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The dream couple Shahrukh and Kajol


They are considered the ultimate Bollywood dream couple: the beautiful Kajol and the smart Shah Rukh Khan. Together they danced right into the hearts of countless spectators. Her heartfelt appearances in films like "And all of a sudden it's love" and "In good as well as in difficult days", which thanks to their fans have become the greatest successes in the history of Indian cinema, are unforgettable.



Karan Arjun

Dilwale Dulhanya le jajenge - First come gets the bride

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- and all of a sudden it's love

Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Ghum - In good as in bad days

My name is Khan

Guest appearances, among others

Kajol has a guest appearance in the movie Kabhie Alvida naa kehna in the song "rock'n roll soniye

Kajol has a guest appearance in the movie Kal ho naa ho in the song "Mahi ve"

In the film Rab ne bana di Jodi in the song "phir milenge Chalte chalte"

as well as in the film "duplicate"


Dilwale (English: The Big Hearted) is an upcoming Indian comedy-drama film directed by Rohit Shetty and produced, produced by Shetty and Gauri Khan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. Filming began in Dhawan on March 20, 2015, and the film is slated for the 2015 Christmas release.

Shah Rukh Khan wants to personally thank Kajol for participating in "Dilwale"!


Kajol is an honest actress! "

Shahrukh Khan and Kajol have long been best friends. The two stars have been part of a few films such as "Baazigar", "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" and "My Name Is Khan" to name a few. SRK praises Kajol and says she is a very honest actress.

“Kajol is an honest actress. She only accepts films where she is very happy with the people who are there. She believes in what she does. Whether she's making a film or not, I think there are a lot of people out there who would like her in their films. I think with her it is like this, if she feels she has to do it, then she does it too. She believes in a film in which Kajol is in, "said SRK.

"There are films that she and I were offered that weren't just made for whatever reason. And these films were made by other great actors too, either they were big hits or they weren't. But I've never heard of Kajol," God "I should have done this film, it was so good." She will always stay that way that she doesn't want to make some films. And she is very clear about it. I think your clarity brings purity and honesty in your actions. And I always say that people who carry their honesty deep under their skin in their experiences, their storytelling skills, and their storytelling skills, will serve their emotions and their actions, it will always be, "he added.

King Khan also thinks that Kajol is playing a scene very believably and even if a scene she made was technically wrong, it becomes very difficult to find out.

“Kajol is a different kind of Hindi film actor. Her appearance is as beautiful as she is, not like the classic Indian heroine - latka, jhatka, thumka ... but she could do all of that if she believed in it. And if she doesn't believe in it, then I don't think she would make a film either. I think the honesty she has in choosing a role makes the fact even more important to an actor than the technique of the acting. That means if I'm technically wrong, the scene will be just as wrong. But if Kajol is doing something wrong technically, I'm not saying she's wrong; if we both don't get a scene right ... Then I think you'll still believe Kajol more than me. Because honesty outweighs any kind of technology. And I think that's the essence of Kajol as an actress, he said. "

The actor also remembers a couple of cases with the actress and said, “When I first played her with her in Baazigar and we did our first shoot, I was unimpressed by the way she expressed something, I thought at the time as an actor, but after seeing a few things and scenes of her I thought she did quite well. "

“The first time I saw it on screen, I remembered everything I had and didn't do in that scene, and to be honest, Kajol ruled every scene because she believed in the guy and loved this man that I played even though I was the bad one. But it worked, and that's just because Kajol liked me so much. "

“I have a lot of examples like Jaati Hoon Mein ... it was an expression she had to give. She is good enough as an actress to imitate that expression even if she hasn't felt it, but if she doesn't feel it then she doesn't. So you have to make her understand the feeling. There is a tremendous amount of seriousness in their work and it is not something that develops while working on the sets. It comes with ... It's innate. She is honest about her expressions. "

“Well, if you see Kajol crying, then you have to cry too. When Kajol laughs, there is a scene in KKHH where she should just laugh, and she laughed and laughed - you can't make Kajol stop laughing. That's why this scene is so full of laughter. I really think her trademark is the honesty with which she acts and speaks. She's a completely honest actress, "said SRK.


Shah Rukh wasn't a big star then as he is now. Was it different to work with him then?

Not at all. At that time we didn't think about who was big and who was small. It has never been like that in our heads, and it still isn't. We were all confident people and none of us was intimidated by anyone. We didn't think that we were worth less than others.

How has your relationship with Shahrukh Khan changed over the years?

We have grown as people and actors. We don't call each other every day to hear what the other is doing and how he is doing. But when we meet, it is always connected with a lot of cordiality, we don't need a facade. It is the level of comfort, security and security if you have known someone for over 20 years.

It's always fantastic with Shahrukh Khan. It is this certain level of comfort that I have with him and I cannot work with anyone I feel uncomfortable with.