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Why learn German?
10 reasons for German

Whatever your plans for your future, with a knowledge of German you can create endless possibilities. Learning German means acquiring skills with which you can improve your professional and private quality of life:

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    In business life: Communication in German with your German-speaking business partners leads to better business relationships and thus better opportunities for effective communication - and thus to success.
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    A global career: With a knowledge of German, you can improve your career opportunities at German companies in your own country and in other countries. Good knowledge of German will make you a productive employee for an employer with global business relationships.
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    Tourism and hotel business: Tourists from German-speaking countries travel a lot and far, they spend more money on vacation than tourists from other countries. They are happy to be pampered by German-speaking staff and German-speaking travel guides.
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    Science and Research: German is the second most important language in science. With its contribution to research and development, Germany ranks third in the world and awards research grants to foreign scientists.
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    Communication: The developments in media, information and communication technology make multilingual communication necessary. A number of important websites are in German. With annual new book production, Germany ranks sixth among 87 countries worldwide, after India, UK, USA, China and Russia. Your knowledge of German therefore gives you extended access to information. [Wikipedia, 2014]
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    Cultural understanding: Learning German means gaining an insight into the life, wishes and dreams of people in German-speaking countries with their multicultural society.
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    To travel: Use your knowledge of German to deepen your travel experiences not only in German-speaking countries, but in other European countries, especially in Eastern Europe.
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    Enjoyment of literature, music, art and philosophy: German is the language of Goethe, Kafka, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. Enhance the enjoyment of reading and / or listening to your works in their original language.
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    Study and work opportunities in Germany: Germany awards a large number of scholarships for studying in Germany. There are special work leave visas for young foreigners, and there are special provisions for a work permit for certain professions.
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    Exchange programs: There are agreements for school and student exchanges between Germany and many countries around the world.