What are moon rocks made of

Copenhagen Planetarium

The planetarium is located in the heart of Copenhagen, centrally located near City Hall Square and Central Station. Here the planetarium has dedicated itself to perhaps the greatest secret of mankind: the exploration of space and our universe.

Travel through the universe with a 1000 m² screen

On your journey of discovery through the Great Unknown, you should definitely not miss a visit to the film room of the planetarium! With various films that are shown on an enormous screen with an area of ​​more than 1000 m², the Tycho Brahe Planetarium, as its full name is, takes you on a journey to the most distant places in our universe. Here you will learn everything about such fascinating subjects as the search for intelligent life in space, the history of the earth and the documentary Voyage of Time, which was directed by the famous director Terrence Malick. Headphones with an English soundtrack are also available for films with a Danish voiceover and the Copenhagen City Pass not only includes admission to the planetarium, but also to a film!

See what the stars are made of

With its wide range of options, the planetarium offers fun and excitement for the entire family. In addition to various exhibitions and shows in which an adult audience can explore the mysteries of astronomy and space exploration in depth, younger visitors can take the first steps on their own journey of discovery with offers specially tailored to them. Who hasn't always dreamed of developing their own rocket or hearing about life in space from a real astronaut? In addition, the planetarium also features various artifacts from space, including one of the largest lunar rocks in the world, brought aboard the Apollo 17 in 1972 - here you can literally see what the stars are made of! The planetarium does not only look at the starry sky: the new exhibition, Made in Space, explores how the atoms that make up the human body have their origin in the depths of space.