What does anti-intellectual mean


Hans Rauscher

Gusenbauer did not understand that you have to fool people

The news of my political demise is a bit premature, Gusenbauer may think, because otherwise he would no longer be able to endure all of this: the daily pouring in by provincial titans, the deification of his presumptive successor by Austria / Krone / Today, the Jesuit pity of the ÖVP. Some in the SPÖ call it a "Greek tragedy". That is probably too exaggerated, but in any case it is the failure of an intellectual because of the Austrian situation.

Intellectuals are usually strong in analysis, weak in implementation, arrogant in appearance. This is really bad in times when it comes to miming the popular doer type.

Only Kreisky was able to combine upper-class education with an understanding of the people's soul. Gusenbauer, on the other hand, did not understand / wanted to understand that you have to fool people if you want to get through the necessary things (e.g. with pensions). But it was also a kind of anti-intellectual culture war that parts of the media, its own people and the ÖVP waged against Gusenbauer. And he made it relatively easy for them. (rau / DER STANDARD, print edition, June 24th, 2008 #)

Revelers unpacks

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