Would you have married a Russian woman?

Marry Russian woman, need help !!!


it has little to do with Russian women what you experience and where you fell for!
It is much more about scammer gangs that can operate from Russia but also from anywhere. With psychologically written emails in which some men feel their stomachs brushed, there are usually monetary claims. The scam also works with same-sex “relationships”.

At the latest when it comes to money, everyone should turn on the red lamp. Money for visa, travel, sick mother, for the Internet, accident or police etc. Russian women are always able to get the money from family, friends and acquaintances themselves. Before you pump someone with whom you might want to build a steady relationship in the future, you would rather chop off a finger.

I can't regret men who fall for it. When there is talk of oh so great (virtual) love over the Internet after the 3rd e-mail without ever having met in real life, especially if the age difference is a little bigger. With a little common sense you will see from the letters that it all boils down to one thing, money!

If someone still believes you could buy love, put on big pants, send a few euros to Russia and a sweet mouse comes flying in, he should check his image of women, especially Russian women.

For that, more men than you think have to pay the hard way and the scammer gangs seem to live very well off it!

I can only say, whoever spends money on a virtual love is your own fault, then it is mostly about sums I could fly to Russia twice.