Why is Lord Vishnu called Mahaveerya

NoSanskrit nameSurnameInterpretation (translated by me into German, from 236 English)1विश्वम्VishvamGod, as the universe itself, the all, everything in the universe exists through him.2विष्णुVishnuGod, as the all-pervading one, who embraces everything and is in everything.3वषट्कारVashatkaraGod called upon for offerings, for whom the sacred verses in the Yajnas (worship, devotion, prayers) are recited.4भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभुःBhootabhavya-bhavat-prabhuhGod, the Master of everything in the past, present and future and beyond.5भूतकृतBhoota critGod, the creator of all created beings.6भूतभृतBhoota-bhritGod, who nourishes, sustains and supports all beings.7भावBhavaGod, the absolute being, the pure existence, who is independent of everything.8भूतात्माBhootatmaGod, as the soul of every being in the universe, the soul of all things, the essence of all beings.9भूतभावनBhootabhavanaGod, who creates, nourishes, cares for and allows every being in the universe to flourish.10पूतात्माPootatmaGod, in his absolutely pure essence, in his pure nature.11परमात्माParamatmaGod, as the Oversoul, the highest soul, the very highest being.12मुक्तानां परमागतिःMuktanam Parama GatihGod, the highest goal for all liberated and redeemed souls (muktas). Parama Gatih is the highest attainable goal, absolute desirelessness and bliss, being one with the Bhagavan.13अव्ययःAvyayahGod, the immortal, the indestructible, who is always the same. 14पुरुषःPurushahGod who is and abides in every body. 15साक्षीSakshiGod as the witness of everything that happens. God who directly testifies to everything as it is.16क्षेत्रज्ञःKshetragyahGod, the omniscient, the connoisseur of the fields.17अक्षरAksharaGod, the Everlasting, whose greatness always remains.18योगःYogahGod realized through yoga (reconnection). God who is the only means of liberation and who is reached through meditation or yoga.19योगविदां नेताYoga vidaam NetaGod, as the guide or master of all who are in the consciousness of yoga, who practice yoga or meditation until they have achieved their goal.20प्रधानपुरुषेश्वरPradhana PurusheshwaraGod, as the Lord of nature and beings, the Master of Pradhana or Prakriti and Purusha or Jiva.21नारसिंहवपुःNarasimha VapuhGod, in the form of a hybrid human-lion (Nara-human, Simha-lion).22श्रीमान्ShrimanGod, in a lovely form. God, by whose side the goddess Sri (Lakshmi) always lingers - the goddess of happiness, beauty, wealth, love, fertility, prosperity, health, spiritual well-being, harmony and abundance.23केशवKeshavaGod who has beautiful curly hair.24पुरुषोत्तमPurushottamaGod, the supreme controller, the supreme of the Purushas.25सर्वSarwaGod who is everything, the omniscient source of all existence.26शर्वSharvaGod the destroyer, who destroys everything, who eliminates all sins. Sharva is a name of Rudra or Shiva.27शिवShivaGod, the eternally pure, who grants happiness.28स्थाणुSthanuGod, as the resting, immobile, who is constant and without change.29भूतादिBhootadiGod, from whom all beings developed and unfolded. The source of all elements and all things exist.30निधिरव्ययNidhir-avyayaGod, the imperishable, everlasting being, as the inexhaustible and unchangeable being.31सम्भवSambhavaGod, the original source of all being. God, who manifests himself out of himself through his will and expands into innumerable forms.32भावनBhavanaGod, who brings the fruits of their actions to all Jivas (individual souls), who brings about the reactions for all actions, who fulfills karma (= free will + predestination). 33भर्ताBhartaGod as the ruler of the entire living world. God, as the supporter, the source and supporter of the universe. 34प्रभवPrabhavaGod, in whom all things have their origin, from whom all elements emerge. God with his noble nature, which gives birth to everything. 35प्रभुPrabhuGod Almighty. God who is a master in all rites.36ईश्वरIshwaraGod, the mightiest and highest Lord, Lord and Master over all beings. God who has unlimited generosity or power over everything.37स्वयम्भूSwayambhuGod who is without cause, who manifests himself in himself and exists with his own free will.38शम्भुShambhuGod who brings salvation. God who, through the beauty of his appearance, brings happiness to all.39आदित्यAdityaGod, in his cosmic manifestation as the sun. Name of the sun god Surya, the son of Aditi.40पुष्कराक्षPushkarakshaGod, who has lotus-like eyes, whose eyes resemble the petals of the lotus plant.41महास्वनMahaswanaGod, with a thunderous voice, with a venerable sound. God from whom the sound manifestation of the Veda comes.42अनादिनिधनAnadi-nidhanaGod who is without beginning and end, who is without birth and death.43धाताDhataGod, who created the universe and supports all fields of experience, levels of experience.44विधाताVidhataGod, as the creator of karma, who determines all actions (free will) and their reactions (predestination) (God's law). God who protects the seeds he sown for Brahman until they are fully developed.45धातुरुत्तमDhaturuttamaGod who is greater than the world creator Brahma. Brahma is the first-born being on a lotus in every universe. God, who is the most elementary of all the basic components of everything.46अप्रमेयAprameyaGod above laws, rules and definitions. God who cannot be explained, conceived or defined through logic, feeling or perception.47हृषीकेशHrishikeshaGod, the lord of the senses, the lord of the sense organs, who has the senses under control.48पद्मनाभPadmanabhaGod, who rests as an extension of Vishnu on the ocean of causes in the universe and from whose navel a lotus flower grows, from which creation develops.49अमरप्रभुAmara PrabhuGod, the Lord of the immortal divine beings who know no death, e.g. the Devas ...50विश्वकर्माVishwa karmaGod, as the creator of the universe, as the cause behind every event. God, whose creativity is unique and wonderful. 51मनुManuGod, the great thinker, who thinks about everything and is concerned about everything. God as progenitor, primal father of human beings, of humanity in a Manu age.52त्वष्टाTwashtaGod who makes great things small or who makes great things seem insignificant. God who created all forms and names in the universe. God, who at the time of cosmic dissolution draws together all forms of life.53स्थविष्ठSthavishthaGod who surpasses everything in size. God who surpasses the highest extreme of all that exists. 54स्थविरो ध्रुवSthaviro-DhruvaGod as the Original and Everlasting, who is Eternity (beyond space and time).55अग्राह्यAgrahyaGod who cannot be perceived with the senses. God who is beyond comprehension and knowledge of other beings.56शाश्वतSashwataGod who is eternal, who always remains the same, who exists in all times and beyond.57कृष्णKrishnaGod, the Most High, in his form with dark (blue) skin color. The body tone is comparable to a fresh thundercloud. God in the existence of knowledge and bliss.58लोहिताक्षLohitakshaGod, with red-tinted eyes similar to a beautiful lotus flower.59प्रतर्दनPratardanaGod in his form as the destroyer in the flood. The destroyer of everything at the time of the dissolution of the universe.60प्रभूतPrabhootaGod, who is full of wealth, greatness, knowledge, wisdom and understanding, overflowing and with all special qualities.61त्रिककुब्धामTrika-KubdhamaGod, who expands in all three dimensions of space, in all directions above everything. God, who supports all three levels: above, below and the middle.62पवित्रंPavitramGod who gives purity in the heart, the incarnation of purity, who purifies everything.63मङ्गलंपरम्Mangalam ParamGod, as the embodiment of the highest happiness, the auspicious, the highest happiness.64ईशानIshanaGod, who rules and rules over everything, who controls and regulates everything.65प्राणदPranadaGod, the giver or activator of the breath of life (Prana), who gives life.66प्राणPranaGod, as the animating breath of life (Prana), breath of life, as the life force or life energy.67ज्येष्ठJyeshthaGod as the oldest, first, best, greatest.68श्रेष्ठShreshthaGod, who is better than everyone else, who deserves the most praise.69प्रजापतिPrajapatiGod, Lord of all creatures, Lord of all living beings.70हिरण्यगर्भHiranyagarbhaGod who lives in a golden egg or womb, which is the universe. God who is a loving hostel. God who animates the creator god Brahma.71भूगर्भBhoogarbhaGod who carries the earth, earth region or the world in himself. God who is reflected in the earth.72माधवMadhavaGod Vishnu as the consort of Lakshmi, Ma or Mahalaksmi, as the herald of the knowledge of the supreme being, the knower of sweet, lovely whiteness.73मधुसूदनMadhusudanaGod, as the destroyer of the evil demon Madhu. God who puts everything in order sweetly and wisely.74ईश्वरIshwaraGod, the Lord of the best qualities. The Supreme Person of God, the Almighty, the Controller, the Regent.75विक्रमीVicramiGod, who has bravery and heroism, the bravest and most powerful.76धन्वीDhanviGod, as the best archer.77मेधावीMedhaviGod, as the highest intelligence, with the greatest memory.78विक्रमVicramaGod, who took the step across the worlds, who overcomes and transcends samsara. God who rides the king of the birds, the Garuda.79क्रमKramaGod who has spread everywhere, who has advanced. God who is the basis of the order of the universe, who is the cause of Kramana - the crossing of the ocean of human existence (samsara).80अनुत्तमAnuttamaGod who has no one better than himself. There is no one greater than him.81दुराधर्षDuradharshaGod, who cannot be successfully attacked or overpowered, to whom no one can come close by himself, whom no being turned away from God (asura) can overcome.82कृतज्ञKritagyaGod, who knows the good and bad of all beings. God who is grateful and accepts even the simplest gifts (leaves, flowers, fruits and water) that are offered to him.83कृतिKritiGod, who compensates, rewards, or retributes all of our actions. Kriti means: Everything that is achieved through human endeavors and deeds.84आत्मवान्AtmavanGod, as the self in all beings, the true ruler and owner of souls, who performs virtuoso acts, who is anchored in himself, who brings everything out of himself and does not need any support.85सुरेशSureshaGod, the Lord of the gods and beings of light (Devas and Suras), the greatest of all good beings.86शरणमSharanamGod, the refuge who frees the afflicted from their worries, needs and sufferings.87शर्मSharmaGod, whose nature is unlimited bliss, joy, peace, comfort, bliss, pleasure and well-being.88विश्वरेताVishwaretaGod, as the seed of the universe, the seed of the universe.89प्रजाभवPrajhabhavaGod, as the cause of the existence of all beings, from whom all life forms descend ..90अहAhaGod, the shining bright one, who shines as brightly as the day that awakens all who give themselves to him from ignorance. 91सम्वत्सरSamvatsaraGod, as the personification of the time of a year.92व्यालVyalaGod who is intangible and cannot be caught, much like a treacherous great serpent cannot be caught.93प्रत्ययPratyayaGod, as the personification of knowledge (idea, experience, knowledge, conviction, opinion, belief, certainty).94सर्वदर्शनSarvadarshanaGod, the all-seeing, whose eyes are everywhere, who sees everything and knows everything.95अजAyeGod the unborn.96सर्वेश्वरSarveshwaraGod, the supreme Lord, the Lord over all rulers, the God of everything.97सिद्धSiddhaGod who is always and everywhere, who is perfect and eternal, who has achieved the highest goal, who is always anchored in his own nature.98सिद्धिSiddhiGod, who is consciousness in everything, who is the desired result of everything, the highest fulfillment, the consummation, the highest goal. 99सर्वादिSarvadiGod, who is the original cause of everything, the cause of all causes.100अच्युतAchyutaGod, the immutable, who never loses his inherent nature and powers, who is without fault. A name of the personality of God.101वृषाकपिVrishakapiGod, as the personification of the law (Dharma) and Varaha (a Vishnu avatar in the form of a boar).102अमेयात्माAmeyatmaGod, the immeasurable, who cannot be measured, understood or determined.103सर्वयोगविनिःसृतSarva Yogavinih SritaGod, whom all yoga paths result in. God who is without attachment, who is detached from all attachments.104वसुVasuGod, in whom all beings live / dwell and who lives / dwells in every being.105वसुमनाVasumanaGod who has a good heart. God who is wealthy, rich, and great, who is free from attachment, anger, or other evil qualities.106सत्यSatyaGod who is truth, whose nature is truth.107समात्माSamatmaGod, who is the same (sama) in every true self (atma) of all beings, who is the same in all, without prejudice and anger.108सम्मितSammitaGod, who is unlimited in everything, who measures everything equally. The name Sammita is related to the previous one (Samatma). There is the path of samātmā + Sammitah and the path of samātmā + Asammitah.109समSamaGod who is always the same, the unchanging one. God who is always serene.110अमोघAmoghaGod the Infallible. Amogha means e.g. purposeful, productive, fertile, effective, radical. God, whose worship is never in vain, who always bears abundant fruit.111पुण्डरीकाक्षPundarikakshaGod, the lotus-eyed one, whose eyes are as beautiful as the petals of the lotus flower. God, who is always fulfilling, who is e.g. realized within, in the lotus of the heart.112वृषकर्माVrishakarmaGod, the righteous, who does right deeds.113वृषाकृतिVrishakritiGod who maintains divine order, who receives law, justice and custom. Vrishakriti also means the bull-headed.114रुद्रRudraGod, the one who calls, the terrible, the terrifying. Rudra means howling, roaring, roaring. God who drives away sadness and its causes. God, who makes all beings scream in the moment of cosmic dissolution.115बहुशिराBahushiraGod who has a multitude of heads.116बभ्रुBabhruGod the King who rules the world, who bears the worlds. Babhru also means red-brown, brown, having red-brown hair, bald-headed, a red-brown cow, clover fern. 117विश्वयोनिVishwayoniGod, the source or the creator of the universe, the cause of the world.118शुचिश्रवाSuchishravaGod who has beautiful, holy names. God, who listens to pure words. God, whose names are very holy and have a purifying effect in the heart when one hears them.119अमृतAmritaGod, the immortal, the immortal, the divine nectar, the sap of flowers. Amrita is the negation of Mrita, which means died, died, dead.120शाश्वतस्थाणुShashwata SthanuGod who rests in eternity, beyond space and time. Shaswata means always and forever. Sthanu means permanent, firm, motionless, immobile.121वरारोहVararohaGod, the most glorious and supreme goal that can be achieved. God, whose womb gives supreme blessings. Vararoha also means hips, sides, attractive or elegant woman, attachment, setting, bracket, riding, the rider.122महातपाMahatapaGod, the omniscient, who has unlimited knowledge. God the greatest renunciate. (maha means great, ta-pa were the first syllables that the world creator Brahma heard on the lotus, they mean renunciation.) Renunciation brings the great creative potential.123सर्वगSarvagaGod, the all-pervading one, who fills everything, who fills everything. God in his omnipresence.124सर्वविद्भानुSarvavidbhanuGod, that omniscient and enlightened supreme being.125विश्वक्सेनVishvaksenaGod, whose rule and power are everywhere. God, the companion and guardian, who sends his protective armies in all directions.126जनार्दनJanardanaGod, who acts against and disturbs evil people, who brings them suffering.127वेदVedaGod who is true knowledge. God, in the form of the Veda.128वेदविदVedavidaGod, as the knower of the Vedas, who knows true knowledge and its interpretation.129अव्यङ्गAvyangaGod, the Undivided, the Perfect, the Perfect, who is without defects, who is self-filled with knowledge and other great qualities. 130वेदाङ्गVedangaGod, whose members, organs or branches are the Vedas. Vedanga also means supplementary or auxiliary books of the Vedas.131वेदवित्VedavitGod who sees the Vedas, contemplates them, contemplates and is familiar with them.132कविKaviGod, who sees everything, perceives, knows and has the insight. God who is intelligent, sensitive, wise and enlightened.133लोकाध्यक्षLokadhyakshaGod, Lord of the worlds, the witness of all worlds. God, the heavenly, light, light worlds.134सुराध्यक्षSuradhyakshaGod, the Lord of the divine beings of light and protective deities (Suras and Devas).135धर्माध्यक्षDharmadhyakshaGod, the luminous, heavenly guardian of the divine order, laws and justice. God, who sees the values ​​and merits of all beings directly and brings them the balance. 136कृताकृतKritaKritaGod as the cause and result of everything in creation. Kritakrita means undivided, detached, everything is equally valid, both and. 137चतुरात्माChaturatmaGod, whose Self manifests itself fourfold, with four faces, the four-headed Brahma, from whom the creation in the universe proceeds. Chatur means four. 138चतुर्व्यूहChaturvyuhaGod, with four manifestations, who takes a fourfold manifestation.139चतुर्दंष्ट्रChaturdamshtraGod, in his form with four teeth. Chaturdamshtra means predator with 4 fangs or tusks.140चतुर्भुजChaturbhujaGod, in his four-armed form.141भ्राजिष्णुBhrajishnuGod who is bright, shining, shining.142भोजनंBhojanamGod, as the connoisseur. Bhojanam means meal or food. Prakriti (primordial nature, primordial matter) or Maya (illusion, attachment to the transitory creations) are also known as Bhojanam.143भोक्ताBhoktaGod, as the connoisseur, who enjoys the experience of everything, but without being touched by it.144सहिष्णुSahishnuGod the Forgiving, Patient, Forbearing, Tolerant. 145जगदादिजJagadadijaGod, the firstborn of the world, who manifests as Hiranyagarbha (golden cosmic egg, universe) at the beginning of creation. 146अनघAnaghaGod who is free from sin, who is innocent, who is without fault.147विजयVijayaGod, the victorious, the successful, who through his special kindness and excellence has achieved mastery over everything.148जेताJetaGod, the winner, who is always successful, who is naturally victorious. 149विश्वयोनिVishwayoniGod, the origin of the universe, the universal source, the creator of the universe.150पुनर्वसुPunarvasuGod, who, as the original soul, inhabits the bodies of all his creations again and again. God, the beginning of abundance and riches. 151उपेन्द्रUpendraGod who appeared as Indra's younger brother to help him.152वामनVamanaGod, in the form of a dwarf, in a dwarf body.153प्रांशुPramshuGod the great. God, in the form of a big, tall, strong, long body.154अमोघAmoghaGod, whose actions serve a greater purpose and serve a greater purpose.155शुचिSuchiGod the white, flawless, pure and clean. God who purifies all who worship, worship, praise, praise and love him. 156उर्जितUrjitaGod, the infinitely strong, the mighty, the mighty.157अतीन्द्रAteendraGod above Indra, who is greater than Indra.158संग्रहSangrahaGod, who holds everything together, who summarizes everything, who stands behind the creations in a subtle form. 159सर्गSargaGod, the origin, the creator, who created the world and himself out of himself.160धृतात्माDhritatmaGod, the haven of calm, the steadfast, the rooted. God who is in balance and unaffected by change. 161नियमNiyamaGod, the all-determining authority, the ruler of everything who determines his creatures.162यमYamaGod, the driver who regulates. Yama means reins, guides, inhibition, oppression, self-conquest, abstention, self-control, ethical rules, code of conduct. 163वेद्यVedyaGod, the object of knowledge and knowledge that can be known.164वैद्यVaidyaGod, the knower, who has all knowledge, who knows all branches of knowledge.165सदायोगीSadayogiGod, the eternal yogi, who is always in yoga.166वीरहाVeerahaGod who kills the evil beings and demons. In doing so, he frees these beings from their role, prevents greater damage and restores the divine balance.167माधवMadhavaGod as the mediator and master of the knowledge of the Supreme Being. Lord Vishnu as the consort of Lakshmi or Ma. 168मधुMadhuGod, who is pleasant, beneficial and sweet as honey, who brings joy and bliss.169अतीन्द्रियAtindriyaGod, the supersensible, who is above the senses, who cannot be grasped with the sense organs. God than the soul.170महामायMahamayaGod, as the greatest illusionist, the master of deception, as the illusory nature of the material objects that cause attachment and identification.171महोत्साहMahotsahaGod who has great power, strength, strength and infinite energy. God, who has great enthusiasm, e.g. in carrying out creation, maintenance and dissolution. 172महाबलMahabalaGod, who has immeasurable power and strength, the Almighty, the strongest of the mighty.173महाबुद्धिMahabuddhiGod, who has vast knowledge, the wisest of the wise, who is incredibly clever.174महावीर्यMahaveeryaGod who has great strength and energy, who is very powerful and potent, who is very effective and who has great creative power.175महाशक्तिMahashaktiGod who is very powerful and mighty, who has overwhelming power, resources and abilities.176महाद्युतिMahadyutiGod who is brilliant, splendid, glorious, bright, shining, radiant and shining, inside and outside.177अनिर्देश्यवपुAnirdeshyavapuGod who has an indefinable form, who has an indescribable body that cannot be objectively known.178श्रीमानShrimanaGod, the Lord of all prosperity and success, the great one. 179अमेयात्माAmeyatmaGod, who has immeasurable powers of thought or spirit, who is generous and generous. 180महाद्रिधृक्MahadridhrikGod who has the greatest perception, which is like an explosion into enlightenment. God who lifts the greatest mountains (Mandara, Govardhana).181महेष्वासMaheshvasaGod the great archer equipped with a great bow. 182महीभर्ताMaheebhartaGod, the supporter or carrier of the earth. God as the husband of mother earth. 183श्रीनिवासShrinivasaGod in whom Shri dwells.Shri is an epithet of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and happiness, the feminine aspect or the consort of Vishnu.184सतांगतिSatamgatiGod, the goal or the highest destiny for all spiritual seekers, saints and virtuous people.185अनिरुद्धAniruddhaGod who is without limits, who knows no limits and manifests himself in all forms. Aniruddha means uncontrolled, uncontrolled, unrestricted, unsecured, uninhibited, without resistance, without obstacles.186सुरानन्दSuranandaGod, who is the highest bliss, who gives happiness and joy to other divine beings. Ananda means bliss, Sura means god, goddess, a being of light, a saint, a wise man.187गोविन्दGovindaGod the protector of the cows. Go means cow, land or the senses. Vinda means protector, shepherd. God penetrates all words (Gau) and gives them strength. That is why the wise men call Govinda.188गोविदांपतिGovidampatiGod, the wise, the clever, the understanding, the master of words. Gau means words. Who knows the words is Govid. 189मरीचिMareechiGod, the brightly shining, shining ray of light, the starlight, the supernatural power and appearance, the highest power with impressive qualities. 190दमनDamanaGod, as the tamer, the conqueror, the conqueror, the conqueror, the tame or the punisher. God who punishes those who walk the path of injustice.191हंसHamsaGod, as the individual soul, the self and the world soul. Hamsa also means wild goose, goose, swan, the sun; the individual soul, the world soul, ascetic. A white wild goose (later also referred to as a swan) is the mount of Brahma (the creator of the world). God who takes the fear of samsara away from those who identify with it. 192सुपर्णSuparnaGod, as the divine bird. Suparna is one of the many names of Garuda, the divine mystical bird as the mount of Vishnu, with beautiful feathers and two wings. God, from whom arise two wings (two sides) in the form of Dharma (divine order, law) and Adharma (sin, guilt, aversion to God, apostasy from the divine order) [as a consequence of free will]. 193भुजगोत्तमBhujagottamaGod, as the master of the great serpent Adisesha, in the form of a good serpent. The great serpents like Ananta and Vasuki are the powers of Vishnu, that's why he bears this name. 194हिरण्यनाभHiranyanabhaGod who has a navel or belly made of gold from which a lotus grows, on which the creator god Brahma is. 195सुतपाSutapaGod who shows great repentance, does great penance, or practices severe renunciation. God who drinks the soma. Soma means the pressed, the nectar and immortality drink. 196पद्मनाभPadmanabhaGod, from whose navel a lotus grows. On the lotus flower is Brahma who brings forth all of the universal creation. 197प्रजापतिPrajapatiGod, as Brahma, the world creator in the universe, the first-born Son of God, the father of all beings who are his children. 198अमृत्युAmrityuGod the immortal who is beyond death.199सर्वदृक्SarvadrikGod, the all-seeing, who sees everything, who sees the karma of all individual souls. 200सिंहSimhaGod, as a lion, in his (destructive) form as a lion.201सन्धाताSandhataGod, as the collection of everything that is, in which everything is united. God, who unites the individual souls with their fruitful activities. 202सन्धिमान्SandhimanGod, in whom everything comes together, who connects everything. God, the enjoyer of the fruits of all action or fruitful activities. 203स्थिरSthiraGod who has a strong nature. Sthira means hard, firm, stable, taut, tear-resistant, resistant, permanent, enduring, lasting, permanent, immobile; fixed, constant, not subject to any doubt.204अजAyeGod who was not born, who takes the form of Brahma. God who enters the hearts of seekers and casts away evil beings. Aj means go and throw. 205दुर्मर्षणDurmarshanaGod who cannot be conquered, defeated or challenged. Durmarshana also means unwieldy, unmanageable, unbearable, stubborn.206शास्ताShastaGod the Blessed One. God who guides and guides everything in the form of the scriptures. Shasta means said, recited, praised, praised, praised, recommended, considered suitable, found to be good, auspicious, splendid, beautiful; in good spirits, good spirits, praise, praise, body, body, controlled, taught.207विश्रुतात्माVishrutatmaGod, who is characterized by all special properties such as truth, knowledge, etc.208सुरारिहाSurarihaGod who destroys the enemies of Suras and Devas (demigods, angels, beings of light, saints and sages).209गुरुguruGod, as the teacher of all knowledge, the guide among teachers.210गुरुतमGurutamaGod as the best teacher, the teacher of all teachers, the teacher of all forms of knowledge. 211धामDhamaGod, the Radiant, the Supreme Light. God as the highest abode of everything, the greatest possessor or bearer of everything. Dhama means radiance, strength, majesty, a certain class of superhuman beings, abode. 212सत्यSatyaGod, as the truth, who virtuously embodies the truth. Satya means real, true, genuine, valid, effective, virtuous, reliable, faithful.213सत्यपराक्रमSatyaparakramaGod, the brave, brave, bold, heroic, mighty, mighty. God, with infallible and inexhaustible heroism.214निमिषNimishaGod as the moment, the moment, the now. God, with your eyes closed in contemplation.215अनिमिषAnimishaGod, the mindful, the watchful. God, whose eyes are closed and yet who is vigilant and always knowing.216स्रग्वीSragviGod who wears a necklace or garland of everlasting flowers (Vaijayanti-mala) on which the subtle aspects of the five elements are strung. 217वाचस्पतिउदारधीVachaspati UdaradhiGod, the master of speech, the master of words, who is eloquent, highly intelligent, wise, clever and perceptive.218अग्रणीAgraniGod the leader, the greatest leader, who stands above all, who guides us to the highest. God, who leads all those seeking liberation to the highest being.219ग्रामणीGramaniGod, the highest overseer, as the greatest head, the leader of hosts, the ruler over Bhutagrama (the collective of all beings). 220श्रीमान्ShrimanGod, the possessor of light, fame, splendor, merit and honor in the highest form. God, in a lovely form. God who is always with Sri (Lakshmi) - the goddess of happiness, beauty, wealth, love, fertility, prosperity, health, spiritual well-being, harmony and abundance.221न्यायNyayaGod, the righteous, who is righteousness, who stands for laws and rules. The consistency that runs through all paths of knowledge and that leads to absolute truth.222नेताNetaGod as the guide who moves creation.223समीरणSameeranaGod, as the breath of life, the air, the wind, the breath that moves all beings and keeps them alive.224सहस्रमूर्धाSahasra MoordhaGod, the thousand-headed, who has countless heads, faces and forms.225विश्वात्माVishwatmaGod, as the soul of the universe, the universal soul.226सहस्राक्षSahasrakshaGod, who has a thousand eyes, who has innumerable eyes, who recognizes everything, perceives everything, grasps everything.227सहस्रपात्SahasrapaatGod who has a thousand / innumerable legs / feet.228आवर्तनAvartanaGod who turns the samsara chakra (wheel of worldly life) in which everything is cyclical.229निवृत्तात्माNivrittatmaGod, whose mind and thoughts are not attached to perishable worldly things, who is unaffected by ties to perishable creation.230संवृतSamvritaGod who is covered by the all-covering ignorance (Avidya). 231संप्रमर्दनSampramardanaGod, the destroyer, who through his vibhutis (powerful manifestations such as Rudra, Yama, etc.) carries out destructive blows on all malevolent beings. Sampramardana means destroy, destroy, shatter.232अहःसंवर्तकAhah SamvartakaGod, who, like the sun, regulates the course of day and night.233वह्निVahniGod in manifestation as fire. God who, like fire, bears offerings to the gods (devas).234अनिलAnilaGod in manifestation as air that is always mobile. Anila means wind, wind god, the wind (Deosha Vata) in the body.235धरणीधरDharanidharaGod who sustains and supports the earth. God, who bears and supports the worlds, as Adisesha (the world serpent on which Vishnu rests before the creation of the world) and in innumerable other manifestations.236सुप्रसादSuprasadaThe Lord Who is Mercy Personified237प्रसन्नात्माPrasannatmaThe Lord Who is Ever Pure and All-Blissful Self238विश्वधृकVishwadhrikThe Lord Who Takes Care of the World239विश्वभुजVishwabhujaEnjoyer of the Universe240विभुVibhuThe Lord Who has Many Forms241सत्कर्ताSatkartaThe Lord Who Adores Good and Wise People242सत्कृतSatkritaThe Lord Who is Adored by All Good People243साधुSadhuThe Lord Who Walks in the Righteous Path244जह्नुनुJahnunuLeader of Men245नारायणNarayanaThe Lord Who Resides in All Things that He Creates246नरNaraThe Leader of Human Beings247असंख्येयAsankhyeyaThe Lord Who has Numberlesss Names and Forms248अप्रमेयात्माAprameyatmaThe Lord Who is Beyond Knowledge249विशिष्टVishishtaThe Lord Who Transcends All in His Glory250शिष्टकृतShishtakritaThe Lord Who is Law-Maker251शुचिSuchiThe Lord Who is Impeccable and Without Blemish252सिद्धार्थSiddharthaThe Lord Who has Gained All that has to be Gained253सिद्धसंकल्पSiddha SankalpaThe Lord Who Realizes All that He Wants254सिद्धिदSiddhidaThe Giver of Benedictions255सिद्धिसाधनSiddhi SadhanaThe Aid for Success256वृषाहीVrishahiThe Lord Who is the Controller of All Actions and the Dispenser of the Results257वृषभVrishabhaThe Lord Who Showers All Dharmas258विष्णुVishnuThe Occupant of Universe259वृषपर्वाVrishaparvaThe Ladder Leading to Dharma260वृषोदरVrishodaraThe Lord261वर्धनVardhanaThe Lord Who is the Nurturer and Nourisher262वर्धमानVardhamanaThe Lord Who can Grow Himself into any Dimensions263विविक्तViviktaEver Standing Apart From Everything264श्रुतिसागरShrutisagaraThe Ocean for All Scriptures265सुभुजSubhujaThe Lord Who has Graceful Arms266दुर्धरDurdharaThe Lord Who Cannot be Comprehended Even by Great Yogis267वाग्मीVagmiThe Lord Who is Eloquent in Speech268महेन्द्रMahendraLord of the Lords269वसुदVasudaThe Lord Who Gives Good Pleasures and Wealth270वसुVasuThe Lord Who is Wealth271नैकरूपNaikaroopaThe Lord Who is of Infinite Forms in His272बृहद्रूपBrihadroopaThe Lord Who is Vast, of Infinite Dimensions273शिपिविष्टShipivishtaThe very subsistence of life274प्रकाशनPrakashanaThe Lord Who Illuminates Himself as All-Pervading Consciousness275ओजस्तेजोद्युतिधरOjastejo-DyutidharaThe Lord Who is the possessor of Vitality, Effulgence and Beauty276प्रकाशात्माPrakashatmaThe Effulgent Self277प्रतापनPratapanaThe Lord Who Emits Heat278ऋद्धRiddhaThe Lord Who is Ever Full of Prosperity279स्पष्टाक्षरSpashtaksharaThe Lord Who is Clearly Indicated by the Supreme Sound OM280मन्त्रMantraThe Lord Who is281चन्द्रांशुChandramshuThe Lord Who is as Pleasant as the Ray of Moon282भास्करद्युतिBhaskaradyutiThe Lord Who is the Effulgence of the Sun283अमृतांशूद्भवAmritamshudbhavaThe Lord Who made Moon Appear From the Ocean of Milk284भानुBhanuThe Lord Who Shines Himself285शशबिन्दुShashabinduThe moon Who has a Rabbit-Like Sspot286सुरेश्वरSureshwaraThe God of Gods287औषधंAushadhamThe Lord Who is the Divine Medicine288जगतसेतुJagata-SetuThe Lord Who is a Bridge Across the Material Energy289सत्यधर्मपराक्रमःSatya Dharma ParakramahThe One Who Champions Heroically for Truth and Righteousness290भूतभव्यभवन्नाथBhoota-Bhavya-BhavannathaThe One Who is the Lord of Past, Present and Future291पवनPavanaThe Air that Fills the Universe292पावनPaavanaThe Lord Who Gives the Life Sustaining Power to the Atmospheric Air293अनलAnalaThe Lord Who is in the Form of Fire, and Sustains Life294कामहाKamahaThe Lord Who Destroys All Desires295कामकृत्Kama critThe Lord Who Fulfils All Desires296कान्तKantaThe Lord Who is of Enchanting Form297कामKamaThe Lord Who is Much Desired by the Seekers298कामप्रदKamapradaThe Lord Who Supplies the Desired Objects299प्रभुPrabhuThe great lord300युगादिकृतYugadi CritThe Lord Who Created the Divisions of Time301युगावर्तYugavartaThe Lord Who Makes Time Periods Come Again and Again302नैकमायNaikamayaThe Lord Who Creates Many Illusions303महाशनMahashanaThe Lord Who Swallows Everything304अदृश्यAdrishyaThe Lord Who is not Visible305व्यक्तरूपVyaktaroopaThe Lord Who is Visible to the Yogis306सहस्रजित्SahasrajitThe Lord Who Vanquishes Thousands307अनन्तजित्AnantajitThe Lord Who is Ever-Victorious308इष्टIshtaThe Lord Who is Loved by All309