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Applying for the rule of Allah, recruiting for bondage to God

First state day of action for the Dhimma

By Jacques Auvergne

Certainly the declared national goal has aroused our most honorable elites from party and church and instilled in their entourage of the only moderately successful the greedy sense of chance for a career or a salary increase. Overall, the doctrine of future dialogue, i.e. pro-Islamic "coexistence" (Angela Merkel: "How do we want to live together? ... What helps the cohesion of society?") Damages free democracy, no matter how well-founded criticism of the doctrine of faith, doctrine of behavior and the system of rule according to the Koran and Sunna has to be misinterpreted across the board as racism against Muslims and the mention of Islam-related facts immediately leads to screaming and wrangling.

Just a quick look beyond Europe. Already in Cairo on June 4th, 2009, the transatlantic Islamizer, economic promoter of the religious dictatorship Saudi Arabia and US President countered an evil Islamism painted in black with the good luck religion according to sura and hadith: “Islam is not part of the fight against extremism of the problem, but an important part of the road to peace. Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism - it is an important part of promoting peace. ”With this, Barak Obama betrayed the claim to general human rights as well as the fight for equal rights and duties for every citizen, for example the African-American Civil Rights Movement, 1954–68) and remains silent even today on the creation order of the Sharia, which has been politically totalitarian for 1400 years, and the Sharia-based, non-Muslim discriminatory and necessarily misogynistic jurisprudence of Fiqh. Back to Europe.

19.09.2014 served the Federal Republic of Germany to train every citizen who did not yet read the Koran with devotion to a dhimmi. Actually, the Muslims organized in the FRG wanted to distance themselves from the terrorist group Islamic State (IS), as the heralds had announced. But it turned out quite differently.

Instead of explaining, for example, that it is not by chance that all Sharia laws that have come into force in every state in the world today discriminate against non-Muslims and women and call for more and more Koran-compliant paragraphs, that is, creeping slowly (Muslim Brotherhood) or extremely fast (IS) for a dictatorship The keyboards of the listless but obedient scribes began to clatter and the printing machines rattled. Far-sighted Islamic lobby and unconscious press produced headlines such as:

Muslims want to set an example with a nationwide day of action (Süddeutsche), day of action: Muslims against hatred (according to the WDR), Muslims set signals against extremism (Federal Government), Muslims stand up against hatred and injustice (Schura Bremen), Muslims set signals against extremism and violence (Tagesschau), day of action: Muslims against hate and injustice (RTL Hessen), Muslims stand up against hate and injustice (Orientbrücke Marburg; radioeins; WDR1), day of action Muslims against extremism (WDR), together against hate and injustice (Federal Ministry of the Interior), against Hatred and injustice (RTL Nord).

It has to be burned into everyone's brain once and for all, now tell me, what are Muslims' attitudes, all Muslims? Against extremism and violence! Very insightful of you you Dhimmi. What are the Muslims fighting for? Against hatred and injustice! Oh look, it works.

Was there still something, oh yes, the at least announced distancing from IS, from the Islamic State, which is based on the Koran and Sunna? Remain silent. Reproachful looks from the imams. The dhimmis can't stand it, the longed-for Friday of 09/19/2014 of their era has finally dawned. Someone cheers, everyone joins the chorus: How nice, they have distanced themselves, the Islamic associations have renounced all religiously based violence, never again Islamism, high Islam! Let's just go back a couple of hours.

The day of the exaltation of faith and the hour of preaching had come and the President of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany was speaking on domradio.

Heretic Jacques Auvergne intervenes, Aiman ​​Mazyek senses a serious misappropriation of Sharia law:

There is no question that this is an abuse of religion and that these terrorists ...

Which terrorists actually, Mr. Mazyek, the Army of the State of Israel?

... these barbarians drag our faith into the mud and harm Muslims worldwide. There is certainly a discussion that the distinction between the mostly peaceful Muslims and the terrorists is barely visible when you hear some media reports and statements. There is already a mood in our country that is not good ...

In the following, I become polemical in many ways about unmasking. A dangerous climate (“mood”) has developed, the criticism of Islam poisons the togetherness “in our country”.

Anyone who does not differentiate between Islamism and Islam proves a lack of “discrimination”, more Islam always brings more peace.

... and that's why we get up on Friday and say what our position ...

Our theological position, Minhaj (minhāǧ: the simple, clear way) or Manhaj (manhāǧ, the simple, clear way and the Sunna). For today, however, it is mostly our Taqiyya, which veils our position, in Islam women and the dhimmi do not have to know everything.

... is: What are our values,

what do we do for the rulership of Allah on earth

what did the prophet say about violence

why don't we finally subdue the opponents of Allah as prescribed

what did he say to the other religious communities

may they soon humbly pay the jizya and burn in hell in the hereafter

what does the Koran say about mercy

beat the disobedient wife and kill the opponent of Allah in the above. compassion

and much more.

Exactly, let's be brief and come to the text that was moved by the caliphate.

Zackzack, helmet off to prayer:

Address of the Coordination Council of Muslims (DITIB, Islamrat, VIKZ and ZMD) on the day “Muslims stand up against hatred and injustice” on September 19, 2014 - peace event after Friday prayers

Full text.

Dear brothers and sisters, dear congregation, dear guests,

Assalamu alaikum.

The Hanafi Sharia scholar al-Ǧaṣṣāṣ ar-Rāzī (917–981) assessed it as undesirable and rather reprehensible (kuriha) under Islamic law to be the first to greet a non-Muslim (kāfir) with as-salāmu ʿalaikum. The greeting of the future, at least potential inhabitants of Paradise, is not due to any refuser of the right way of being.

The world caliphate first creates "peace, contentment, happiness and well-being ... for us and others", until then the pioneering special rights must be enforced. Anyone who opposes Sharia law in the name of general human rights and, for example, calls for equality between men and women in the Maghreb and the Middle East and the continued prohibition of teachers in headscarves in Germany sows "discord, mistrust and hatred":

We always greet one another with this wish for peace. At every encounter he reminds us that peace, contentment, happiness and well-being are the states that Allah recommends to us and that we should strive for for ourselves and for others. For years, however, and especially in the last few days and weeks, we have seen discord, distrust and hatred flourish between people in Germany and around the world. We see people committing atrocities in the name of Allah, tormenting other people, driving them out of their homes and murdering them. They act under the banner of the Prophet (...), but with their crimes they show that they have not understood a word of what Allah has revealed to us and how our Prophet (...) lived according to these commandments.

There, a portrayal of a warlike scene, very large distance from IS. At least that is how the dhimmi feels it happily. Mazyek's "tormenting other people, driving them out of their homes and murdering them" could just as well mean the Jerusalem government and Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, which are rightly offended by Islamic rocket positions, which from a radical sharia-loyal point of view, because Allah does now the king is, even if not yet politically everywhere on earth, he is still sovereign of the universe, is active “under the banner of the prophet”, but has understood “not a word” of the true nature and mission of man.

Let's not be unfair, maybe Mazyek really only meant the Islamic State, but why doesn't the ZMD boss tell us that unequivocally?

The ISIS issue annoys the Islamic Association officials. So many chopped off heads filmed and posted on the internet. So let's come back to the topic of the day of action and point to the actual atrocities of these months:

We have seen our mosques being attacked and set on fire here in Germany, in over 80 cases since 2012 alone. Our communities are concerned and insecure that we as Muslims are increasingly marginalized and hostile. We experience how people here in Germany abuse and attack one another - although we have all received the word of Allah, although we worship the same prophets, although we pray to the same Creator.

Out of unfathomable will, the Almighty tolerates your sacrilege of wrong ways of worship. The infinitely terrible consequences are well known to you, eternal punishment from hell with bursting intestines after drinking boiling water and renewed skin only for the renewed skin burn and so on, the terror of IS is nothing against it.

The Koran is also in front of you wicked ones who leave out the required exaltation formula behind every utterance of Allah cheekily (in the ZMD like by chance three spaces, marked here: “although we have all received the word of Allah”).

(A bit of an open lie is not missing, "the same prophets" naturally means all prophets without gaps. Mazyeks "although we venerate the same prophets" does not want to bypass the most important prophet, whom the Jews and Christians do not venerate, Mohammed.)

You who refuse Islam will sizzle in the fire forever:

Although Allah makes no distinction between people and will judge all of them in the hereafter according to their beliefs and their deeds, people presumed to place themselves above other people and to judge them in this world. It cannot please Allah when people are afraid of each other and distrust each other just because they have a different belief.

A blatant attack on the existence of secular state courts, which "to place oneself over other people and to judge them in this world" means that no earthly judge has the right to judge according to anything other than the laws that have come down from heaven. So it is correct not to get up in court, for example.

Islamic justice of the peace are to be enforced promptly, as Tatjana Hörnle (70th German Jurists' Day) recommended to you only the day before yesterday and yesterday. You don’t want to dare to admit that you are afraid of the hijab, burqa, female circumcision (see recommendation on the legalization of FGM by Tatjana Hörnle) and the gradually implemented Islamic law and that you distrust us?

Everyone is a Muslim from birth, that is our fiṭra, way of being created. These agitators who address against the compulsory veil (hijab) are those whom Allah may take “hatred from their hearts”:

Allah reminds us in the Qur'an (sura 7, verse 43) that it is the quality of people who move into paradise that hatred will be removed from their hearts. Then how can people believe that they are accepted by Allah if they hate and do injustice to others?

“Doing injustice” means, for example, not wearing a headscarf to the wife or nine-year-old daughter, or not luring, encouraging or forcing all young people to pray.

(Anyone who, as an Iraqi Christian or Yazidis, who defends themselves against the terror of IS might be one of those who “hate their fellow human beings and do them injustice,” Mr. Mazyek?)

Raising doubts about the meaningfulness of the sharia, which is contrary to fundamental rights, prevents people from "learning from one another":

Allah teaches us in the Koran (sura 5, verse 48) that we were created so differently so that we can learn from one another and compete for the good things in this world. He teaches us in the Koran (sura 41, verse 34) to be righteous even when we experience injustice and to counter a bad deed with a good deed. For Allah loves those who act righteously. (Sura 5, verse 42) That is why this text is now being read out in many hundreds of mosques in Germany, so that it becomes clear which commandments of our Creator we Muslims live by, that we Muslims are always called in the face of hatred and injustice to to stand up and protect the persecuted and the needy and all who experience injustice. Because Allah commands in the Koran (sura 22, verse 40) that people protect one another from injustice.

You German Muslims have to observe the Sharia "Because Allah loves those who act righteously". But what do I have to hear, over there a couple of women are still not wearing a veil and a couple thinks that Allah may not have their son circumcised as ordered by heaven? Here in the street, more Ḥisba, more work by the Sharia police must be done immediately, "so that it becomes clear which commandments of our Creator we Muslims live by," someone has the phone number of Sven Lau.

The passage from Allah's speech, Koran 22:40, mentioned by the ZMD chairman, also mentions the protection of monasteries and churches, but in the following verse the only legislator orders the people to use the isba as the enforcement of Sharia with a license to use force: “enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong (translation by Pickthall), command the right and forbid the reprehensible ”.

We believe that everyone has their face turned to Allah. But then we cannot turn our backs on each other in hatred and contempt. That is why we are pleased that our guests are with us today, making it clear that we all belong together in the face of our Creator.

Just because you too are stubborn dhimmis Muslims from birth, we have to lure you to the true religion and we cannot “turn our backs on you in hatred and contempt”. “That is why we are happy” to celebrate a huge day of Daʿwa action on you today, a day of action for the invitation to Islam. If only you would be converted.

But if you want to stay dhimmis and see what you get from it on the day of resurrection, then at least ensure that the caliphate is established smoothly, because we want to “rise up” against Iblis and wish you to participate in the Islamic fight against “hatred” “D. i. Criticism of Islam and "injustice", Islamic disobedience:

That is why we want everyone in Germany to stand by our side and stand up together with us against hatred and injustice. We invite everyone to be with us and with us on October 3rd, on the day of unity, on the day of the Open Mosque, and thus to send a signal in Germany and throughout the world that we all stick to one another and Stand up for one another, no matter what we believe in, how we look or what language we speak, that together we are a lock against evil and a key for good. Because Allah teaches us in the Koran (sura 3, verse 104) that we become a community that calls for good, commands what is right and forbids what is reprehensible.

The following verse (3: 105) threatens the oblivious with hell, that doesn't look so good on the air tonight, I'm a media advisor.

The formula of the Ḥisba (enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong (according to Yusuf Ali), al-amr bi-l-maʿrūf wa-n-nahi ʿani l -munkar) is just as much the professional basis of the brutal Islamic Religious Police of Saudi Arabia as it is for the action of the beating moral guards of the Taliban, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab or, well, IS.

The formula repeated in 3: 110 makes it clear that the non-Muslims are not meant at all and, on the contrary, the majority are to be counted among the wicked, “You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind (translation by Sahih International), Ye are the best community that has been raised up for mankind (Pickthall), you are the best community that has been raised for mankind. You command what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. And if the people believed the scriptures, it would be truly better for them. There are believers among them, but most of them are wicked. "

In order to confirm this, we are about to say a supplication for us, our congregations, but also for all people in Germany and around the world; a prayer that should open our hearts to the grace of our Creator and seal against discord and hatred.

Now you rabbis and archbishops go and pray in your synagogues or churches for the downfall of criticism of Islam. And you lawyers in Hanover, finally ensure that every audible opponent of Sharia and Fiqh is indicted and imprisoned with laws still to be created for sedition (“discord”) and racism (“hatred”).

Allah protect each and every one of you, peace be with everyone!

Berlin / Cologne, September 19, 2014

So much for Allah's general attack.

On September 19, 2014, the Federal Ministry of the Interior published the opinion of the two leaders of DITIB and ZMD. Thomas de Maizière was allowed to do the Dhimmifuehrer and give in with relish following the pattern We sinners were morbidly suspicious of Islam and whoever contradicts me today is one of the dishonest:

If we are to be honest, there was a general suspicion among a considerable part of the non-Muslim population in Germany: We can now clear it up.

I pledge to the noble Muslim leader Thomas-die-Misere never to say or have anything bad to be said or allowed to be said about Sharia and Fiqh again.

(To clear up means to eliminate the wrongdoing or the wrongdoers. The alarmingly used ministerial clearing up in 2014 echoes in the German language the call for violence and the imminent submission of the political opponent, a hundred years ago it came from the mouth of a seducer, warmonger and emperor : "Now or never. The Serbs must be cleared up, and soon".)

Now to Zekeriya Altuğ. The chairman of DİTİB-Nord is also a true master of kitman, of lying by omission. Let's expose what is hidden from Islam rhetoric:

After September 11th, we Muslims in Germany had to ask ourselves for the first time ...

And finally the Islamic thoughtfulness and reconsideration began. Wasn't Nine Eleven also useful in this respect?

... what do we stand for?

Allahu akbar, we stand by the enforcement of the caliphate.

Who do we belong to?

To the party of Satan in disregard of the Sharia or to the party of Allah after an earth life in Islamic obedience.

Before the Big Bang of the first geographically global Sharia enforcement, everything was different in Germany as well:

Until then, we felt like guests and we were treated as guests.

We who had forgotten our duties did not have a hot Islamic identity, were hardworking guest workers and after work, like infidels, only tended the allotment garden or played football instead of working hard for the Islamic seizure of power. By the way, we should be treated like aristocrats and not like guests. In any case, since September 11th we feel aristocratic according to the Koran.

After that, the Muslim associations repositioned themselves - initially internally. Today we say clearly: Germany is our home.

What exactly we discussed among ourselves (“internally”) in phase one remains confidential, just this much: worldwide, the ḥalāl will finally become legal. So there in America the three planes flew in the Pentagon and Twin Towers and here in Europe the Sharia is gradually becoming a legally enforceable system.

Every coexistence that can be called humane is the restoration of Medina:

One can have a Salafist basic attitude as long as one professes to the free-democratic basic attitude and respects the rights of other people.

If necessary, pay lip service, pro forma audibly approving the fdGO a bit shouldn't upset any reader of the Koran. The theology of even the strictest sheikhs of Saudi Arabia is completely in order from DITIB's point of view and that of Sayyid Quṭb as well, as long as one “respects the rights of other people” as Allah has set for man.

That is covered by the freedom of belief.

Anyone in Germany who is critical of Islam or otherwise intolerantly contradicts the desire of a Muslim to lead a life in accordance with the Koran and Sunna is to be excluded as an enemy of the community and punished according to laws to be created in the near future.

So much for Zekeriya Altuğ.

Let us now interrupt Aiman ​​Mazyek's Taqiyya:

I don't make a distinction between the mosque and the rest of life

All of Germany will be Masjid (masǧid), place of the prostration of man and the exaltation of Allah.

For me it's one and the same community

Only the Treaty of Medina (only the status of the monotheistic non-Muslims as dhimmi) creates “community”. As in the media community, so in the German community.

I know most Muslims see it that way today

Many, many already feel how much they want the Sharia and the Dhimma.

But unfortunately not all ...

Unfortunately, some of us still don't take Sharia law seriously enough.

Some do differentiate between “mosque” and “the world outside”.

As is well known, the Muslim can pray almost anywhere if the place is clean enough. All creation naturally pays homage to its Creator, the entire universe a single mosque.

Allah's laws permeate the universe and must also rule the way of life and government in Germany.

Jacques Auvergne


The ZMD published the call on September 19, 2014

Posted on the Facebook of the DITIB Saarbrücken

(...) We appeal to all mosques and communities to take part in the action of our umbrella organization of the KRM "Muslims stand up - against hatred and injustice" on September 19th and to set an example.

Our prayers are with all people, Muslims and non-Muslims, who are exposed to suffering, injustice, exclusion, violence and terror. May Allah / God spread peace in this world.

Islamic Community in Germany (IGD) Cologne, September 18, 2014

(Published by DMK Braunschweig)

The 19.09.2014, which aroused the political and clerical elites, came up and was to be enveloped throughout Germany with the now unfortunately necessary partial press censorship. According to this, facts about Sharia and Fiqh cannot be addressed. On domradio ("In around 2,000 mosques in Germany Muslims want to protest against hatred and abuse of religion at noon. ... After Friday prayers there should be vigils and prayers for peace throughout Germany.") Aiman ​​Mazyek, a friend of the Sharia laws, was allowed to celebrate the day of the Islamic Exaltation ( "Muslim Day of Action").

Of course, one of the two must break as soon as UDHR and Sharia meet at the notorious eye level. The heading does not tolerate any contradiction to the pre-arranged harmony. But now quickly, Dhimmi, repeat it to Leader Aiman:

Mazyek: "Islam is a peaceful religion!"

Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) will speak at one of a total of nine major events in Hanover. The Federal Government's Integration Commissioner, Aydan Özoguz (SPD), is expected in Munich, Nikolaus Schneider, the chairman of the Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), and the President of the Central Council of Jews, Dieter Graumann, in Frankfurt am Main. Further major events are planned in Bielefeld, Mölln, Hamburg, Oldenburg and Stuttgart.

epd 09/19/2014

Two days earlier, on 09/17/2014, Die Welt and Hürriyet Zekeriya Altuğ (DÍTÍB), Aiman ​​Mazyek from the Central Council of Muslims (ZMD) and Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière glossed over Islam and suggested in a general sense: The Islamic Apostates from the Islamic State (IS) have us Koran and Sharia stolen. The obligation to enforce the rule of Allah is a kidnapping victim:

"Criminals Who Kidnap Islam"

Joint interview with Federal Minister of the Interior de Maizière, Aiman ​​Mazyek (Central Council of Muslims) and Zekeriya Altug (Ditib)

Altuğ: We want to make it clear that hatred and violence cannot be legitimized in the name of Islam. … Many of these fighters who travel to Syria or Iraq are not so closely connected to Islam from their environment [Altuğ suggests that the religious warriors have not too much but too little authentic religion]. They only find their way to Islam in later years, mostly over the Internet, but not through a competent imam in a mosque community [the fighters for Allah's rights would have a distorted view of Islam, Caliph Ibrahim would have misunderstood his religion].

Mazyek: For us, this day is a day where we are with the victims, and it does not matter whether they are Muslims, Jews, Yazidis, Christians or others. We do not want to remain silent about this injustice and what these people [which? Mazyek does not pronounce IS] pretend to do in the name of Islam. They are [who exactly and why?] Criminals, murderers who kidnap Islam. We want to make it clear that the majority of Muslims think and act differently not only in this country, but worldwide. You are right when you say that we keep distancing ourselves [what is we actually distancing ourselves from?], That is enough and we are of the opinion, no. It's just not enough. We need proactive events where we make it clear which values ​​we stand for [does the ZMD distance itself from the Cairo Charter of Human Rights in Islam or at least from the founding document of Hamas? No, Aiman ​​Mazyek wants to enforce the rule of Allah on earth and implement more and more Sharia-compliant laws into German law].

de Maizière: The action by the Muslims against extremism is great [why did they say goodbye to the hijab or to Sheikh al-Qaradawi?]. It shows that the majority of Muslims distance themselves from any form of violence [no, the day of action does not show us that]. I expressly support the fact that this prayer for peace also points out that Muslims in Germany are victims of violence and Islamophobia [Islam is a doctrine of faith, but a person is not hurt by criticism of ideology, but at most by practiced Muslim hostility and especially not by "Islamophobia" . Does the interior minister, who is silent on the totalitarianism of the Sharia laws, suggest that any criticism of Islam must, as it were, naturally lead to physical violence against Koran readers and that criticism of Islam must be permanently prohibited in Germany?].

I like it:

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