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Even with the novel, Dan Brown sat in the nettles at the church. Or that the Holy Grail is the most precious Catholic relic. The claim that the sect-like order Opus Dei was a kind of elite group of the Vatican was also found unacceptable.

The second unit photographed the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, which had not yet been officially opened at the time. [10]

Hans Zimmer was again responsible for the film music. As a subject he chose the song Chevaliers de Sangreal, which had already been used at the end of The Da Vinci Code The Da Vinci Code. In addition to the main theme, some new melodies appear, some of which are underpinned by the choir. [12]

Maximilian Kohler, the general director of CERN, does not appear in the filmed story. Therefore, instead of the Samaritan of the eleventh hour, the killer himself points out the planned murder on the Camerlengo. Therefore, the conversation between the judge and the Camerlengo is not recorded on a small video camera, as in the book, which Kohler gives to Langdon when he dies, but on a recording system that is built into the room. Langdon appropriates the key he needs after Richter died from his gunshot wounds.

Langdon's second case - Illuminati: In the Swiss particle accelerator CERN, physicists succeed in producing antimatter for the first time. The container is stolen. At the same time, the election of the new Pope will take place in the Vatican

Sheldon's story, a mixture of fact and fiction centered on an American secret agent, inspired Brown to write his debut novel Diabolus. He gave up his teaching career and concentrated on his work as a writer. Digital Fortress was not a great success, but already gave an idea of ​​the basic elements for its later bestsellers. Brown delved into topics such as symbolism, coding, history, religion, art, and architecture.

Illuminati opened in theaters in 2009. This time the church came off a little better than in sacrilege. He banned the film team from shooting in the entire Roman Dizese. All of the original locations from the book had to be recreated.

While the deceased Pope is being buried in the Vatican and his fisherman's ring is traditionally being smashed, atomic physicist Vittoria Vetra and her colleague Silvano at CERN in Geneva achieve a scientific breakthrough by producing antimatter for the first time through a collision in the Large Hadron Collider. But shortly afterwards she is shocked to discover that Silvano was murdered and a container with antimatter, which is extremely explosive, was stolen. A representative of the Vatican reports to the symbolologist Robert Langdon at Harvard University about a message from the Illuminati, which the four favorite cardinals of the papal election (I Preferiti) have kidnapped and threatened with the destruction of the Vatican. Langdon and Vetra come to Rome to help the Vatican as experts.

Exciting scavenger hunts through catacombs, libraries, crypts and churches are part of the Dan Brown films, as are pretty young women at the side of Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks). The couple must prevent a deadly epidemic from decimating humanity.

Langdon and Vetra rush through a secret passage, the Passetto, back to the Vatican, where Commandant Richter has locked himself in with McKenna in the papal office. When Langdon can make it clear to the guards that the Camerlengo is in danger, they break into the room. Richter is shot dead for threatening the Camerlengo with a weapon in front of the guardsmen hurrying up; Langdon finds a key in the dead man's hand. The Camerlengo was branded with a sign made from two crossed keys. This makes it clear that the antimatter container is located directly on the tomb of St. Peter in the necropolis under St. Peter's Basilica. With a helicopter standing by, he flies straight up so far that the antimatter explodes at a great height. Several windows were broken as a result of the pressure wave, and some passers-by were injured by debris flying around. When the Camerlengo lands with a parachute slightly injured in front of St. Peter's Basilica, people begin to pray and cheer. The cardinals regard this as a divine sign and want to elect him to be the new Pope by acclamation.

Exciting scavenger hunts through catacombs, libraries, crypts and churches are part of the Dan Brown films, as are pretty young women at the side of Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks). In the new blockbuster Inferno, Felicity Jones plays the clever doctor Sienna Brooks. The couple must prevent a deadly plague from decimating humanity

On his search, Langdon is accompanied by the murdered curator's granddaughter. Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou) is a cryptologist.

Vittoria's role is less important in the film, because instead of her father, a colleague was murdered at CERN, and her personal desire for revenge is thus void. In addition, only Vittoria and her father know about antimatter research in the book, a whole team knows about it in the film

Again he arrives late at the scene with the Swiss Guard. The third cardinal burns alive over a large fire just before the killer cuts the throat of Commander Olivetti and kills several bodyguards. Langdon hides until the fire department rescues him. With the help of a city map, he recognizes the cross-shaped arrangement of the altars. He persuades two policemen to take him to the last crime scene, the Vierstrmebrunnen. There the killer shot the two policemen and threw the cardinal, who was tied up and weighed down with weights, into the well. Langdon, after holding his breath for around a minute and a half, pulls the clergyman out of the water with the help of hurrying passers-by, so that the cardinal can explain to him with the last of his strength that the Illuminati is hiding in Castel Sant'Angelo. They soon suspect that the Camerlengo will be the last victim. The killer threatens her with his weapon, but does not want to kill her and escapes again. He is killed by a bomb under his getaway car, which his client had installed.

During the shooting, the film crew and their equipment blocked a wedding procession from the path to the church. Tom Hanks and Ron Howard were then invited by the grateful family to attend the wedding ceremony, which the two had to decline due to their tight schedule. [4]