.