How old are EXO members

3) Kim Jongin / Kai

Character description by Jongin / Kai

With Jongin, I think that you should at least make a loose distinction between himself and the person Kai he is on stage.

In German fan fictions you actually find excessive Quay, the dangerous, sexy playboy, which often also has the Bad boy embodied with, which admittedly also fits Jongin's conspicuous and charismatic stage presence, but I think this historical idea is a little worn out in this form, so I'm going to get more excited Jongin focus.

I believe that Jongin onewarm character Has. When you see him in interviews, he kind of is sweet and sometimes a little naive

In addition, I always have it as easyshy perceived; especially when he meets new people i think he is a lot polite and quiet and, especially with strangers, does not know exactly what to do to loosen up the atmosphere. To do this, he also has the format Question mark uttered (December 2020): "If Ravi [from the VIXX group] weren't there, I wouldn't have famous friends. You know, I'm shy about strangers."

In contrast to the way he is depicted in many Bad Boy FFs, he is also very respectful

The ideal of beauty in South Korea includes being very slim and having particularly light skin. Accordingly, darker skin tones are considered less attractive. However, since Jongin is an idol with a darker skin type, he has often been asked about it in shows.

I think that he just got through these experiences a lot generous and unbiased has become. He made statements like "Yes, my skin is darker and a lot of our fans have darker skin too ... they are all part of Kai's family"