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Corona emergency in India

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May 6th, 2021 - by Anne Rütten

India's health system is on the verge of collapse in the face of the rapidly increasing number of Covid-19 infections. Plan International supports humanitarian aid on site.

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India has sparked an unprecedented public health crisis. The country today reported a new high of 412,000 new infections with Covid-19. The number of Covid-related deaths in various parts of India also rose to 4,000 in one day, a sad record high. The situation in the capital New Delhi is particularly dire. Medical oxygen and medication are scarce in many hospitals.

“Our healthcare system is being overwhelmed by a never-ending stream of Covid-19 patients: inside who need medical help and additional oxygen. We must all come together and act now to alleviate the suffering of a large number of people affected by Covid, ”says Mohammed Asif, Country Director of Plan International India.

As part of the global support, Plan International is also making its contribution in humanitarian aid: Plan India is starting that Emergency aid project "Help India Heal", which is expected to support around 200,000 families affected by Covid-19 over the next three months. The project provides assistance in the humanitarian crisis in the following five areas:

  • Support of 10,000 Covid-19 patients from poor and vulnerable communities in 20 districts by setting up temporary corona supply centers where they have access to care, treatment and nutrition.
  • Ventilators for 500 treatment centers: The organization will equip 500 Covid care and treatment centers in county capitals and smaller towns with high-flow oxygen concentrator devices so that they can care for Covid-19 patients who need supplemental oxygen.
  • Protection of Covid 19 helpers: The organization has set itself the goal of supporting 100,000 doctors, nurses, frontline health workers, police personnel, paramedics and other helpers with personal protective equipment.
  • Food security: Plan International supports 100,000 poor and particularly vulnerable families in rural and urban communities by delivering food baskets.
  • Enlightenment: Plan International will run a large-scale educational campaign to raise awareness, especially among young people, of how to prevent the spread of Covid-19, including combating stigma and myths surrounding vaccinations. The aim is to reach one million adolescent girls and boys in 1,800 villages.

In order to be able to implement these measures, Plan International is asking for donations as part of the #HelpIndiaHeal campaign of the same name.

Mohammed Asif explains: “With our project we want to provide poor and vulnerable families with urgently needed humanitarian aid. Children, especially girls, are among the hardest hit during the pandemic. Not only are they at risk from the health emergency posed by the virus, but also from the impact of the crisis on other areas of their lives: they run the risk of being left behind in school, many girls will never return to class, they are exposed to a higher risk of getting married early and pregnant, of experiencing domestic, sexual violence or of falling victim to child labor. We have to prevent a virus from robbing them of their chance of a self-determined life. "

Currently, the spread of the disease is mostly limited to urban areas, so the plan sponsored children, their families and communities, which are mostly located in rural areas, are not significantly affected by the increase in Covid infections. To ensure that it stays that way, Plan International carries out educational work in the Plan communities to protect against infections and at the same time supports the expansion of the public health infrastructure.

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