What if Great Britain declared war on France?

After Britain and France had long followed a wait-and-see policy, this attitude changed after the invasion of Poland. On September 3, 1939, Great Britain declared war on the German Reich and, a few hours later, France as well. The German Reich had refused to fulfill the ultimatum to withdraw the troops from Poland. The Second World War began. The USA, Italy and Spain initially declared themselves neutral. That meant they stayed out of the war for the time being.

Sea war between the German Empire and Great Britain

First, a violent sea war began between the German Empire and Great Britain. Hitler wanted Great Britain to cut off the important supply by sea and had British merchant ships sunk. Submarines were also used as a result.

In France the so-called began "Seated war".

For a long time, little happened on the Franco-German border

Despite France's declaration of war on the German Reich, things remained largely calm on the German-French western border. On September 7, 1939, French troops began an attack near Saarbr├╝cken, which was repulsed. The German troops were still busy conquering Poland. Many forces in the east were thus tied up. So you didn't want to open up another arena of battle. Nor did things go as fast as Hitler had wished. There was indeed a plan of attack against France, but it was repeatedly postponed in 1939, and the so-called western offensive, the attack on France, would not take place until almost six months later.