What year will Islam take over Europe?

Islam experts warn of creeping Islamization
Criticism of Islam is not an Islamophobia, it is imperative
Conservative Islamic associations prevent integration

By Hans-Jürgen Irmer - CDU candidate for the German Bundestag

What will Europe look like in 20 years? What will Germany look like in 30 years? How will our hometowns and villages change in the future?

We politicians in particular have to deal intensively with these questions. The role of Islam in this context has not only been playing an increasingly important role since the wave of refugees in 2015. While there were around 300,000 Muslims in 1970 and around 3 million in 2000, around 6 to 7 million Muslims live in Germany today. A circumstance that cannot remain without consequences. Islam experts have therefore been warning politicians for decades. Your tenor: be vigilant!

Islam threatens European values

The renowned Islamologist and Middle East expert Professor Bassam Tibi for example, has long been tirelessly and expertly warning of covert Islamization in Europe. Millions of Islamic newcomers would come to Europe without any education. They rejected European values, but wanted to live on European social benefits. Conflicts are inevitable.

Tibi refers to the Dutch Social scientist Ruud Koopmanswho found in a study that 40 percent of Muslim immigrants to Europe are fundamentalist. Incidentally, according to Tibi, Islamization is part of the Islamic faith. Mission and Da‘wa, the call to Islam, have always been the means of the Islamists. He points out that, for example, the Islamic World League decided to call for Da'wa (proselytizing) as early as the 1990s. This includes the establishment of Islamic centers in order to prepare Muslims for their role in the future and to demand the application of Sharia law as a guideline in the life of Muslims.

“The House of Islam” (Dar-al-Islam) is to be expanded worldwide. And in the appeal the "al-taghallub" (the dominance) and superiority of Islam is emphasized. In this context, Tibi also attacks the conservative Islamic associations that would prevent integration. Islam, in particular, organized in mosque associations cultivates an anti-secular and anti-European mosque culture. Mosques, most of which are financed and controlled by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, so that the imams also financed by these states in Europe would raise Muslims born in Europe in a spirit of exclusion until Islamization became a reality. The association's strategy is to deceive “unbelievers”.

Hirsi Ali, the Dutch-American political scientist, goes in the same direction when she says that there is a “creeping Islamization” in Europe, because in schools and mosques young people are instilled with a contempt for the freedoms that are fundamental values ​​of our continent .

Also Boualem Sansal, Algerian, doesn’t mince his words and declares that Islam will in the long run disrupt our society and, in the long term, establish a religious dictatorship. This Islamization affects all of Europe. A Europe that is weak, does not stand up for its values ​​and does not take to the streets for freedom. The return of the religious in the form of Islam, especially among young people, is contaminating the whole of society.

Islam is the Challenge to the Freedom of Europe

The Egyptian-German political scientist Hamed Abdel-Samad makes a similar statement when he declares that Islam the Challenge for freedom in Europe in the 21st century. There is the Islamic dream of conquering Europe through the birth rate. Currently, we refer to Mr. Erdogan, who asked the Turkish families in Germany to have five children instead of three. In addition, there is in part the former strategy of the Greens to begin the “march through the institutions”. That means trying to place your own people in broadcast councils, media and social institutions in order to represent Islamic interests (!). For him this is a kind of infiltration and also of conquest.

Fundamentalist currents on the rise

The German ethnologist and Professor Susanne Schröter sees in this context the fundamentalist currents in Islam on the advance worldwide. The French sociologist Gilles Kepel proves this with the Islamization of the banlieues in France since 2005 with corresponding unrest and the lack of resistance by the state to the spread of the Saudis' promotion of Salafism.

The Syrian-Lebanese lyric poet Ali Ahmad Said Esber, alias “Adonis”, has criticized Islam with unusual sharpness: “Violence is inherent in it ... It is a call to submission, to eternal war, in order to Islamize humanity ... There is no place for other faiths or believers in the world Muslim society ... "

And the renowned North Africa correspondent for ARD and ZDF Samuel Schirmbeck warns of a crusade by Islam and points out that “we in Germany and Europe are already so far that, for fear of Islamists and the effect on Muslims, criticism of the prophet Mohammed is hardly ever uttered ”.

We have to name the problems by name

The experts also agree on another point: We have to name the problems by name. Only then will we have the opportunity to seriously face the challenges.

The Islam experts unequivocally go to court with the attempt by do-gooders, leftists, greens and parts of the media to de facto prevent an open discourse and the naming of problems.

For freedom of thought

The secular blogger and writer Kacem El Ghazzali in his writings repeatedly emphasizes the importance of freedom of thought, which is lacking in Islamic countries. In his opinion, the allegation of Islamophobia is a tried and tested tactic to nip criticism in the bud or to enable discussion free of prejudice. He adds literally: "Avoiding and censoring criticism of Islam is the greatest failure of all liberals and free thinkers."

This assessment concludes Dr. Ralph Ghadban, a German Islamic scholar and political scientist, who declares that criticism of Islam is frowned upon as politically incorrect. At the political, legal and security level, the state has largely withdrawn for fear of acting in a racist manner.

The charge of Islamophobia is a leftist strategy

The Freiburg scientist Dr. Abdel-Hakim Ourghi describes the accusation of Islamophobia, especially by the conservative umbrella organizations, as a well thought-out strategy to make their understanding of Islam unassailable.

These Islamic associations, like that Tibia, very deliberately prevent integration. These associations like to portray Muslims as “victims of the West”. They denounce the allegedly systematic Islamophobia among Europeans in order to intimidate them and, on the other hand, to achieve their own goals and special rights. According to Tibi, the dialogue with the churches and politics is based on deception.

Clear words also from the Lebanese-German director Imad Karimwho explains that political correctness can lead to an ideological illusory world that prescribes concepts from above. Anyone who does not submit is disgraced. This leads to ethics of conviction. If one cannot speak of criminal migrants as criminal because they are migrants, then that has nothing to do with tolerance, but with a new form of racism, namely racism of privileges.

The journalist made a similar statement Frank A. Meyer, Host of the political program “vis-a-vis” on 3Sat, which explains whoever feels threatened by Islam, will immediately be accused of Islamophobia. He has “rabies”, according to Heribert Prantl in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” some time ago. "Religious criticism equals rabies?" Asks Meyer. Is that Germany before the Enlightenment or after it? In other words, criticism of religion equals racism.

Criticizing Islam is a democratic duty

Sharp criticism of the attempt at censorship also from Abdel-Samadwho pointed out that criticism of Islam was undesirable in Europe. Incidentally, criticism of Islam is always seen by Muslims as an attack on the right to exist of all Muslims, which is nonsense. Anyone who criticizes Islam is considered xenophobic, racist, right-wing populist, and the allegations could lead to the end of one's career. Intellectuals and journalists have managed to make criticism of Islam dirty rather than enlightening. Criticism of Islam is not just a democratic right, said Abdel-Samad, but in view of the overall circumstances a democratic duty. Therefore, there should be no tutelage or intimidation by minorities.

Criticism of do-gooders

If you occasionally experience a tense atmosphere in discussions, then so Tibia, in his view, are partly to blame for the German opinion-makers who have forgotten how to treat people who think differently with respect or even just want to read facts. For Ghazzali it is strange that liberals and leftists keep falling into Islam's trap. Reactionary positions would be adopted under the banner of multiculturalism and misunderstood tolerance. What would leftists actually say if Christian fundamentalists were against swimming together or suggested a handshake ban for boys towards female teaching staff?

For Schirmbeck Incidentally, the left is jointly responsible for the spread of Islam in Europe, as racism and fascism accusations are immediately raised against objective criticism. It should only be noted in passing that you can often hear this in the Hessian state parliament.

Contributed to the overall situation, according to statements from Henryk M. Broder Incidentally, the appeasement policy of many German politicians in all parties and the naivete of the do-gooders. A view that Schröter also shares when she states that politics is too preoccupied with Muslim associations instead of secular ones. And it borders on naivety when the Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Dreyer poses in front of a DITIB mosque, of all places.

Sharp criticism of the SPD

Finds clear words for criticism Meyer to the SPD, which betrays its historical legacy, namely criticism of religion. This was seen as an instrument of domination and oppression in the struggle against religion. Liberation from religion was a fundamental concern of the leftists for democracy. Today it should be the task of the SPD again to take up the fight against the darkening of democracy. For example, the massive Islamic migration towards Europe, which leads to the fact that locals feel threatened by a premodern religion.

The SPD elite refused to engage in a debate critical of religion. They ignore the all-encompassing claim to rule of Islam, to which the individual and society as a whole have to submit. This ignorance resulted in the toleration of parallel societies with refusal to integrate, the oppression of women, veils and headscarves, to name just a few examples. Clear words about the headscarf also from the bestselling author Zana Ramadani, born in Macedonia, who speaks out against the headscarf in public services, authorities and schools, because the headscarf is a radical political symbol and stands for gender apartheid.

Demand to Muslims, associations and politics

It speaks for an honest dialogue without taboos Tibia out. This is the only basis for an honest dialogue. Criticism of religion is part of the enlightenment, and therefore criticism of Islam is not an Islamophobia.

It speaks for an explanation with recognition of the fact that Islam itself, but also the prophet and the Koran, are not infallible, that is, must be the object of criticism Ghazzali out. He points out that without Islam there would be no Islamism. Fundamentalists and Islamists would refer to the Koran. And he rhetorically asks how one can come to the conclusion that jihadists are only abusing the Koran and that their terrorist acts have nothing to do with Islam.

For him, according to Ghazzali, the enlightenment of Islam means recognition of freedom, equality and brotherhood. Therefore, according to "Adonis", a separation of religion and state and gender equality is imperative. Without these prerequisites, a modern society cannot develop.

Override suras calling for violence

In principle, around 50 percent of the Koran would have to be overridden, according to the German-Kurdish political scientist Professor Dr. Ferhad Ibrahim Seyderin order to be able to define it as a peaceful religion. Incidentally, as has already been said by another party, this also requires turning away from the unity of religion and state. Incidentally, the unity of religion and state is totalitarianism. The problem of violence in Islam, so Broder, has existed for 1000 years, for example between Sunnis and Shiites. One has to name the connection between Islam and Islamism, especially in this day and age. All the assassins from New York, London, Madrid, Brussels, Berlin, Nice, Djerba, Bali or Mombasa would have shouted, "Allah is great" and thus all referred to the Koran. Islam, according to Broder, has problems with human rights, democracy, the separation of powers, freedom of expression, the rights of women, religious and sexual minorities. But all of these are the foundations of a peaceful and liberal society.

He therefore called on the Islamic associations to distance themselves from the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights of 1990, which stated that human rights would always be subject to Sharia law, i.e. Islamic law.

Political Islam in mosques

That is unacceptable, but it's okay, like this Zana Ramadani to the reality in many mosques, in which no spiritual Islam, but a political Islam is taught. And she shares the view that the negative content in the Koran and the hadiths must be clearly identified and that Islam, associations and Islamic states must have the courage to part with them.

Beyond that, it is completely unacceptable Schirmbeck, also the fact that there is a sharp distinction in the Koran between believers and unbelievers. Anyone who verbally preaches the equality of religions must then have the courage to point out that these Koran passages are no longer allowed to be valid. Ghadban adds that Islam must generally recognize not only other religions, but also people as equals. El Masrar therefore calls on the Islamic associations to consistently take action against honor killings and forced marriage. Ourghi adds that the conservative Islamic umbrella organizations such as DITIB or the Central Council of Muslims in Germany are “miles away” from an enlightened Islam.

Turkish Islam in particular is becoming more and more Islamic and nationalistic and forms the basis for “ghetto beliefs”. The import imams are the preliminary stage of Islamist radicalization, and the dangerousness of their religious discourse should not be swept under the table. Violent contents of the Koran should therefore no longer be played down, and moreover it is not justifiable to claim that Islam has nothing to do with extremism. Islamists legitimized their violence with reference to the Koran. Therefore, according to Schröter, Islam must become compatible with human rights, right down to the fine print.

Can Islam Be Peaceful?

I would be immediately convinced of the peacefulness of Islam if there were no longer any persecution of Christians in the Islamic states themselves, if there were freedom of expression, the rule of law, the separation of religion and state, equal rights for women and freedom of religion, even if Christian churches were built and built there Christian symbols are likely to be shown.

In short, if all the rights that Muslims enjoy in Germany, in all the countries in which they rule, were granted in the same way towards Christians and other religions.

Bassam Tibi demanded as basic requirements for a European Islam:

  1. Separation of religion and politics in the context of the privatization of faith.
  2. Abandonment of the Islamic concepts of jihad and Sharia.
  3. Islamic acceptance of secular democracy as a value orientation.
  4. Tolerance in the sense of the European Enlightenment and not what Muslims understand by tolerance, namely toleration of Christians and Jews as "Dhimmi", i.e. subordinate believers.
  5. Abandonment of the Islamic claim to supremacy and religious superiority of Muslims.
  6. Gender equality and freedom of belief for all citizens.

These have to be the rules in our country.And we have to be able to stand up for them. No ifs and buts.