Are celebrities overrated

41% of people agree that this is the most overrated celebrity out there

Usually celebrities on the awards show red carpets utter the stereotype, “It's an honor just to be nominated.” But when it comes to that “Most Overrated Celebrity” title, they may prefer not to be in the race at all to be included. Still, people weighed and they did thoughts.

Take the first place Nicki SwiftThe overrated celebrity poll is Ellen DeGeneres, which received 41.35% of the vote. The talk show host was in hot water in 2020 when "toxic" allegations of harassment in the workplace came to light. DeGeneres later apologized and decided to “take responsibility for what happens at.” [Her] show, “but maybe that had a lasting impact on how the public perceived you?

Second, we have Chrissy Teigen. The model cookbook author has millions of fans, but she has also battled her share of vicious trolls online. While the exact reason for the hostility directed against Teigen is unclear, it received the second highest number of votes in the poll, with just under 20%. Next on the list is Kevin Hart, who received 13.34% of the vote, followed by Dwayne Johnson with 10.71%. Strangely enough, The Rock and Hart have their own (hilarious) feud in which they are forever publicly angry.

Action star Chris Pratt received 8.24% of the vote, while “Other” received 6.59%. Regarding these inscribed responses, several people said "any Kardashian" while others specified Kim Kardashian. And in case you're curious, Tom Cruise and Jack Black have also received votes. Hey, you can't please everyone!