Why are the HTTPS sites not working

Why are some HTTPS sites not working properly?

I have never seen this problem in the US. I recently moved to Portugal and there were no issues in the first apartment. I moved to a second apartment in Portugal and had the following problems:

  • Most websites work, but some don't. For example, python.org doesn't load for me - it just says, "This page cannot be reached. The connection has been reset." Sometimes (rarely) I can get it to work if I wait a few minutes or reload the page multiple times.

    Another URL that does the same thing is this Shopify URL:

  • The other main problem is that it is affecting one of my client's HTTPS sites making it difficult to work with. I've narrowed it down to this test when I create a new page with it:

    and then visit the page in the browser that works correctly initially and appears on the page. But when I then switch to the page and refresh it, it still shows up. In other words, I can't see any changes beyond what was originally loaded - as if some sort of caching is going on.

All of the above issues are occurring on my PC laptop, two MacBooks, and an iPhone - so the issues affect most devices. However, the problem doesn't appear on my new Android phone connected to the same WiFi router.

I tried changing my device's DNS to but that doesn't fix anything.

How can I get to the bottom of this? It seems to have something to do with the modem / router in this new apartment. The modem / router in question is the.

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