How can I get miss perfect

Together it's easier not to have to be perfect.

The mental burden of having to think about everything is a typical mother's disease. The long-term goal is to create awareness for invisible and unpaid work and to distribute it more fairly. Can we do something on our own to ease the mental burden and take the pressure off ourselves of having to be a perfect mother? Good enough is better than perfect! In one hour we try to influence our inner voice and get to the bottom of all the negative beliefs, because our own demands only make the mental load worse. The web seminar is also suitable for single mothers who have to manage the household and childcare on their own.

  • Which mother do you want to be?
  • Exposing false beliefs
  • Influence the inner voice
  • Evaporate to-do lists
  • Asking for help and talking about failure

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

Via Zoom, Skype, Clickmeeting or other digital channels

Target group: employees, mothers, single mothers, women, interested parties

Objective: Explanation of the concept of mental load, identification of possible solutions.

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“A really great webinar from Laura. Only recommended for mothers who are stressed! "

"Laura, you did a great job! One can listen to you for hours and you speak out what concerns so many. You respond really well to the comments and it is not a" blunt praying down ". You live very much from the interactive nature much!"

“It was really great! Many thanks for that! Such impulses always open the eyes "

“Thank you for the great webinar! I liked it very much and I hope there is a sequel "

“I'll definitely try out the practical tips and hope to be able to reprogram Mindset. I've been following your posts on Instagram for a long time and now talk to my husband more often about the subject of mental load that I was only able to name with your posts. Maybe you can also hold a webinar on this topic. "