Is Mangalore really cleaner than Mysore

from mumbai to nowhere - india 2007

actually not after a day ... but you get used to it and we can never stink against the indian air anyway.

so we wander through the beautiful kochi, it reminds me of a small fishing town, which intensifies again on the coast, where one chinese fishing net stands next to the other. in the background big kaene pass the mainland, but we wander through a small bazaar and let the traders chat to us again.

To cool off, go to an artist's cafe in a backyard, where you can get delicious iced tea as well as warm pineapple juice, but also a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

then we go back to the spice market by rickshaw. this presents itself rather unspectacular, since we have already seen more interesting. Only the huge mountains of ginger stimulate the senses, especially the smell is really unique. After that we scour all the shops in the small Jewish fourth, look at fabrics and wonderful (expensive) furniture, clothes and jewelry and would love to see a lot buy a lot ... but the lack of space in the backpack prevents us from doing this ...

Afterwards we find a very nice rickshaw driver who will accompany us for the coming evening and show us the rest of the sights of Kochin, such as some churches, a small dirty but "secret" beach and a historical museum. that was very nice, especially because it enabled us to talk to the museum valuer, a friendly and talkative man who speaks German relatively well and who studied cathological theology in Augsburg for a few years.

and as it is getting late to evening, all of our stomachs will report and we will go looking for a restaurant. this turns out to be a bit complicated at first, because ours
driver knows a sooooo great seafood restaurant (with a friend) and unfortunately we don't feel like it. our choice is not particularly popular either
good. The food is acceptable, but we have to wait around an hour, even though we are the only guests and get side dishes and main course one after the other ... a bit strange overall. But there was a beautiful view of the harbor basin for free, and a piercing one
mosquitoes as well ...


chinese fishing net

away cochin